Australia Treasure trove of sugar cane boats found in island mangroves the sweetest of finds

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Thai police say 56 still missing from Phuket boat capsize

  Thai police say 56 still missing from Phuket boat capsize Thai police say 56 people are still missing in waters off the resort island of Phuket after a storm capsized a diving boat packed with tourists. The commander of Phuket Provincial Police, Teerapol Tipcharoen, said seas have calmed since the Thursday evening accident and the search is ongoing.The boat was carrying 105 people, including 93 tourists, 11 crew and one tour guide when it toppled in 5m-high seas. One Chinese male passenger has been confirmed dead, and at least 12 people hospitalised.

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TOKYO — A plethora of rare earth minerals have been discovered on a remote Japanese island , according to new research published in Scientific Reports.

One of the many wrecked punts found lying not far from the present sugar mill at Harwood Island.© Provided by ABC News One of the many wrecked punts found lying not far from the present sugar mill at Harwood Island. On the edges of the Clarence River on the New South Wales north coast, there has been the sweetest of archaeological finds.

NSW Government senior marine archaeologist Brad Duncan discovered the watery graveyards of more than 100 boats, which once served the sugar industry in an era when the Clarence River was a super highway for sugar transport.

The boats, known as punts, were used to transport sugar cane from local farms to the sugar mills from the 1870s to the early 1970s.

The river lies quiet now, except for kayakers and fishers, and it was a kayaking magazine that led Dr Duncan to the coordinates of his significant find around Harwood Island.

Coin found off Arnhem Land coast could be among Australia's oldest foreign artefacts

  Coin found off Arnhem Land coast could be among Australia's oldest foreign artefacts An uninhabited island off the coast of Arnhem Land may be the discovery place of a medieval African coin, which, if confirmed, would be among the oldest foreign artefacts ever found in Australia. "One of our archaeologists, he found a coin on the surface of the beach on Elcho Island … and it's the same size [as the Kilwa coins]," amateur historian Mike Owens said."There are a number of very well-known watering sites around the island … so these things would have been known for centuries.

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"It was very opportunistic and I thought I might be able to see that on Google Earth … and so I zoomed in," Dr Duncan said.

"[I saw] this barge plain as day, and then next to it is this funny scalloped-shaped feature.

"Then I looked further down and there's another one and another and they went all the way around the island."

Tourists missing after boats capsize in Thailand

  Tourists missing after boats capsize in Thailand At least seven people are missing after two tourist boats capsized in the popular resort of Phuket in Thailand, police have said. At least seven people are missing after two tourist boats capsized in the popular resort of Phuket The boats were carrying more than 130 people when they came across rough waves in the Andaman Sea on Thursday evening local time.One of the vessels - reportedly returning to Phuket from Koh Racha - was carrying 90 passengers when it overturned.They are said to have been a group of Chinese tourists.

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Seeing the curious shapes on Google Earth led Dr Duncan and a team of dedicated shipwreck detectives to set out for the mangroves of Harwood Island, specifically around the area of the current sugar mill.

"There was a report done on the Clarence River a few years ago and they identified around 30 [sunken punts]," Dr Duncan said.

However, Dr Duncan and his team had an inkling there were more than 30 wrecked punts around the island, which their field work confirmed.

Workhorses of the sugar industry

Punts did the grunt work of transport for the sugar industry for the best part of a century.

The vessels were used extensively throughout the Northern Rivers of NSW, Queensland and Fiji.

Dr Duncan expected to find the punts were from the 1970s, but he soon discovered the vessels, which were still largely intact, were from a variety of eras dating back as far the 1930s.

The punts were made from different materials throughout the decades, which helped Dr Duncan to date the wrecks.

49 tourists missing after boat capsizes in Thailand

  49 tourists missing after boat capsizes in Thailand <p>Forty-nine people are missing after a tourist boat capsized off the popular island resort of Phuket in Thailand.</p>Having earlier reported that at least seven people were missing after the vessel overturned in the Andaman Sea, the governor of the island has now upgraded the total.

Divers found a treasure trove of gold and silver in the wreckage of a ship that sank hundreds of years ago. the ancient city, having been almost perfectly preserved under volcanic ash for nearly 2,000 years, is proving to be a treasure trove of archaeological information.

Archaeologists discover a treasure trove of Old Kingdom statues at a newly discovered tomb of an ancient princess. Full Story: A team of Czech and Egyptian

"[It] went from timber barges to iron barges to steel barges," he said.

"When the railway came in … all of the timber barges were replaced in 1934.

"So that means these [timber] barges were scuttled pretty much around that time and dumped along the edges of the island … making them historic shipwrecks which are protected under the Heritage Act 1977 — quite a find for us."

How were the punts preserved underwater?

The fact that more than 100 punts were found surprised sugar industry historian Graham Smith.

"I'm still quite amazed that there could be that number there," he said.

Mr Smith said tar might have played a big part in the preservation as all the punts were heavily tarred as part of their maintenance.

He said the unglamorous but extremely functional punts had found their place in history, despite being largely unremarkable in their heyday.

"History has a habit of not being interesting when it's happening, but interesting 50 years later," Mr Smith said.

"If there is a punt heaven, obviously they've found it, and that's good."

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