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LifeStyle: Travel

All Eyes On a Crowdsourced Carry-On That Reinvents the Wheel

Monday  02:40,   08 may 2017

All photos courtesy of G-RO. What started as a successful Kickstarter campaign is now a luggage company selling suitcases that are all about the wheels. We took one out for a spin. What's the first thing you notice about a suitcase? On the new[...]

How Different Airlines Board Their Passengers

Sunday  06:36,   07 may 2017

Yes, air travel is pretty amazing. But between flight delays and bumped seats, airlines give us a lot to complain about, too. There are a handful of different boarding procedures for major airlines just within the United States. Of course,[...]

Good to Go: 6 Travel Wear Upgrades for Men

Sunday  05:28,   07 may 2017

Before summer begins, here are six ways to upgrade your travel look that are practical and also stylish.2. The flight combo: For red-eye travel, try this Vince short-sleeve with the classic Adidas track pant. Vince shirt, $195, at Adidas[...]

The 33 most expensive tasting menus on the planet, ranked

Saturday  07:25,   06 may 2017

Have you eaten[...]

Watch this Southwest pilot shower his 1 millionth passenger with gifts

Saturday  07:23,   06 may 2017

With a spate of recent terrible publicity for US airlines, it's refreshing that at least one is trying to do right by its customers. Let’s introduce you to this pilot from Southwest—which has a history of positive viral moments—as he is [...]

LAX is getting a private terminal that costs $2,000 for the rich and famous to use -- take a look inside

Friday  23:50,   05 may 2017

If you're travelling to Los Angeles and looking forward to a bit of celebrity spotting, you might need to pay $US2,000 to do so. If you're travelling to Los Angeles and looking forward to a bit of celebrity spotting, you might need to[...]

Pet hotels so luxurious, you'll want to stay there yourself

Friday  08:13,   05 may 2017

From Divine Creatures in Sydney to Bong Bong Vet in Bowral, nothing is too luxe at these pet hotels. Chauffeurs, salon experiences and room service are just some of the amenities on offer.Certainly not. Now, pets are treated to their own holiday[...]

Myspace Tom is actually an incredible travel photographer

Friday  03:35,   05 may 2017

This article originally appeared in Travel and Leisure by Erika Owen. After creating one of the first social media platforms, Myspace Tom…And they’re really, really[...]

Playboy model angers locals with photo on sacred volcano

Thursday  08:36,   04 may 2017

A New Zealand tribe is ready to erupt over a Playboy model’s decision to pose atop a volcanic peak they believe is sacred.  High above the earth on the summit of Mount Taranaki, Jaylene Cook pulled off her gear, stripped down and posed. Her [...]

Can you guess what these countries were formerly called?

Thursday  08:36,   04 may 2017

<p>On Sept. 9, 1776, the Continental Congress renamed the nation to the "United States" of[...]

This is how to avoid the worst seat on the plane

Thursday  04:20,   04 may 2017

The middle seat — especially in coach — is one of the most dreaded and common scenarios in flying. It's cramped, it's inconvenient, and it's often the only seats available on flights — particularly if you book at the last minute.In the[...]

10 luxury rentals with the best bathtub views in the world, ranked by price

Thursday  01:25,   04 may 2017

There's no better way to unwind after a hard day's exploring than a good soak in a freestanding bath while on holiday. Tripadvisor Rentals has rounded up 10 of the most stunning bathtub views from around the world, where you can take[...]

Haven't heard of Tashirojima? It's the purfect destination for any curious traveller

Wednesday  08:07,   03 may 2017

Haven't heard of Tashirojima? It's the puuurrfect destination for any curious travellerThe island of Tashirojima serves as an embodiment of the cultural significance of cats in Japan. Aptly known as 'Cat Island', Tashirojima boasts a[...]

Princess Cruises has built its largest ever cruise ship -- take a look inside

Wednesday  06:41,   03 may 2017

The brand-new 143,000-tonne Majestic Princess will be the largest Princess ship ever to sail in Australian waters. The Majestic is 330 metres long -- about the length of 6 Olympic swimming pools.  With 19 decks at 68.3 metres high, Majestic[...]

Finland is officially the world's safest country

Wednesday  05:50,   03 may 2017

Australia wasn't even close to the top 10The Scandinavian country beat out its neighbours Sweden and Norway, as well as New Zealand and Canada, to take the top spot in the WEF's "safety and security" section of their biennial Travel Tourism[...]