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The Retreat is Pumphouse Point's secluded hideaway

Saturday  06:55,   19 may 2018

Tasmanian luxury lodge Pumphouse Point has added a new bush Retreat, a hideaway for two located 20 metres from the lodge's Shorehouse, that allows guests to heed the call of the wild without sacrificing creature comforts. Located about[...]

A coin’s throw away: The best restaurants for when you’re visiting the Trevi Fountain

Friday  02:56,   18 may 2018

Restaurants close to a city’s landmarks are often tourist traps – overpriced and inauthentic. But that’s not true of the eateries around Rome’s Trevi Fountain. Here's our pick of the best.Il[...]

Taking Self Care To The Skies: Qantas Lets You Meditate In Virtual Reality

Friday  02:51,   18 may 2018

"Inflight meditation" sounds like it might be an April Fool's gag, but it is legit. Qantas announced the expansion of its entertainment offering today, including a video series of guided meditations. But that's not all - Apple Music,[...]

Seven careers that involve travelling for work: We speak to seven people who travel for a living

Wednesday  07:06,   16 may 2018

For everyone there is a downside. So, do we feel sorry for them? Um … not really … BROOKE KENDRICK, 21, Air New Zealand Mid-Haul Flight AttendantIn a typical year I'd be travelling for my job for... 120 flying hours a month, which by my calculations [...]

How Traveling With My Mom Made Her My Best Friend

Wednesday  04:32,   16 may 2018

How Traveling With My Mom Made Her My Best FriendIt’s a preference she didn’t realize she had until we climbed the tiny, winding staircase of our boutique Paris hotel four years ago, exhausted from our first red-eye and in desperate need of a[...]

How Moleskine transformed the humble notebook into a travel essential

Wednesday  04:31,   16 may 2018

A blank notebook extends an invitation to preserve ideas and memories freely, but a Moleskine notebook transforms a humble piece of stationery into a travel essential.It all started with a trip to Australia. It was the mid-1980s, and English travel[...]

Record 72 million tourists came to Orlando last year

Wednesday  00:51,   16 may 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Even though Hurricane Irma forced the closures of its theme parks and airports and filled its hotels with displaced evacuees, a record-setting 72 million tourists still flocked to the Orlando area last year, tourism officials said[...]

Jane Seymour’s Travel Pet Peeves Are Totally Relatable

Tuesday  08:01,   15 may 2018

Jane Seymour shares all her travel tips and picks.“I crave adventure and get bored very quickly,” Seymour told Travel + Leisure. “Right now, I’m preparing for a new movie and doing a fair bit of public speaking. I just never[...]

Share Checked Luggage With Your Travel Companion In Case A Bag Gets Lost

Tuesday  07:13,   15 may 2018

This week a friend of mine made a suggestion I was surprised I hadn't thought of before - splitting your checked items across two suitcases with a friend. The idea behind this is this if one of you lose your suitcase, you both will still have[...]

This aeroplane will change travel forever

Tuesday  06:32,   15 may 2018

This new aircraft can fly further than any other aircraft ever built. © MediaWorks NZThe Ultra Long Range A350 XWV is the latest edition to the A350 family. Singapore Airlines have so-far ordered seven of them; some will be used on what will become[...]

Airplane hacks for more economy comfort

Tuesday  06:31,   15 may 2018

Find out how secret buttons and clever choices will make your economy flight much more comfortable.We have some good news for[...]

Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on

Tuesday  03:06,   15 may 2018

Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-onThere's one major reason this method is a problem: On completely booked flights, airlines may try to expedite the boarding process by asking passengers to check their bags gateside. Some with[...]

All aboard the Titanic... again

Tuesday  01:00,   15 may 2018

More people have been to space than to the site of the infamous sunken wreckage.Deep-sea exploration company Oceangate is charging tourists more than US$100,000 each for a chance to join its planned submarine missions to the[...]

Avoid Pre-Holiday Anxiety With Our Travel Tip Checklist

Monday  08:10,   14 may 2018

Nothing's worse than that sinking feeling you get when you head off on your adventure and remember you left something important at home. Keep your angst to a minimum and use this handy travel checklist.Read through everything here so you don't[...]

Carbon footprint of global tourism significantly underestimated: study

Monday  08:10,   14 may 2018

Global tourism is reportedly responsible for eight percent of global greenhouse emissions, double of what was previously thought.The findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, show that the environmental impact of[...]