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What To Pack When You're Travelling With Little Kids

Thursday  05:55,   05 july 2018

I just returned from a trip to Europe with my husband's extended family.I'm can't yet say I'm a pro at globetrotting with kids, but I've been obsessively stealing tips from parents who are - particularly those who've mastered the art and science [...]

Bolivia to build museum at bottom of 'sacred lake'

Thursday  05:32,   05 july 2018

Bolivia is to build an underwater museum in its sacred Lake Titicaca, the culture minister said. The move comes after thousands of priceless artifacts were discovered at the bottom of the[...]

Sydney's best hotels

Thursday  03:57,   05 july 2018

Whether it's breathtaking views you're after or five-star amenities, there's a Sydney hotel for you. Here are the city's premier addresses, as seen in the 2018 Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide.Yes, The Darling is part of The[...]

Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on

Thursday  03:40,   05 july 2018

<p>When going through airport security, most people show up with their passport and keep it on them until the gate</p>There's one major reason this method is a problem: On completely booked flights, airlines may try to expedite the boarding[...]

Which countries are the safest to visit?

Thursday  02:57,   05 july 2018

If safety is a priority when you travel, you might want to keep these 10 countries at the top of your listHowever, to be prudent, you should also factor in safety considerations, in order to minimise the risk of running into trouble while you’re[...]

Here’s What the Bulletproof Glass Wall Around the Eiffel Tower Actually Looks Like

Thursday  01:40,   05 july 2018

The Eiffel Tower has a new look. Plans were set in motion months ago to build a bulletproof, 10-foot-high glass wall around the monument in order to better protect it from terrorist attacks, and it’s nearly complete.&nbsp;Plans were set in[...]

Getting to know Mexico's art and soul: Let Frida Kahlo introduce you to this captivatingly complex country

Wednesday  05:55,   04 july 2018

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was a visual sensation. And that's not unlike her birthland, which bursts with colour and creativity. With the new V&amp;A Kahlo exhibition, now is a great time to dive into her world.But when she turned herself[...]

Is Italy The Romantic Capital Of The World? This Writer Thinks So

Wednesday  05:07,   04 july 2018

If there’s one country that best captures a sense of romance, that country is Italy.&nbsp;Even the word ‘romance’ originates in Italy, coming from ‘romant’, meaning ‘in the Roman[...]

Kenya's Lake Turkana put on World Heritage danger list

Wednesday  04:31,   04 july 2018

A UNESCO panel on Thursday added Lake Turkana, a conservation hotspot in Kenya and a candidate site for the birthplace of mankind, to the list of endangered World Heritage Sites. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World[...]

'We go with the flow!' Canadian couple converts a $5,000 school bus into a mobile home after quitting their jobs to live a life of 'ultimate freedom' while traveling the globe

Wednesday  02:26,   04 july 2018

Electrician Patrick Maillé, 35, and product development buyer Catherine L'Italien, 29, from Magog, Québec, Canada, hated their constant routine of 'work and pay bills'.Electrician Patrick Maillé, 35, and product development buyer[...]

Making a splash! From a violin to a foot and even an ice cream, the world's most bizarre-shaped swimming pools

Wednesday  02:25,   04 july 2018

MailOnline has scoured the world from Florida to Vietnam for some kooky places to dip, with maps, desserts and body parts inspiring some creative swimming pool design.MailOnline has scoured the world for some of the kookiest places to dip, with a[...]

These Are The UK's Best Cities For A Night Out & You Might Be Surprised

Wednesday  01:32,   04 july 2018

Manchester has recently been named the UK's wildest city, but according to new research, Swansea is the best overall for a night out.&nbsp;The research by MyVoucherCodes ranks 50 of the UK's biggest towns and cities on their nightlife by[...]

Air New Zealand launches meat-free burger

Wednesday  01:32,   04 july 2018

<p>A taste of the future of airline food has been served up for customers in a no-meat burger.</p>Air New Zealand has announced a new in-flight collaboration with Silicon Valley food tech start-up Impossible Foods - making it the world's first [...]

Record number of planes in the air at once

Tuesday  02:26,   03 july 2018

More than 200,000 flights took off on June 29, and there were more in the air at once than ever before.On June 29 there 202,157 flights tracked worldwide - breaking the 200,000 mark for the first time, according to Flight Radar 24, a website that[...]

How to make group travel a breeze

Tuesday  01:56,   03 july 2018

Travel companions can make or break a holiday, so here are our tips for travelling in groups of all shapes and sizes.Sure enough, when we ran to the small bush hut in our Winton campground, there they were out the front. One of the dads, still[...]