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Do Not Make the Mistake of Booking a One-Way International Flight - Here's Why

  Do Not Make the Mistake of Booking a One-Way International Flight - Here's Why Have you ever dreamed of booking a one-way ticket abroad and never looking back? The thought of an indefinite adventure may seem thrilling, but in reality you're likely to run into trouble. Aside from the possibility of running out of funds or ending up stranded without a place to stay, you might not even get past the gate without a return flight. Certain countries won't grant entrance to travelers without proof of return or onward travel to control illegal immigration. Many airlines serve as the first line of defense for this policy and will not even allow you on board without return-ticket confirmation.

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Today we teamed up with our holy grail travel duo Damon + Jo to bring you some easy travel DIYs and some of their fav travel hacks . 25 Travel Hacks You NEED to Know! |

a close up of some shoes© POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd The one travel hack nearly everyone agrees on? Avoid checking a bag at all costs! Sometimes you simply have to, but one of the most common tips from expert travelers is to bring your luggage on board in order to avoid lost or damaged baggage, baggage delays, and general travel nuisances. Reddit users from all over the world offered tips and hacks based on what they've learned through their own extensive travels, so read on and wise up before your next trip.

  1. Make your baggage stand out with tape. "I put coloured tape on all the corners of my checked luggage. It makes identifying your luggage at the carousel so much easier. Duct tape sells lots of distinctive patterns, or painter's tape if you're cheap," said Reddit user imperfectchicken.
  2. Always try to carry on your luggage instead of checking it! "Any time you can, travel with a carry-on only. Not only do airlines charge for your first checked bag fairly often now, but you also don't risk having your luggage lost. A lot of people won't travel with a carry-on because they think you can't bring enough liquids or essentials like contact solution and razors," says Reddit user emellee89. "Anything like contact solution is considered medicated though so you can bring a large bottle and not have it count towards liquids. As far as razors, you can bring the ones where you can't remove the individual blade, so anything disposable or where the head is disposable is fine."
  3. Have a copy of your passport and important documents. Photocopy or take a photo on your phone of your passport/other documents, or have images of them saved somewhere on the Cloud or Dropbox so that if you lose anything important, you'll have backup copies.
  4. Have backup clothes in your carry-on if you check a bag. Pack a complete outfit in your carry-on. Delayed baggage is common and it's best to ensure you have backup clothes so you can at least wash them without having to hang around a hotel in a robe half of the day just to have some clean underwear. "Don't forget to ask the airline what they offer for delayed luggage compensation on the spot," says Reddit user Colonel-of-Truth. "You can usually get at least a first-class toiletry/travel kit (especially for international travel); if they already know your bag will be delayed at least overnight, you might be able to get reimbursed for the purchase of a change of clothes (obviously ask first, and keep your receipt. They should give you a claim form.)"
  5. You can use your phone's GPS even if you don't have data. If you're travelleing internationally, you may not have data or service, but there are ways to access your GPS/get directions even without WiFi or data. "GPS doesn't use cell towers to parse location; it uses satellites. No data required, bit of a battery hog though. I download terrain maps and use GPS sometimes when I'm out backpacking in the wilderness and need a quick fix on my position," says Redditor heartbeats. You can use Google Maps to do this, as well as CityMaps2Go app, Caltopo, and
  6. Travel quickly in expensive places; take your time in cheaper ones. If you are traveling for an extended period of time to different places, consider spending more time in the less expensive areas so that you can see something new while saving on hotels, food, and activities.
  7. Know how to get back to where you're staying at all times. "You always have to know how to get back to your hotel, hostel, etc. Make it your first priority or else you end up lost," says Reddit user phaylinsok. If you stray far from your home base, always keep the address on you in case you don't speak the language and need to ask for help by showing somewhere where you're trying to go. If the hotel has a card, take one and keep it with you!
  8. Post your rough itinerary on r/travel before your trip. "Before you travel anywhere post a rough itinerary and ask for suggestions. You'll get awesome tips from people that have been there and might suggest some towns you might not have ever heard of. Obviously you'll get some people who have negative things to say but filter that out and do your own research and see what tips apply to you," said Reddit user mosdefinite09.
  9. Pack a backup compass. Don't always rely on technology to steer you in the right direction; technology can fail you. "I carry a $10 compass, thankful for it 10 times a day," says cosine5000. It's always smart to have a contingency plan.
  10. Know the weather before you go. Being unprepared for bad weather can make a great trip go wrong quickly. Make sure you know what temperatures to expect, and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you while you're traveling so that you can soak up the sun (or shelter yourself from the rain) wherever you go.
  11. Be flexible and keep an open mind. "When travelleing, allow yourself to be flexible. Have general ideas of things you want to do and places you want to go to, but keep an open mind. You will meet people that will give you advice on places to go and things not to be missed, and from my experience, theses are always the best," said Reddit user AndreeAnneP.
  12. Bring extra battery packs!. Bring backup portable battery chargers so that you can power up your devices no matter where you are/how long you've been away from an outlet.
  13. Get your body on the time of the your destination. One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to set your clock for the time of your destination and start to acclimate to that zone. "Once the plane takes off, set clocks to destination time. Try to stay awake until something like a normal bedtime at your destination (this will be easy or hard depending on direction of travel and the time you leave)," said Reddit user LaunchAllVipers.
  14. Keep your essential medicines with you in your carry-on. "Pack up a small first-aid kit that includes pain meds, anti-diahhrial, laxatives, Benedryl, cold meds, Tums, sore throat treatment, bandages, disinfectant, and other things you'd want if you were sick and didn't have easy access to them. Always keep this in your bag," says mdowney.
  15. Look at everything as an adventure. "Things will go wrong. Museums will be on strike, trains will break down, you'll forget to pack something you always bring. It is far better to look at these things as opportunities to change plans and do something different," says Redditor RioOnTheWestrnFront. "Going into every situation with that attitude makes a major difference in having a bad day and having a funny story to tell when you get home.Slideshow:

