Australia Australian yuzu growers make 50 times citrus prices with 'ugly' fruit from Asia

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Asia 's 50 Best restaurants. The citrus fruits used to make it, apart from yuzu , are sudachi, daidai (a bitter orange) and kabosu, while its basic ingredients are mirin rice wine, bonito flakes and alga kombu.

But although this flavorful citrus fruit may be unknown to many, it has been an integral part of Asian cuisine and culture for centuries. But what is yuzu ? With its unique citrus flavor and strong fragrance, the juice, rind and peel of this fruit has recently started making its way into kitchens and

Mr Arnold says that yuzu are worth the labour during harvest when you consider the financial return.© Provided by ABC News Mr Arnold says that yuzu are worth the labour during harvest when you consider the financial return. It's the odd lemon-like fruit which is prickly to pick and has a flavour difficult to describe, but yuzu is highly prized, particularly in Japanese cuisine.

While most citrus fetches prices less than $500 a tonne, yuzu growers are getting as much as $25,000 a tonne, or $25 per kilogram, at the farm gate.

Shaun Arnold wears heavy-duty welding gloves to pluck the small yellow fruit off his thorny yuzu trees at Waikerie in the Riverland.

"We're the only silly buggers that'll pick 'em," South Australian grower Shaun Arnold said.

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This is a list of citrus fruits : List of lemon dishes and beverages. "The Citrus Family Tree", National Geographic.

Our Citrus Trees. Favorites. Meyer Lemon. Kieffer Lime. New Varieties Featured. Yuzu . Australian Finger LIme. Bringing smaller trees with delicious,full-sized fruit to your garden. Four Winds Growers is a family owned and operated citrus nursery in California.

The Arnold family is one of only three known commercial yuzu growers in Australia.

When prices for oranges and other mainstream citrus tanked in the years leading up to 2012, the second-generation fruit-growing family looked to further diversify.

Adelaide-based fruit and vegetable wholesaler Margy Abbot suggested the Arnolds put in some yuzu.

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View these colorful pictures while learning the details and facts about 16 common citrus fruits within the Citrus genus. It is the best choice of citrus for making orange marmalade. Some may use Citrus junos Origin: Asia Preferred Zones: The yuzu can survive in colder regions that most citrus

So brace yourself for the taste of 2014: yuzu , a rare and costly citrus fruit from Japan, which is predicted to become as popular here as oranges. ‘It has three times more vitamin C than a lemon, which makes this dish super-healthy.’ RELATED ARTICLES. Previous.

They grafted yuzu onto orange-tree rootstock and have been harvesting a crop for the past two years.

The season started in mid-May and was finished by the end of the month, and the Arnold family's 26 trees produce about 700 kilograms of fruit, which has been snapped up by high-end chefs.

When asked how he'd describe the fruit, David Arnold said, "um, ugly".

While resembling a lemon on the outside, inside it is full of seeds and often has patches of brown on the flesh.

"It pays well enough to cover the work involved to actually harvest it," Mr Arnold said.

At Chillingham in the Tweed Valley of northern New South Wales, "Buck" Buchanan was the first in Australia to start growing yuzu commercially.

In the 1990s he was hosting a number of tour buses, of mainly Japanese tourists, who visited his 400-acre bush tucker and exotic fruit property.

"A lot of the older Japanese women told me to start growing yuzu so I started looking into the fruit, and that's how I got started," Mr Buchanan said.

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The yuzu [YOO-zoo] is a Japanese citrus fruit ( Citrus junos (Rutaceae)) which about the size of a tangerine and is quite sour. Four Winds Growers in California sells the trees in small containers.

Select any of 50 available languages! (1) © Home Citrus Growers (2-3) © Jorma Koskinen (4) © CCPP. LAT. Citrus × limon 'Millsweet' Millsweet limetta. The fruit and taste are quite similar to yuzu but whereas yuzu drops its fruit quite early the fruit of 'Liudmila' stay on for a long time .

He has approximately 500 trees and supplies markets in Sydney and Brisbane and directly to restaurants, especially Japanese restaurants on the Gold Coast.

"We don't advertise, it is kind of word of mouth but the orders just keep rolling in," Mr Buchanan said.

The fruit's aroma and the oil in the skin of yuzu has meant, in Japan, it is manufactured into body products, and Buck Buchanan has his own line of shampoos and lotions.

With yuzu requiring chilly overnight temperatures to ripen, the largest producer is based near Bright in the Victorian Alps.

Mountain Yuzu started planting yuzu trees in 2012 and in the season just finished harvested about 4 tonnes of fruit from the 20-acre property.

Owners Brian and Jane Casey were chestnut growers but lost all their trees to disease in 2010, so turned their attention to yuzu.

To avoid being pricked by the 10cm long thorns on the trees, the Caseys use secateurs attached to the end of a pole.

Jane Casey describes the fruit as "tricky to grow" and that there is a very short time between the fruit ripening, and it being over-ripe and losing the aroma for which it is most valued.

Sydney chef Martin Benn, buys about 100kg of yuzu every winter and adds it to savoury and sweet dishes at his Japanese-inspired restaurant, Sepia.

"Yuzu is like a mythical magical fruit," Mr Benn said.

"It is one of those fruits that is not about the actual tasting or eating of the fruit, it is about the aroma and that's what you fall in love with," Mr Benn said.

The award-winning chef would like to be able to access the fruit year round but makes gels, mousses and preserves from the fresh fruit, so his customers can enjoy the flavour in the off-season.

"It's that magical smell that people think is amazing — it's almost like a comfort food," he said.

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