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Eight Benefits Of Flying With Babies And Toddlers

Monday  23:25,   01 january 2018
Huffington Post UK

I'd been putting it off. Finding excuses. My pre-motherhood life of foot-loose fancy-free travelling had long gone. While I do fret about what other people think, I worry more about my children's discomfort: ears popping, turbulence[...]

7 Ways to Relax the Night Before Travelling

Monday  23:06,   01 january 2018

If you're anything like me and flying gives you a bout of anxiety, there are some ways to deal with it. If you're anything like me and flying gives you a bout of anxiety, there are some ways to deal with it. The night before I travel, I [...]

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List For Water-Lovers

Monday  10:55,   01 january 2018

Being near water equals instant relaxation for some of us, so a swimmable destination is much preferred when holidaying. You can't really call a trip a success if you're not pruney the entire time, can you? If you, too, are basically a[...]

This Is Where Every Dollar of Your Airfare Goes

Monday  00:22,   01 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

<p>Airlines barely make enough from flying us around to pay for an order of avocado toast. </p><p></p>The International Air Transport Association reports that, on average, airlines around the world are expected to earn a mere $7.69 in[...]

How I Make Traveling With Relatives Work

Sunday  04:11,   31 december 2017

How I Make Traveling With Relatives WorkWhat’s the secret? Honestly, I think it was that we found a balance of togetherness vs. space. I know that people talk about this all the time when discussing group travel, but it was like we hit that sweet[...]

Why Some Hotels Are Getting Rid of 'Do Not Disturb' Signs

Saturday  04:25,   30 december 2017
Travel + Leisure

Although frequent travellers may keep "Do Not Disturb" signs on their doors to avoid interruptions for turn-down service or unnecessary cleanings, several hotels are now modifying their procedures in the interest of increased security. At[...]

New Year's Eve plans ruined after Tigerair cancels flight

Saturday  04:25,   30 december 2017

A woman claims her New Year's Eve plans – and the plans of many other passengers – have been ruined after Tigerair cancelled a flight without notice. A woman claims her New Year's Eve plans – and the plans of many other passengers – have been[...]

Four Of The Most Unique Hotels In New York City

Friday  03:50,   29 december 2017
Huffington Post UK

If you’re visiting New York City, deciding where to stay can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for something different – something with its own unique style – look no further. Here are four of NYC’s coolest hotels.YOTEL New YorkThe brainchild of[...]

Why John Travolta can't wait to visit the Illawarra

Friday  03:20,   29 december 2017

Hollywood icon John Travolta has issued a Christmas message to fans as he prepares to fly a historic Boeing 707 to New South Wales.The Pulp Fiction actor is preparing for the flight to take place at an unconfirmed time next[...]

Model Chrissy Teigen live-tweets nightmare flight after "suspicious" airport mix-up.

Thursday  23:42,   28 december 2017

For most, flying eight hours and landing exactly where you took off would be an inconvenience. A nightmare.&nbsp;But, for model-come-detective Chrissy Teigen, it was an opportunity to uncover hidden identities and expose an international[...]

Ultimate travel checklist: Things you need to know and do before you travel

Thursday  23:01,   28 december 2017

Everyone forgets stuff when they travel. So here's the ultimate travel checklist you should bookmark.Our foul-ups are wonderful teachers and the first rule of successful trip preparation is a checklist. Checklists are ideal for mundane,[...]

Dreamworld reveals new ride a year after rapids tragedy

Thursday  06:45,   28 december 2017

After posting a $62 million loss, the Gold Coast theme park has unveiled the first step of its plan to bring back visitors.The theme park will invest in a new state-of-the-art simulator attraction to be housed inside the former IMAX[...]

The best cruise ships of 2017: Seven highlights of the seven seas

Thursday  04:05,   28 december 2017

The standout developments of everything the cruising world had to offer in 2017. BEST NEW CRUSE SHIPSilver MuseLaunched in April, Silversea's flagship 596-passenger vessel is an upmarket European-styled gem that stands out in the mostly American[...]

Flying in aeroplanes exposes people to more radiation than standing next to a nuclear reactor -- here's why

Thursday  03:35,   28 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Travelling the skies by jet lifts us far from the hustle and bustle of the world below. But many flyers don't know that soaring miles above Earth also takes us out of a vital protective cocoon.But many flyers don't know that soaring miles above[...]

China Just Broke Its Own Record for the Longest Glass Bridge in the World

Wednesday  06:52,   27 december 2017
Travel + Leisure

China has revealed its newest and longest glass bottom bridge.&nbsp;China revealed its newest and longest glass bottom bridge over the[...]