Australia 'Some people shouldn't be born': Quadruple killer's courtroom confession

11:31  10 august  2018
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Catholic priests to be forced to report abuse revealed in confession under Victorian Opposition plan

  Catholic priests to be forced to report abuse revealed in confession under Victorian Opposition plan Child sexual abuse revealed in confession would have to be reported to police and could be used as evidence if the Coalition wins Victoria's state election, the Opposition's most senior Catholic MP announces.The Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse last year recommended that states introduce laws to make it a criminal offence to fail to disclose abuse revealed in the confessional.

Are some people BORN killers ? Biggest ever brain imaging study of mass murderers reveals they Scientists have found chromosome abnormalities in some serial killers A gene known as the Warrior gene may also play a role in psychopathy 50 percent caused by genetics', raising the disturbing possibility that people can be born killers .

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Warning: This article contains details that may be distressing to some readers

John Walsh was previously convicted of murdering his wife and two grandchildren.© NSW Police Media John Walsh was previously convicted of murdering his wife and two grandchildren. Notorious murderer John Walsh repeatedly ploughed a sandwich press into his cellmate's head because he thought he had the look of a man who was planning something.

"He just died, it was so easy," the 79-year-old told police after he murdered fellow convicted killer, Frank Townsend, in their Long Bay prison cell in early January 2017.

"I stepped forward with both hands and choom, onto his face.

"I don't work in anger, I work in tactical ... cold rage."

'House of Horrors' hollow-eyed parents face 88 charges

  'House of Horrors' hollow-eyed parents face 88 charges David and Louise Turpin are set to face a trial within months after a brief appearance in a courtroom Riverside County, California today. The couple sat silent and apart as a judge agreed to delay their arraignment until the end of August.The Turpins face a combined 88 charges including child abuse, false imprisonment and torture over several years.Their 13 children won a request to access their own birth certificates, IDs and a camera – taken by authorities – during today’s hearing.The camera is expected to be admitted as evidence by prosecutors during the trial.

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Sneak peek: Serial Confessions . Are serial killers born or made? Last year, he confessed to killing four people at a motorcycle shop because he perceived they were treating him rudely. “ Some of the darkness and some of the twisted motivations behind this case – it was overwhelming."

Walsh and Townsend had shared the cell for five days in the jail's aged care unit for elderly and frail offenders, according to the agreed facts, signed by Walsh before his NSW Supreme Court sentence hearing on Friday.

Prison guards were on patrol when they heard about six "bangs" or "thuds" - each a second apart.

'Burn, kill, destroy': Parkland school shooter video released

  'Burn, kill, destroy': Parkland school shooter video released Florida prosecutors released the video confession Wednesday of a teenager suspected of killing 17 people at a Parkland high school, revealing the chilling words of a troubled former student who heard voices in his head that told him to "burn, kill, destroy."Nikolas Cruz, 19, told a detective that the voices in his head began after his father died, and worsened after his mother died of pneumonia, just months before the rampage.

Chicken chicken chicicken. People are born good not bad. They are born with good morals. They aren' t born as a killer they evolve into a killer .

There is some strong evidence against her and the situation looks bleak. This same Salem detective is the one who makes the courtroom confession . What Is Lani’ s Confession On ‘Days Of Our Lives?’ Valerie tells JJ he shouldn ’ t marry Lani until after the baby is born .

One shone a torch into the pair's cell and asked: "What's going on?"

Walsh was silent and sitting up while Townsend was making a "loud snoring noise" from his bed.

The officers left, locking the door behind them, but heard two similar thuds 30 seconds later.

"I think I hurt him," Walsh said, having struck Townsend at least eight times.

A metal sandwich press was found on the floor wrapped in a blood-soaked pillow.

John Walsh is taken from NSW Supreme Court in Sydney on Friday© AAP John Walsh is taken from NSW Supreme Court in Sydney on Friday Doctors later noted Townsend's skull was so severely injured his cheek seemed "concave" and partly missing.

Walsh, who is serving two life sentences plus 12- and 15-year jail terms, pleaded guilty to the murder in June.

Crown prosecutor Sharon Harris on Friday argued he should receive life imprisonment for the "ferocious" killing on a defenceless victim.

"Your honour, some people are just bad," Ms Harris said to Justice Lucy McCallum.

Queensland bus driver's killer won't stand trial

  Queensland bus driver's killer won't stand trial A Queensland man who set bus driver Manmeet Alisher on fire in 2016 has been declared unfit to stand trial on mental health grounds. Anthony O'Donohue lit a backpack containing a bottle of fuel and threw it inside the bus being driven by Manmeet Alisher while he was collecting passengers in Moorooka, in Brisbane's south, in October 2016.O'Donohue was declared unfit to stand trial by the Queensland Mental Health Court on Friday.He believed there was a grand conspiracy against him and that people were out to get him at the time of the October 28 attack, the court has heard.

“Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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Townsend's two daughters were in court on Friday, as their father's bearded killer sat silent in his prison greens.

In June 2008, Walsh stabbed his wife and bludgeoned her and his seven-year-old grandson with a hammer.

He drowned his five-year-old granddaughter in a bath at the Cowra home and also drowned the family dog.

Walsh's daughter came to collect the children and fought off his axe attack but suffered serious head injuries.

When asked what he was thinking when he hit Townsend, Walsh replied: "I don't think I was thinking anything".

"All I remember is bang, bang, bang ... I shut it out probably," he told police.

"The only thing I can't shut out is, my own family ... I don't know why that's happened because there was no anger, no drugs, no booze, just that depressing silence and I went and killed my wife.

"Maybe some people shouldn't be born."

The facts state he has no contact with his three siblings or two children and doesn't know if they are still alive.

Defence barrister Janet Manuell SC said Walsh suffers from a mild cognitive disorder and has hearing aids but his mental health "presentation" hasn't changed in a decade.

Walsh will be sentenced on August 23 before Justice McCallum who convicted him over his three other killings.

First ever 'wholphin' hybrid spotted in wild .
Scientists have spotted what they believe to be the first ever hybrid between a melon-headed whale and a rough-toothed dolphin near Hawaii. The male "wholphin", which is believed to be close to adult age, was spotted swimming with dolphins near the island of Kauai last year, according to Dr Robin Baird, the marine biologist who headed the expedition.Researchers from the Cascadia Research Collective said they were immediately attracted to the creature because of its unusual appearance.© Associated Press This Aug.

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