News: Australia

Woman in wheelchair left stranded on Brisbane train; Deputy Premier apologises

Sunday  11:45,   28 may 2017
ABC News

A woman in a wheelchair is left stranded in a Brisbane railyard after Queensland Rail employees forget to help her disembark from a train, with Deputy Premier Jackie Trad since apologising to the woman. Karin Swift was catching her regular train to[...]

Taronga Zoo welcomes arrival of baby Asian elephant

Sunday  08:35,   28 may 2017
ABC News

After a pregnancy lasting 22 months, the birth of a new Asian elephant at Sydney's Taronga Zoo was remarkably swift. The male calf's birth took about half an hour and it was standing on its feet five minutes later.The as-yet-unnamed baby[...]

Two-year-old Maddilyn-Rose died after being given a 'scalding hot bath'.

Saturday  20:01,   27 may 2017

The parents of a two-year-old girl who died after being left untreated for serious burns will continue to assist police with their investigation as authorities await the results of an autopsy. Maddilyn-Rose Stokes, who would have turned three next[...]

Turnbull, Shorten join Long Walk to MCG

Saturday  14:41,   27 may 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor Leader Bill Shorten have joined thousands for The Long Walk to the MCG. Mr Turnbull said Australia admired Michael Long, a former AFL footballer, who took it upon himself to get Aboriginal and Torres Strait[...]

Former NSW minister spends night in jail

Saturday  08:50,   27 may 2017

Disgraced former NSW minister Ian Macdonald spent his first night behind bars after Justice Christine Adamson revoked his bail.Macdonald and ex-union boss John Maitland were taken into custody on Friday after Justice Christine Adamson revoked their[...]

Melbourne school uses casual day as bait

Friday  22:10,   26 may 2017

A Catholic school in Melbourne has threatened to ban students from a uniform-free day unless their parents sign a letter against proposed funding changes.Students at St Elizabeth's School, in the city's southeast, took home letters saying the[...]

Vic soldier's funeral after training death

Friday  20:26,   26 may 2017

Australian Private Jason Challis has been farewelled at a funeral service in Geelong after he was killed during a training exercise in the Northern Territory.An Australian soldier killed during a training exercise in the Northern Territory has been[...]

How the haunting McCulkin mystery unfolded

Friday  16:14,   26 may 2017

The McCulkin murders haunted Brisbane for 43 years - it took off-the-cuff confessions from Garry Dubois and Vincent O'Dempsey to help solve the notorious[...]

MCG drill to test Melbourne heat response

Friday  16:13,   26 may 2017

Melbourne's ability to respond to an extreme heat wave will be tested in a drill at the MCG.People usually go to the MCG to see heated action but on Friday they'll be going there to escape[...]

Everything you need to know about Schapelle Corby

Friday  16:13,   26 may 2017
Australian Women's Weekly

Schapelle Corby will finally return home over a decade after marijuana was found stashed in her boogie board bag.Australia has been fascinated with Schapelle Corby since that fateful day in October 2004 when Bali police found 4.2kg of marijuana in[...]

8 ways to get better photos at Vivid

Friday  15:41,   26 may 2017
Business Insider Australia

Vivid Sydney 2017, the world’s largest celebration of light, music and ideas, switches on tonight, with more than 90 installations and projections across the city. This year Barangaroo has been added to the lit precincts over the next 23 nights[...]

Lismore hospital staff track down retired nurses in 'whistleblower witch-hunt'

Friday  13:05,   26 may 2017

Some night staff at a NSW hospital at the centre of horrific claims of patient abuse and neglect are allegedly on a witch hunt to find the retired nurse who first revealed the explosive allegations. A former Lismore Base Hospital nurse blew the[...]

NSW Police video shows one-punch attacker Hugh Garth arguing self-defence

Friday  04:35,   26 may 2017
ABC News

A video recording of a NSW Police interview shows Hugh Garth, the first person to be convicted under the state's so-called one-punch laws, telling police he was merely acting in self-defence.Garth was yesterday convicted over the fatal assault[...]

Four arrested in NSW-Vic meth ring bust

Friday  04:35,   26 may 2017

Four men have been charged in Victoria and NSW after raids found 65kg of ephedrine concealed in belts, computer desks, dartboards and water purifiers. The ephedrine could make up to $60 million worth of ice.The consignments from Korea, China and the [...]

Police confident Vivid visitors to be safe

Thursday  19:31,   25 may 2017

Police will patrol land, air and water at the Vivid Sydney festival with more than two million people expected to attend the 23-day music and light festival.NSW Police have reassured Sydneysiders planning to visit what is being dubbed the biggest[...]