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Travel tips: Seven things you MUST do if you visit India

Tuesday  01:56,   03 july 2018

If you want to go to a country that is highly cultural, totally unique and boasts unbelievable food, look no further than India! From the vast Himalayan peaks in the north to the stunning beaches in the south, India has an amazing landscape [...]

Emotional-support animals are becoming a big problem on planes, and airlines want them to go away

Monday  06:05,   02 july 2018

Emotional-support animals are on the rise on planes and at airports. From 2016 to 2017, the number of emotional-support animals travelling onboard commercial flights increased by 74%.Emotional-support animals are becoming an increasingly common[...]

Why In-the-know Bread Lovers Should be Heading to the Caucasus

Monday  05:31,   02 july 2018

“Chris burned all his arm hairs off.” Rose Previte laughs, recalling a memorable day of bread baking in Georgia’s Racha highlands. Rose Previte laughs, recalling a memorable day of bread baking in Georgia’s Racha highlands. The part owner[...]

Would you take a holiday on a VOLCANO? With black beaches, stews cooked in burning ground and swimming with dolphins the Azores offer an explosive family holiday

Monday  04:31,   02 july 2018

MailOnline Travel's Jake Wallis Simons took his three children to the Azores for a family break that he feels sure will live long in their memories.Welcome to the Azores, an archipelago of Portuguese islands marooned in the North Atlantic. In a[...]

Barcelona: where to eat, drink, stay and shop

Monday  01:25,   02 july 2018

The Catalan capital mixes tapas bars and Gaudí with craft brews and curios. Here's where to seek out the best dining the city has to offer, where you can sip biodynamic wines or try the flavours of South East Asia with a Latin American[...]

Now THAT'S a man cave! Inside the 65ft-deep underground world dug out by a builder over 23 YEARS... using just a chisel and hammer

Sunday  05:32,   01 july 2018

Levon Arakelyan from Arinj, Armenia, started work on the strange space in 1985 and was even working on the project on the day he died in 2008, aged 67. He began working on it after his wife, Tosya, asked for a cool space for her potatoes. He got[...]

UNESCO lists Korean mountain Buddhist temples as World Heritage sites

Sunday  05:32,   01 july 2018

Seven ancient Korean mountain temples, which typify the way Buddhism in the country has merged with indigenous beliefs and styles, were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites on Saturday. The seven mountain temples -- Seonamsa, Daeheungsa, Beopjusa,[...]

6 Amazingly Colourful Travel Destinations

Sunday  05:31,   01 july 2018

There are towns so hooked on colour and its appeal that entire areas are daubed to reflect a universal devotionIt’s not just a richness of culture or great views that generate all the[...]

7 Tips to Keep Your Personal Items Safe While Travelling

Sunday  01:58,   01 july 2018

Learn how to keep your personal items and valuables safe while travelling in an airplaneIn a recent case reported out of Singapore, two men onboard a flight to Jakarta were apprehended after being suspected of stealing cash from fellow passengers[...]

Saudi Arabia, Oman sites added to UNESCO World Heritage List

Saturday  06:07,   30 june 2018

UNESCO added Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahsa Oasis and Oman's ancient city of Qalhat to its World Heritage List on Friday, the world cultural body said. Authorities in Riyadh, as well as Muscat, have put tourism high on their economic agendas as Gulf [...]

How Do You Pack for a Yearlong Trip?

Saturday  06:00,   30 june 2018

Our 52 Places Traveler has spent the past five months on the road figuring out how to answer that question. Here are her most important takeaways on packing and prepping for long-term solo travel. 1. Pick a card. Not just any card.I got so stressed[...]

Barbados introduces hotel tax with just a week's notice that could see tourists forced to pay up to £200 on top of the cost of their holiday

Saturday  05:56,   30 june 2018

Tour operators and hotels in the Caribbean nation have been given just a week's notice by the country's government of the new charges they must collect from holidaymakers.Tour operators and hotels in the Caribbean nation have been given just [...]

The Real-life Hogwarts Express Is Hiring a Harry Potter Expert

Friday  04:51,   29 june 2018

If you can name every member of house Gryffindor, rattle off all the rules of Quidditch, and recite every spell cast by the Hogwarts crew, then we have a job for you. The North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust in England is[...]

France deploys an extra 5,000 police on the streets of Paris to protect summer tourists from pickpockets and scam artists

Friday  04:09,   29 june 2018

The French capital is on course for one of the biggest influxes of visitors in recent years during the peak season. But the city authorities admit that keeping all tourists safe can be difficult.The French capital is on course for one of the biggest [...]

The world is on the move: International tourist arrivals for 2018 exceed UN expectations so far

Friday  00:56,   29 june 2018

A rise in international travel to countries in Asia-Pacific and Europe helped drive up global tourist arrival numbers by 6 percent in the first four months of 2018, exceeding the UNWTO's expectations. According to the latest stats from[...]