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7 Things I Learned When I Sold Everything I Own to Travel the Country in an RV

Tuesday  02:35,   08 may 2018

<p>One year ago, I lived what most would classify as a pretty normal life. My husband and I worked (probably too much), and we spent a lot of spare time DIY'ing our sweet little fixer-upper by the beach in Charleston, South Carolina. Packing[...]

What floats your boat - choosing the right cruising category

Monday  04:45,   07 may 2018

Compare cruise categories to settle on a seaward holiday that suits you, from luxury dining and fine wines to exciting multi-generational trips.Jump aboard this travel trend, see what the fuss is about and pick a cruise category that suits[...]

Fairy forest paths to clifftop hikes: 8 of the best walks in and around Dublin

Monday  04:41,   07 may 2018

Just outside the capital, the countryside is rich with forests, mountains and a rugged coastline. We’ve pulled together our eight most enjoyable hikes, so you can discover Dublin’s great outdoors. Bray to Greystones Cliff WalkDistance: 3.9mi[...]

Europe travel tips: Six things tourists do that annoy the locals

Monday  02:01,   07 may 2018

The verb "annoy" has its origins in the Old French word enoiier, and no surprise that annoyance with foreigners is a European specialty. The verb "annoy" has its origins in the Old French word enoiier, and no surprise that annoyance with[...]

Don't take selfies and never wheel your own luggage into the lobby on the way out: Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals how to behave in five-star hotels

Sunday  02:56,   06 may 2018

Five-star hotels are a worthwhile treat. But they can be a bit bizarre, with conventions that are sometimes a mystery even to seasoned well-heeled travellers. Mr Hanson is here to help.But let's be honest, they can be a bit bizarre, with conventions [...]

This Picturesque New Trail in the South of France Is Every Hiker’s Dream

Sunday  02:56,   06 may 2018

A new hiking trail that will take you along the gorgeous, blue coasts of southern France is opening just in time for summer. The Grand Sentier de la Côte Bleue — or Big Blue Coast Trail in English — is a nearly 40-mile coastal hiking route that runs [...]

Do Not Make the Mistake of Booking a One-Way International Flight - Here's Why

Saturday  05:57,   05 may 2018

Have you ever dreamed of booking a one-way ticket abroad and never looking back? The thought of an indefinite adventure may seem thrilling, but in reality you're likely to run into trouble. Aside from the possibility of running out of funds or[...]

Hidden fee increasing flight costs

Saturday  02:30,   05 may 2018

Travellers are paying more to fly because four of Australia's largest airports are charging airlines hefty fees, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) singled[...]

Four reasons to visit Norfolk Island

Friday  10:15,   04 may 2018

Convicts, ships, hikes and seriously good food. Haven't been to Norfolk Island? Here's why you should.Ask anyone who has been to Norfolk Island and they will tell you they want to go[...]

Is That Dog (or Pig) on Your Flight Really a Service Animal?

Friday  09:08,   04 may 2018

Federal regulators and some lawmakers are looking to crack down on untrained pets being passed off as legitimate service or emotional support animals.The owner apologized and said the dog was her service animal. Ms. Giovinazzo, an Army veteran who[...]

JetBlue may be giving up one of its biggest advantages

Friday  09:08,   04 may 2018

JetBlue unveiled its brand new Airbus A320 interior on Wednesday. The new JetBlue interior will feature wider seats, larger entertainment screens, and revamped mood lighting. Economy class seat pitch falls from 34 inches to 32 inches.JetBlue's fleet [...]

River cruising, Europe: Uniworld's Maria Theresa is a ship fit for an empress

Friday  07:56,   04 may 2018

Thank heavens for a cruise company that hasn't retreated into bland, on-trend design. Why would you want to spend a week in a Freedom-furniture showroom? Why in a travel world of same-same airports and hotel rooms would you want more of the[...]

'You think it's Photoshopped - but it's real': Tourists flocking to Peru's newfound 'Rainbow Mountain'

Friday  04:06,   04 may 2018

It's only within the past five years that the natural wonder has been discovered by the outside world, earning it must-see status on Peru's burgeoning backpacker tourist circuit. 'You see it in the pictures and you think it's Photoshopped -[...]

How to save money on your holiday

Friday  03:06,   04 may 2018

It's the time of your life - but that doesn't mean you should overspend. Here's a few ways you can save cash and still enjoy your holiday.Holidays can be expensive. Often it's the little costs that you haven't accounted for that add up[...]

More direct flights, more destinations

Thursday  09:51,   03 may 2018

Qantas has ordered six more Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and plans to retire the remaining 747s by the end of 2020.Qantas has ordered six more Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to bring the fleet to 14 by the end of[...]