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Avoid Pre-Holiday Anxiety With Our Travel Tip Checklist

  Avoid Pre-Holiday Anxiety With Our Travel Tip Checklist Nothing's worse than that sinking feeling you get when you head off on your adventure and remember you left something important at home. Keep your angst to a minimum and use this handy travel checklist.Read through everything here so you don't forget anything when you're leaving for vacation.

But really, neither should ever be kept in your wallet — even on days when you need to use them. When you 're out of the country, put your passport in the hotel safe and walk around with only a photocopy. Why renting a home may be better than buying. Erin McKelle.

Key tip: don't put your passport in the back pocket. Only carry what you need and keep valuables in a secure pocket. If you have a bag or case, never let it out of your sight. Be more alert in crowds and wary of anyone getting too close.

Australian passport in mans jeans pocket. © Getty Australian passport in mans jeans pocket. When going through airport security, most people show up with their passport and keep it on them until the gate. But there’s one rookie mistake many travellers make while boarding the plane: putting their passports in their carry-on luggage.

There's one major reason this method is a problem: On completely booked flights, airlines may try to expedite the boarding process by asking passengers to check their bags gateside. Some with larger suitcases may be forced to leave their bags at the gate to make space in the overhead compartments. Earlier this year in Europe, budget airline Ryanair introduced a new rule requiring those with basic fares to check their luggage at the gate.

15 Travel Hacks You Need For Your Next Trip

  15 Travel Hacks You Need For Your Next Trip The one travel hack nearly everyone agrees on? Avoid checking a bag at all costs! Sometimes you simply have to, but one of the most common tips from expert travelers is to bring your luggage on board in order to avoid lost or damaged baggage, baggage delays, and general travel nuisances. Reddit users from all over the world offered tips and hacks based on what they've learned through their own extensive travels, so read on and wise up before your next trip.Make your baggage stand out with tape. "I put coloured tape on all the corners of my checked luggage.

5 Reasons You Should Never Put Your Phone In Your Back Pocket. By carrying your phone in your back pocket, you ’re more likely to break it from sitting on it, dropping it in the toilet or dropping it on the ground and cracking the screen, according to All You .

Which is why you should keep your vacay on track by keeping your necessities within reach at all times. Here's what you should always pack in your carry - on , no matter what. I like to travel with a passport just in case I want to check out a nearby country on my vacation, like when I hopped over to

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No matter the reason, travelers are leaving their passports in their carry-ons and finding themselves in jams at their destinations.

Not every airport is equipped to give you back your gate-checked luggage at the destination gate. Sometimes it will go through handling and you’ll only be able to recover it at the baggage carousel after customs — which you need a passport to pass through.

“I had to wait behind the line at the desk until a friend brought me my passport. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise,” one traveller who was separated from his passport told The Telegraph. “Airlines should tell you to keep your passport with you when they take your bag.”

Passengers in this predicament are at the whims of airline or airport employees and border control officers.

Moral of the story: Always keep your passport by your side.

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