Australia The mafia murdered someone in a small Aussie town. And got away with it.

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The market hasn't been this upbeat on the Aussie dollar in 4 years

  The market hasn't been this upbeat on the Aussie dollar in 4 years If you thought that rising geopolitical tensions on the Korean Peninsula would be enough to discourage traders from buying the risk-sensitive Australian dollar, think again. As shown in the chart below from ANZ, traders, seemingly, aren't all that concerned with net long positioning among speculative investors hitting the highest level since early 2013 last week, according to data released by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Friday.

“When I was a teenager, someone murdered a man, cut his body up, and drove it out to that tiny rural town and dumped the pieces down a hillside. “I moved away from the small town but I come back to visit my parents.

Skidmore is a small and modest town in Missouri, situated approximately 80 miles northwest of Kansas City. That town got away with murder ,” his attorney would later say. Not like, spot on or anything, but it involves a murder no one wants solved for whatever reason.

Donald Mackay from Griffith, NSW, who disappeared in 1977.© AAP Image Donald Mackay from Griffith, NSW, who disappeared in 1977. Donald Mackay was a standup citizen.

He and his wife Barbara were active members of the community of Griffith, NSW. They were members of the Uniting Church. They directed musicals for young children. And they ran a local furniture business called Mackay’s Furniture.

In 1977, Donald Mackay stood for parliament as a Liberal Candidate for the seat of Riverina. He was concerned about growing marijuana trade in the area. He wanted to clean up Griffith, and he tipped the cops off about two huge marijuana crops in the area, which led to several arrests, and four men of Italian descent being convicted on Mackay’s information.

The Internet Lost It on a Woman Who Belittled "Small" Engagement Rings

  The Internet Lost It on a Woman Who Belittled "Imagine finally being proposed to and this is the ring you're given," she wrote on Twitter.The woman (whose account has recently been made private) received some serious flack from users who felt that her post was callous and, most notably, off base. "My girlfriend picked out the engagement ring she wants. It's smaller than that. The size of the ring doesn't matter," user @bigpancakeguy wrote.

Elizabeth was murdered on 20 November 1998 while Haydon and Elliot were away from the house. The movement of unfamiliar vehicles to Snowtown, a small town where strangers stand out, and In the words of Mills, “ It sounded like someone putting on a fag’s voice.” The voice said that he had

A short while later, someone told me about a murder in Peepli Khera, and I realized I had to visit him one more time. Beside her, with his knees drawn up to his chin, was a small boy of about 8, who had been listening to the whole conversation. It turned out to be Geeta’s son.

Then one night, on July 15th, 1977, Donald Mackay was having drinks with friends in a hotel.

And he was never seen again.

On his van were blood stains. On the ground nearby, drag marks, hair, and three spent .22 calibre cartridges.

His body has never been found.

Aussie dollar smashes 81 cent barrier, hits a new two-year high

  Aussie dollar smashes 81 cent barrier, hits a new two-year high A soaring Australian dollar has pushed through the 81 US cent mark for the first time since January 2015.The local currency has risen sharply against its US counterpart which has weakened since European Central Bank president Mario Draghi's equivocation over the bank's timeline for tapering its bond-purchasing program.

Egorov then moved onto the next home, where he murdered another two people. It was only then that the police apprehended him. Redkino is a small town about 25 miles outside Tver. In the 1990s, it was the local mafia capital, with the “I heard someone swearing, and I looked out the window.

After the deadly Italy earthquake that killed 292, authorities fight over where to bury the dead and how to keep the Mafia from making things worse. So, as it happened, 78 of the coffins of Amatrice’s dead were hoisted into trucks and hauled back up the deadly mountain to the town overnight.

Donald Mackay was Australia's first political assassination.

Keith Moor is a veteran investigative journalist and told the Australian True Crime podcast it's common knowledge that the Calabrian mafia ordered a hit on Mackay as a "business decision".

"They decided he had to go". he said.

The author of Crims in Grass Castles details the murky world of the Calabrian mafia in NSW, the corrupt links to local politicians and cops, and what happened when, many years later, he landed in the town of Griffith to investigate the case and was set upon by henchman.

It's an astonishing tale detailing the true Underbelly of Australia's connection to the Italian Mafia, a power base which Moor says still exists today.

Glitch is the spine-tingling Aussie drama that will keep you up at night. .
Forget the winners from the Emmys (for a second) because there’s a TV show closer to home that deserves to be on your to-watch list next. Glitch'Glitch', the Aussie drama starring Patrick Brammal, returned to our screens for Season Two this week after a two year break.

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