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Travel Comment: Watch out Europe. Winter is coming. And so are the Australians

16:31  12 june  2018
16:31  12 june  2018 Source:

An Underwater Restaurant is Coming To Europe

  An Underwater Restaurant is Coming To Europe *Books flight immediately*

Cold weather is coming to Europe at greater speed than its leadership’s ability to make critical decisions. Coming here we have found out that one country after the other are closing their borders. With winter just around the corner, what will happen to us?

52 Comments . Mary @ Green Global Travel October 8, 2014. In that case Europe in winter would be the perfect choice for you! Christmas is coming up and there’ll be so many different deals you can snatch up.

Stand by for your social media feed to be filled with posts from Aussies in Europe. © Shutterstock Stand by for your social media feed to be filled with posts from Aussies in Europe.

The temperature is dropping and heating bills are starting to rise. It is the time of year for that truly amazing natural phenomenon: the annual migration of Australians to Europe.

In recent years, the exodus has reached staggering proportions. So have the accompanying social media posts.

The specific migration patterns change from year to year. Ever popular places such as Paris and Rome are being edged out by the new destinations like Croatia and Lisbon.

And it’s no longer enough to take a couple of happy snaps in front of the main tourist attractions. Photos of you pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa just aren’t going to cut it. "Undiscovered" pristine beaches, quaint towns and street-food are the new trends, each traveller vying to have the most "authentic" Euro experience and gain dominance in the harsh world of social media likes.

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Copenhagen. One of my favourite winter cities came as a surprise to me and although the skies were fairly grey, the city itself came alive in winter . 29 Comments . As an Australian , being in Europe during winter is a huge novelty because we so rarely see snow here!

Winter Festivals Around Australia Worth Coming out of Hibernation For. When I'm not travelling or writing about it I can be found out and about with friends, curled up at home with a good book or watching an addictive tv show promising I'll stop after one more Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

Bonus points if you complain about how touristy a place has gotten, completely ignoring the fact you’re an actual tourist.

Of course, you will need to carefully select a filter to disguise your sunburn and you may want to crop out the drink you’re holding that seems to be in every picture. You don’t want people to think you’re only dragging your alcohol-ravaged body out of the Airbnb to take a few snaps at the place with most cultural capital before you head to the nearest bar.

Of course, for the majority of us an annual trip to The Continent is not fiscally viable. So when it’s your turn to take part in the mass migration it’s important to free up a lot of space on your phone. It’s imperative to document every second of the holiday then when  you miss a season because you have to, you know, work and pay bills, you have enough pics that you can spend the long cold winter posting #throwbacks and #takemeback posts.

The poor man’s version is a holiday to the Gold Coast. But we all know you just went up there for the long weekend and you’re not on a five-week cultural journey where you drink home brew with Olaf on his family farm that doesn’t even have a sealed road.

This year the first wave of travelling antipodeans is due to arrive slightly earlier than usual, due to the World Cup. So fire up the old Instagram, and wait for nature to take its course.

Watch out Europe. Winter is coming. And the Aussies will be arriving. #europe2018

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'There is no cure': 800,000 Australians suffer 'distressing' condition .
"People are always saying 'stop scratching'. You feel like slapping them and saying 'don't bloody well tell me to stop scratching'."It wasn't. But the questions, the pain, the discomfort and the relentless itchiness -  his eczema first appeared as spots on his face nine years ago, spread to his hands and is now all over his body -  meant he'd often stay home.

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