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The world's 8 most underrated cities and why you should visit them

Saturday  07:05,   12 may 2018

The world's 8 most underrated cities and why you should visit themFrom Australia to Brazil to Macedonia, there are incredible cities all but ignored by[...]

Hot Grapes and Liver: Outtakes from an Australian Restaurant Critic

Saturday  06:57,   12 may 2018

Many spots don’t make the cut — but some are still worth visiting.The restaurants I cover should ideally reveal something greater about Australia: a story that has not been told, an unexamined angle. These are restaurant reviews, but they are also[...]

Why Sri Lanka is 2018's hottest destination

Friday  05:31,   11 may 2018

It's not just the tea that's drawing tourists to Sri Lanka. This island nation is packed full of culture, history and natural wonders. At first glance, as your train thunders past, the hillside will appear to be dotted with huge flowers.[...]

Is the journey to the world's highest mountain the ultimate road trip? Discovering the wonders of driving right up to Everest base camp at 17,000ft

Friday  04:32,   11 may 2018

MailOnline Travel's Sadie Whitelocks recently discovered a new contender for the world's ultimate car journey, from the city of Lhasa at 12,000ft to Everest Base Camp at 17,000ft.But I recently experienced a contender for the world's[...]

Tiger or Jetstar: Who Is Australia's Best Low-Cost Airline?

Friday  00:02,   11 may 2018

In 2015, Lifehacker tried to answer the question "Does Tiger Airways still suck?" and the results were almost positive. In 2017, I flew on both budget airlines at least once a month, alternating between the two based on price and[...]

A Personal Submarine Tour Is the Most Amazing Way to See the Maldives

Thursday  05:11,   10 may 2018

Believe it or not, visiting the Maldives is about to get even cooler. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru has announced it will be the first place to offer personal submarine excursions with the DeepFlight’s Super Falcon 3S.Each[...]

Use This Travel Time Map To Pick Your Next Hotel

Thursday  04:25,   10 may 2018

When you go on a trip, you usually want to stay somewhere central, with easy access to a few local destinations. a conference centre, a few restaurants, a fun neighbourhood. You can't just eyeball a map. Travel times depend on more than[...]

Santa Barbara travel guide

Wednesday  06:31,   09 may 2018

Situated to the north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a sunny mix of Californian attitude and cool-climate wine[...]

Why beach holidays are BAD for your health: Lying around and doing nothing can make you feel anxious - because you start to think about work

Wednesday  05:26,   09 may 2018

Xinran Lehto, a tourism expert from Purdue University in Indiana, investigated the top factors that contribute to a restorative vacation and found that 'variation' is key.Xinran Lehto, a tourism expert from Purdue University in Indiana,[...]

Where to Stay (and What to Eat) in the Scottish Hebrides

Wednesday  04:11,   09 may 2018

An otherworldly archipelago with wide sand beaches, medieval castles and a disproportionate number of world-class restaurants.The Hebridean archipelago, which hugs Scotland’s ragged west coast, comprises over 180 islands which extend out into the[...]

New dreamliner touches down in Perth, bringing hope of tourism boost

Wednesday  03:36,   09 may 2018

Singapore Airlines is the first to fly the newest dreamliner and Perth is the second destination in the world, after Osaka, to welcome its arrival. The plane gives them capacity to offer 38,000 extra seats on the route each year.Singapore is[...]

5 tricks to make you feel less afraid while flying

Wednesday  02:35,   09 may 2018

Aeroplane travel allows us to get anywhere within hours, depending on your destination. A lot of us get nervous when it's time to fly. In fact, some people are so scared they avoid aeroplanes altogether, despite the fact that air travel is[...]

Inflatable, floating island includes unicorn-themed area

Wednesday  01:36,   09 may 2018

Unicorns, dinosaurs and flamingos co-exist happily on Inflatable Island, billed as the largest floating, inflatable fun park in Asia and, perhaps, one of the most Instagram-friendly beaches in the world.  Located about 2.5 hours from Manila on[...]

A 23-year-old Emirates flight attendant who's been to 74 countries is becoming an Instagram star

Tuesday  06:10,   08 may 2018

Brigita Jagelaviciute, a 23-year-old Emirates flight attendant, is becoming an Instragram star, documenting her travels on an account that has 60,000 followers. Brigita Jagelaviciute's page features scenic photos of destinations around the world.[...]

Take the mini toiletries while you still can! Hotels set to replace tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles with bulk dispensers that are attached to the wall

Tuesday  04:06,   08 may 2018

InterContinental Hotels Group and Marriott International Hotels are to axe leaving the small bottles in bathrooms at several of their hotel brands across North America.And they're a popular memento from a trip, with guests often ramming as many of[...]