News: Australia

Hundreds protest pollution from new Sydney tunnel

Friday  13:06,   23 march 2018

Fears of pollution have led angry northern Sydney residents to voice their concerns about unfiltered ventilation stacks for the proposed Beaches Link tunnel. At a community meeting last night, almost 200 residents heard that similar tunnels overseas [...]

Last of $70m Manus compo to be finalised

Thursday  23:13,   22 march 2018

Lawyers are due to update the Victorian Supreme Court about the distribution of a $70 million class action settlement for former Manus Island detainees. Only a small percentage of a group of former Manus Island detainees who sued the Australian[...]

‘Blood in my eyes’: Alleged home invasion victim's fear

Thursday  22:57,   22 march 2018

The victim of an alleged home invasion in Melbourne last week has spoken of the moment that he claims four young men smashed their way through his home. Security footage appears to reveal a brutal assault which began at 3am when Adam was asleep in[...]

COMMENT: Libs woo retirees, Shorten everyone else

Thursday  12:26,   22 march 2018

Malcolm Turnbull is making his pitch to retirees, but Bill Shorten is going for everyone else.Surrounded by yachts, Malcolm Turnbull made his pitch to[...]

Family in 'mirror ray' neighbour dispute allege stalking, harassment

Thursday  12:26,   22 march 2018

A family who claim their neighbour has set up mirrors to beam the sun's rays into their house have also alleged they have been "stalked and harrassed" as the conflict reaches the courts. Kayte and Steve of Barber Street in Berkeley,[...]

Cyclone expected to hit far north Qld

Thursday  12:08,   22 march 2018

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a severe tropical cyclone to form in the Gulf of Carpentaria towards the end of the week. A severe tropical cyclone is forecast to form off the western coast of Cape York on Friday, bringing gale force[...]

'They're dead to me': Peter Dutton lashes out at media critics over white farmers

Thursday  11:14,   22 march 2018

The Home Affairs Minister says he won't be browbeaten by "crazy lefties" in the media.Mr Dutton stoked controversy by arguing for "special attention" in Australia's refugee program for white South African farmers, reportedly being[...]

Prison guards to learn to spot extremists

Thursday  03:53,   22 march 2018

NSW prison guards will soon be taught to detect radical extremists trying to spread their ideology behind bars.Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said there were already roughly 30 people in prison for terror-related offences and scores more before[...]

'There's a line to draw': Muslim officer rises above online abuse

Thursday  02:17,   22 march 2018
The Age

A Muslim woman police officer who was the victim of vicious trolling says online abuse only spurs her to work harder.The post congratulating Leading Senior Constable Maha Sukkar was inundated with hundreds of violent, sexist, racist and xenophobic[...]

Australian who helped organise controversial China book launch denied entry to Shanghai

Wednesday  23:56,   21 march 2018
ABC News

An Australian who has been outspoken about Chinese Communist Party influence says he was denied entry to China and immediately placed on an 11-hour return flight to Sydney. John Hugh, 51, said he traveled from Sydney to Shanghai on Tuesday with his[...]

Tathra bushfire: Independent investigation announced following allegations of firey 'turf war'

Wednesday  21:09,   21 march 2018
ABC News

The Police and Emergency Services Minister says he has called an independent inquiry into the Tathra fires to debunk union claims there is a "turf war" between the rural and urban fire services. This morning, the NSW Government announced[...]

Man killed, another rescued after trench collapses at Ballarat worksite

Wednesday  11:58,   21 march 2018
ABC News

A man is killed after a trench collapses at a worksite in Victoria's west, with emergency services still trying to free his injured colleague.The men were working near the Glenelg Highway at Delacombe, in Ballarat, when the trench gave way about [...]

No body, no parole laws pass WA parliament

Wednesday  04:20,   21 march 2018

Western Australia's parliament has passed laws that require murderers to reveal the location of their victim's body before they are considered for parole."When a killer withholds information about the location of their victim's body, it adds [...]

Channel 7 presenter slammed by judge over on-air blunder

Tuesday  12:52,   20 march 2018

Veteran newsreader Peter Mitchell has apologised to a Supreme Court judge for an on-air blunder made last week.The Channel 7 presenter was slammed by Justice Lex Lasry for language used during the 25 second report, which breached instructions handed [...]

Conservation groups call for 'archaic' shark control program to be abolished in Queensland

Tuesday  05:57,   20 march 2018
ABC News

<p>New data has revealed more than 500 sharks have been caught off Queensland as a result of a controversial shark control program.</p>The majority of sharks were found dead and many others were euthanased over a 12-month period last year[...]