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From drawers stuffed with chocolate to a secret Disney Cinderella suite: The world's best hotel rooms for children revealed

Thursday  05:11,   28 june 2018

Here we present 10 amazing suites kids will love from a Cinderella Castle Suite in Florida that's given away in prize drawers to the incredible Chocolate Room at Alton Towers in the UK.For wannabe princesses, the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney [...]

Australia’s Oldest Wine Region Is One of Its Best-kept Secrets

Thursday  04:20,   28 june 2018

Australia’s oldest wine region also happens to be its easiest to visit. A two-hour drive north of Sydney, Hunter Valley is home to some 150 wineries, many of which trace their roots to the 19th century. A standout food scene and activities[...]

How to protect your home when you travel

Thursday  04:09,   28 june 2018

Keep your home and your valuable safe and secure so you can relax while you are on holiday.But when I pulled up in the driveway, I noticed water gushing around our house and down into the street. We had, accidentally left an external tap on. It was[...]

Pretty in pink: Incredible pictures show the bullet train that's been given an eye-popping Hello Kitty makeover

Wednesday  06:37,   27 june 2018

The special shinkansen or bullet train will run for the next three months between the western cities of Osaka and Fukuoka, the West Japan Railway firm said. It hopes it will boost tourism.The special shinkansen or bullet train will run for the next[...]

How To Prepare For Unexpected Disasters Before A Trip Abroad

Wednesday  04:58,   27 june 2018

Travelling is a wild adventure, and part of what makes it an adventure is the possibility of complete disaster. When you leave Australia as an Australian citizen travelling abroad, you have a few safety nets, and Reddit user baccgirlpointed [...]

A day in the life of a luxury cruise ship passenger

Wednesday  04:06,   27 june 2018

Step aboard your luxury floating hotel and sail away for an experience of a lifetime.Everyone wakes up on a cruise to find themselves floating blissfully somewhere between vast seas and even vaster[...]

'Eggs on toast? More like eggs NEAR toast!' Fed up holidaymaker shares a snap of his £5.70 airport breakfast online – and social media users brand it the 'saddest' they've ever seen

Wednesday  01:12,   27 june 2018

A Reddit user shared a snap of the breakfast they'd paid £5.70 for from Friska at Luton Airport, comprised of a cardboard box containing two triangles of pale toast, and three soggy poached eggs.Reddit user M1BG shared a snap of the breakfast[...]

The most hedonistic capitals of the world, revealed

Wednesday  00:21,   27 june 2018

Manchester has been crowned the world's "wildest" city in a list that ranks the best cities for nightlife and the capitals of debauchery and hedonism. Depending on your nocturnal preferences, the list from moving company[...]

These Are the 5 Parts of the Airplane to Avoid, According to Experts

Tuesday  05:56,   26 june 2018

Even with periodic flight delays and crowded airports, I think we can all agree that aeroplanes are incredible vehicles. They serve as the gateway to adventure and wonder, transporting us to faraway and exotic places in a matter of hours. But let's [...]

Your Sydney Cultural Checklist This Winter

Tuesday  04:58,   26 june 2018

Sydney can often appear less enjoyable in winter, but Harper's BAZAAR's guide to winter in Sydney involves plenty of excitement. The Archibald Prize and Scandinavian Film Festival are some of BAZAAR's ideas to make the most out of[...]

Australia's 'Most Unusual Natural Wonder' Is a Horizontal Waterfall You Can Ride Through

Tuesday  04:32,   26 june 2018

<p>If you’re looking for a unique natural attraction, head to Talbot Bay in Australia. This gorgeous bay of bright turquoise water is where you’ll find the Horizontal Falls.</p>If you’re looking for a unique natural attraction, head to Talbot[...]

The Fascinating Reason Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

Tuesday  01:36,   26 june 2018

There's no magic involved in keeping the Most Magical Place on Earth bug-free.It would be a feat to get rid of pesky mosquitoes anywhere, but Disney World is in Florida, a.k.a. swamp territory, where insects are more abundant than other[...]

Luxury hotel advertises for an 'Instagram concierge' to help tech-savvy guests take flattering photos to post online

Tuesday  00:32,   26 june 2018

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona says that the job applicant must be 'comfortable working with various phone types' and 'courteous at all times'.Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona says that the job applicant must be[...]

The world's 'happiest' and 'grumpiest' tourists revealed

Monday  05:51,   25 june 2018

<p>Some people are harder to please than others. The bed's too soft. The room's too cold. The service is terrible. And according to a new report, many of the world's most high-maintenance travelers come from Spain.</p>In a ranking[...]

The Great Blue Hole in Belize Is One of the World's Most Gorgeous Mysteries

Monday  05:00,   25 june 2018

<p>The Great Blue Hole of Belize it's pretty great.</p>There’s a spot in the ocean that looks like a portal to another[...]