News: Australia

Home invasion suspect tackled by police at service station

Saturday  01:06,   26 may 2018

9NEWS cameras have captured the dramatic arrest of a man accused of threatening police with a meat cleaver during a violent home invasion. Patrols cornered their suspect at a Thorngate service station, with officers rushing to put on protective[...]

The speed cameras making $65k a week

Friday  17:06,   25 may 2018

It’s a topic that’s pitted a roads minister against a road safety expert. Speed cameras - are they life savers or revenue raisers? © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd The debate is raging over whether speed cameras are just revenue-raising[...]

Dinosaur bones, fossils too heavy or fragile for display kept in Queensland Museum warehouse

Friday  02:25,   25 may 2018

Take a look in the Queensland Museum's warehouse that stores millions of the state's priceless geoheritage treasures, preserving them for future generations.Housed within the Queensland Museum's warehouse at Hendra are about 7 million of the [...]

Homeless laundry service set to launch in Darwin

Thursday  17:36,   24 may 2018

A charity which gives homeless people the chance to wash their clothes and shower is set to launch in Darwin by the end of June. Orange Sky Laundry have been fitting out the mobile laundry at its headquarters in Brisbane over the past few[...]

Melbourne's new Lord Mayor takes office

Thursday  17:36,   24 may 2018

Melbourne's new Lord Mayor Sally Capp says she isn't taking the role lightly and knows there is a huge weight of responsibility on her shoulders.As Melbourne's Lord Mayor Sally Capp put on the official robe and chains, she felt the weight of [...]

'Lasers and emojis': Sydney Vivid Festival to attract millions

Thursday  17:36,   24 may 2018

Sydney's annual lights festival is expected to bring tourists from across the globe - and millions of dollars - to the city.Just 10 years ago, the first Vivid would draw just on 200,000 people into the wintry heart of the CBD. Last year, the[...]

Man found dead in Alice Springs unit, police speaking to 39yo woman

Thursday  08:02,   24 may 2018

Police are speaking to a 39-year-old woman after finding a man with fatal injuries at an Alice Springs home overnight.The man was found with fatal injuries in a Larapinta unit, after police were called to the scene just before[...]

Man pursued for $4k fines racked up by car thief

Wednesday  20:29,   23 may 2018

Driving is not just Paul Glynn's passion - it's his livelihood.But after a thief stole his car and racked up $4000 in speeding and red light offences, Paul's found himself catching public transport and unable to earn an income after it was[...]

Is chivalry dead? Putting commuters to the test

Wednesday  10:00,   23 may 2018

Complaints that manners have been eroded on public transport have been put to the test in a hidden-camera investigation by A Current Affair. Reporter Ali Piotrowski, at 32 weeks pregnant, tested the manners of peak hour commuters on Sydney trains,[...]

CSIRO drills deep off Tasmania's east coast to find answers to toxic algal blooms

Tuesday  14:57,   22 may 2018

Scientists break new ground in their quest for answers about harmful algal blooms by extracting a 1,000-year-old sediment core that could help predict future blooms.The three-metre core was pulled from the seabed in waters just off Maria Island on[...]

This is how desperate sky-high fuel prices have made us: Highway traffic is brought to a standstill after service station offers $0.99/L petrol

Tuesday  14:56,   22 may 2018

The Coomera Shell in the Gold Coast offered the cheaper price for unleaded fuel on Tuesday from 11am to 1pm while the nearby service station was priced at 159 cents a litre.Traffic was brought to a standstill on a highway after a Shell Service[...]

Victorian Government to overhaul sentencing laws, promising more criminals will go to jail

Tuesday  14:56,   22 may 2018

Violent criminals will no longer be able to argue they were drunk or affected by drugs to avoid jail time under new Victorian laws, as tighter mandatory sentencing rules prompt lawyers to demand an urgent meeting with the Premier.The Government has[...]

'Australian-made' the aim for Snowy 2.0

Tuesday  06:32,   22 may 2018

Australians are expected to be employed in significant numbers to build the Snowy Hydro 2.0 energy storage facility, but hiring locals won't be a requirement.The best people in the world are needed to build the second version of the scheme,[...]

Geelong and Cotham private hospitals to close, hundreds of jobs to go

Tuesday  05:40,   22 may 2018

More than 400 jobs will be lost at private hospitals in Geelong and Melbourne's east after Healthscope announced it would close two facilities in the coming weeks. In a statement to the ASX, Healthscope said it was no longer viable to[...]

Wild peacocks divide Canberra community as their antics fall foul of residents

Tuesday  04:56,   22 may 2018

These birds are ruffling feathers in this quiet Canberra neighbourhood, while the Government is considering an eradication program.The pride has remained aloof to the urban warfare breaking out between pro-fowl and anti-fowl[...]