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Here's what the Bible says about homosexuality

Wednesday  14:15,   23 august 2017
Business Insider Australia

As Australia faces a postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage, we are seeing a steady stream of articles arguing the “yes” or “no” case. As Australia faces a postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage, we are seeing a steady stream of articles[...]

I'm not a Brit, says Christensen

Wednesday  13:35,   23 august 2017

George Christensen is adamant he's 100 per cent Aussie after checking a website for his possible UK citizenship by descent.Mr Christensen's mother, Margaret, came to Australia from[...]

Students studied incorrect maths HSC syllabus for seven months

Wednesday  08:11,   23 august 2017
ABC News

<p>Education Minister Rob Stokes says he is "angry" that students at a regional NSW school have studied the wrong HSC mathematics course for the past seven months.</p>The students at Coonamble High School, in the state's central[...]

Ian Thorpe can enrol to vote faster than his partner can swim

Wednesday  05:55,   23 august 2017

Aussie Olympic legend Ian Thorpe wants to show you how fast he is. Not in the pool – the “Thorpedo” has already won five Olympic gold medals, the most won by any Australian. Instead, Thorpe wants to show how quick and easy it is to enrol to vote in [...]

New laws following Dreamworld disaster

Wednesday  03:35,   23 august 2017

The Queensland government plans to implement all 58 recommendations of an audit following the Dreamworld theme park ride accident last year.Rides at theme parks, shows and fetes also require less stringent inspections than cranes, the state[...]

Federal govt reject Australia Day "hijack"

Wednesday  00:16,   23 august 2017

The federal government says Greens MPs won't be able to "hijack" Australia Day and have stripped a second Melbourne council of citizenship ceremony powers.The federal government has stripped a second Melbourne council of its right to[...]

Darebin council stripped of citizenship ceremony after controversial Australia Day vote

Tuesday  15:27,   22 august 2017
ABC News

A second Melbourne council has been stripped of its power to hold citizenship ceremonies after voting to dump Australia Day celebrations, after federal and state politicians labelled the council's decision "a great shame".A second[...]

Driver who killed her 'second mum' gets just three years

Tuesday  15:27,   22 august 2017

Taylah Hocking drove her "second mum" to a birthday party in Bendigo, but fatally struck her and left her for dead on the way home.Family of victim Tracey-Lee Kemp, who died heading home from a birthday party last year, have labelled the[...]

Police seize 'firearm' after student brings it to WA school

Tuesday  15:27,   22 august 2017

The toy rifle was not used to threaten, harm or put students in danger, and it's understood the 15-year-old student from Falcon wanted to show friends the rifle. Senior-sergeant Steve Thompson from Mandurah police, said the toy, while not a[...]

Teenagers face Adelaide court on manslaughter charges over Lucy Paveley crash death

Tuesday  12:56,   22 august 2017
ABC News

Two of five teenagers facing manslaughter charges over an Adelaide woman's road death last Sunday are remanded in custody, as three others are rearrested outside the Youth Court.Lyle Morrison, 18, faced the Magistrates Court — one of five[...]

Australian Sex Party to become the Reason Party

Tuesday  06:15,   22 august 2017
The Age

The Australian Sex Party will come to an end this week, with founder Fiona Patten set to deregister the party and unveil a new political party to reach more voters. Ms Patten, who founded the Sex Party in 2009, is set to launch the Reason party on[...]

Drunk passenger kicked off Perth-bound Virgin flight

Tuesday  04:45,   22 august 2017

An unruly male passenger has been thrown off a Virgin Australia flight for allegedly abusing flight attendants while drunk. The Perth-bound flight was preparing to leave Port Hedland International Airport on Sunday night when fellow passengers[...]

The baby-faced royal! Prince Frederik rejected from bar

Tuesday  03:25,   22 august 2017
Now To Love

Prince Frederik of Denmark has been left red-faced after being turned away from a Brisbane bar. But the royal had a genius plan of his own!All he wanted was a fun night out but Prince Frederik of Denmark was left red-faced after being turned away by [...]

Two found dead in $2 million home after 'murder-suicide'

Tuesday  02:50,   22 august 2017

The circumstances surrounding the deaths of two elderly people in an upmarket $2 million home in Melbourne's east remain a mystery.Police have this morning revealed the ages of the victims – a 69-year-old man and a 70-year-old woman – found at a [...]

Sydney's south warned of smoke haze

Tuesday  00:41,   22 august 2017

More smoke may engulf parts of Sydney as hazard reduction burns begin at the Royal National Park.Residents in Sydney's south are being warned of a smoke haze for the next two days as firefighters carry out planned back-burning in the Royal National[...]