Slideshow: 11 ways to save time, effort and money when traveling

Use This Travel Time Map To Pick Your Next Hotel

  Use This Travel Time Map To Pick Your Next Hotel When you go on a trip, you usually want to stay somewhere central, with easy access to a few local destinations. a conference centre, a few restaurants, a fun neighbourhood. You can't just eyeball a map. Travel times depend on more than just distance; they rely on street layout, highways and public transit. You could test each travel time on Google Maps, but sometimes you just want to see one big map of everywhere you can go in an hour. For that, try TravelTime Maps.

Easy travel and moving hacks . 25 BEST LIFE HACKS FOR YOUR GADGETS - Продолжительность: 15 :16 5-Minute Crafts 14 686 973 просмотра.

Reddit users from all over the world offered tips and hacks based on what they've learned through their own extensive travels , so read on and wise up before your next trip . 25 Essentials Every Mom Needs on a Long Road Trip With Kids. by Kate McKenna 1 hour ago. Personal Essay.

Don't be too impulsive - compare!: When booking flights or holiday accommodation it is easy to let common sense fly out the window. Perhaps it's the prospect of the soon-approaching holiday or that you've already decided to embrace the care-free impulsive mentality you intend to adopt once abroad, but it's vital to stay focused and not to pick the first flight or hotel that you see. This is where comparison websites come into play, as their travel engine searches are guaranteed to be faster and more accurate than you could ever be. What's more they now cover hotels, flights, car hire and insurance, promising the cheapest deals for all of your travel booking needs. 11 ways to save time, effort and money when traveling

9 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Travelling .
<p>So how do you make sure your travel plans are as sustainable as possible? Here are some recommendations.</p>However, the impact of an increasingly popular need to travel the world has taken its toll on the planet. A new study has found that tourism makes up 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The top three things that contribute to this were found to be transport, shopping and food.

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