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Escaping the 'bubble': LGBT tourism eyes new horizons

Tuesday  00:22,   13 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

From gay-friendly honeymoon destinations to party escapes, tourism has long catered to LGBT travellers. But as acceptance grows, so do calls for the industry to broaden its offers, and avoid cliches. But as acceptance grows, so do calls for [...]

Woman Finds the Love of Her Life by Renting an Airbnb in Italy

Monday  10:05,   12 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

<p>One woman’s romantic journey is proof that love can be found in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.</p>Frances Alban, after being disillusioned with the dating scene in her hometown of Miami, decided to take a break[...]

Phuket travel guide and things to do: 20 reasons to love Phuket, Thailand

Monday  04:51,   12 march 2018

From Sino-Portuguese architecture to wildlife sanctuaries, here are 20 reasons to love Phuket.How better to have an elephant encounter, than to watch a group of rescued elephants roaming freely through a sanctuary? Walk with the old ladies as they[...]

10 stunning photos from a pair of photographers who have been married and travelling the world together for 60 years

Monday  03:35,   12 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

Roland and Sabrina Michaud have been married since 1958. For 60 years the couple has spent their time together travelling all over the world, including a trip that included driving across Asia for four years straight. While documenting their[...]

Bulgari to open new luxury hotel in Paris

Monday  02:25,   12 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Italian luxury goods brand Bulgari has announced plans to open a new hotel in Paris.&nbsp;When the French outpost of Bulgari Hotels and Resorts opens in 2020, it will occupy a place on 30 avenue George V which, along with the adjacent[...]

Travel guide and things to do in Longreach, Queensland: A three-minute guide

Monday  00:21,   12 march 2018

A retired Qantas Boeing 747 parked next to the airport – is Longreach's principal landmark.If you drop a pin on the very centre of a map of Queensland chances are you'll hit Longreach. The outback town, named after the "long reach" of the[...]

Rocchetta Mattei, Bologna, Italy: This is the world's weirdest castle

Sunday  05:00,   11 march 2018

I've toured many castles, but this is the first to utterly bemuse me. My guide, Alice, has me alternatively shaking my head, restraining giggles and wondering if I'm being pranked.Rocchetta Mattei is the world's weirdest castle, in which a[...]

Why you should travel alone at some point in your life

Sunday  05:00,   11 march 2018

Solo travel gives you the chance to do what you like and to step outside of your comfort zone.Traveling alone can be intimidating, especially for those who consider themselves social butterflies. However, many who vacation by themselves find that[...]

5 unusual reasons to visit Washington DC

Friday  05:10,   09 march 2018

There’s more to Washington than national monuments and political shenanigans. Here are five activities guaranteed to reveal a different side of the US capital .1. Passport DCOn the first Saturday of May, over 40 embassies in Washington open their[...]

The beautiful Bali you remember is no more

Friday  04:15,   09 march 2018
Australian Women's Weekly

Sadly, humanity is entirely to blame for this blight on mother nature - but we have a chance to make it right. require(["inlineoutstreamAd",[...]

This Secret Button on Your Airplane Seat Will Instantly Give You More Space

Friday  02:06,   09 march 2018

Ever wish you could just press a button and your airplane seat would become instantly less confining?&nbsp;As a traveler, there’s a lot we don’t know about airplanes: why the windows are round, why the lights dim during landing and takeoff, and[...]

Australian airport travel tips: Eight traps travellers need to know about

Friday  02:06,   09 march 2018

Transferring terminals, changing check-in times, high parking fees: There's plenty about an airport that inspires caution. Terminal woesTransferring from one flight to another? You need to factor in the time it takes to get between terminals.[...]

These fearless female explorers will inspire you on International Women's Day

Friday  00:27,   09 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

The female spirit can be a fearsome thing. It is brave, intrepid and curious. To mark International Women's Day, March 8 and Women's History Month in March, we salute the fearless, adventurous, pioneering spirits of female explorers.They're[...]

Meghan Markle always follows this routine when flying to avoid getting jet leg and travel sick

Thursday  04:52,   08 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

US actress and future royal Meghan Markle is used to travelling for work. She shared her secrets on beating jet lag and sickness in a blog, which is being recirculated from her now-closed website, The Tig.Many people would agree that the reality of[...]

Chris Hemsworth's Tourism Australia salary has been revealed

Thursday  03:06,   08 march 2018

How much was Chris Hemsworth paid to be an ambassador for Tourism Australia? According to a report, Chris has proven to be very valuable for marketing Australia to tourists. A spokesperson for Tourism Australia said Chris had delivered[...]