Travel How I Learned to Travel While Managing My Mental Health

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How social media is connecting people living with illness

  How social media is connecting people living with illness Turning to the internet for medical advice can be a bad idea. But what about turning to Facebook to find others going through the same thing as you?"When it comes to endometriosis, there's a lot of people that think they understand or think it's only a 'small' disease that affects you a couple of days a month," she said.

But a lot has changed since then, and over the last 36 years I 've learned how to manage my health . And, as a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), I help I traveled with a dancing tour group and we went as far as Australia. In addition to learning new steps, I made lasting friendships.

How Does Acquiring a New Disability Affect Mental Health ? What Is Second-Hand Anxiety? It happens. Buffer your travel budget so you can treat yourself in case one springs up while you’re travelling .

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Travel can mean different things to different people. For me, travel is a lifeline, taking me out of my day-to-day and breaking a routine that can, at times, feel stifling. Travel encourages me to open my heart and mind, ensuring that I never return the same as I left. Upon returning from a trip, I often feel like I have shed a few old layers of my person, emerging renewed and refreshed.

In my life, travel is a form of therapy, providing a canvas upon which to unfurl various facets of myself. But travel isn't my only therapy.

I have been in talk therapy on-and-off since I was a kid, and I struggle with depression and anxiety. While in the thick of my struggles as a teenager, leaving home for months by myself to travel to faraway lands where I knew no one wouldn't have been realistic. Thankfully, through baby steps and trial and error, I now feel capable of embarking on international adventures while preserving my mental balance.

The Pros And Cons Of Yo-Yo Dieting

  The Pros And Cons Of Yo-Yo Dieting Many of us have lost weight to feel better about our bodies before donning a bathing suit for a beach holiday, or getting into that just-too-tight outfit for a special occasion. But old habits die hard, and before we know it we’ve started eating that chocolate cake and stopped going to the gym. Soon after losing the weight, we find ourselves back where we started – or worse. This is called yo-yoing.Our research, published recently in the journal Preventive Medicine, set out to investigate whether yo-yoing results in more weight gain long term.

traveling , depression, mental health . I ’ve always wanted to travel the world. Managing depression can be even more difficult while you’re on the road. Learning How to Fly a Plane Gave Me the Confidence to Change My Life. The more comfortable I became inside the cockpit, the more confident

I learned how to manage my medication when eight hours of my day has been deleted. A successful study abroad experience often requires preparation, which includes planning so your mental health needs will be met while abroad.

Travel can be therapeutic, but it also can be immensely anxiety-provoking. Like most things in life, there are pros and cons. Travel is freeing and exciting, but it can also be tough at times. Confronting new environments and experiences can be daunting, especially if you struggle with anxiety like I do. It's easy to endlessly worry about what will happen during your trip. Safety, comfort, and meeting basic daily needs are all reasonable concerns, but at the same time, you can't let your emotions take you hostage and dictate your trip.

The biggest challenges I faced occurred while I was travelling alone. It can be hard to be alone; it took me a few tries to really begin to enjoy it. You need to have a level of self-confidence that I once lacked. But once you do begin to enjoy it, successfully travelling alone is deeply rewarding. Being alone means you are responsible for yourself, a burden that can get heavy at times.

The best month of the year for travelling anywhere

  The best month of the year for travelling anywhere This is the sweet spot for affordability and comfort.Here's the deal: there is no "best day of the week" to book an airline ticket. At least, not one that's statistically significant. Book your flights on a Thursday, book them on a Saturday, or book them on a Monday. It doesn't matter.

Taking care of mental health while traveling is possible. Mental illness wasn’t something that I was familiar with nor was it something that had ever been discussed in my family, but over time I learned from research, experience, and professional support how to best manage my moods so that I could

They recognize how important mental health is to academic success and therefore, respond with sensitivity A recent trend on college campuses has been to hire case managers to assist students with managing campus life while learning to cope with a mental illness or other adjustment issues.

There is no one else to rely on, and that lack of options can be stressful. It also means you can get into your own head, living in a bubble of your own thoughts and experiences without outside interaction to interrupt. What is most important is to remember is that you are stronger than you know, capable of facing any challenge that comes your way.

4 Surprising Lessons I Learned by Trying the Keto Diet

  4 Surprising Lessons I Learned by Trying the Keto Diet The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a low-carb, medium-protein, and high-fat diet. It was first developed in the 1920s as a way to treat children with severe epilepsy. As a small side effect, it also helped with losing weight. Being on the ketogenic diet, and therefor being in ketosis, teaches your body to burn fat cells for energy instead of burning the carbs and sugars. Needless to say, it sparked my attention. My mother-in-law swears by this diet. Every couple of months, she will be on "her" diet, losing those 6 kilos in a matter of weeks.

Take inventory of your current mental health while traveling so you can be aware of any potential issues What's the answer to how to stay healthy while traveling abroad? Here are some tips! Travel should get you outside your comfort zone so you can learn new things about yourself and who

It's important to plan ways to manage your mental health while traveling . Here are a few strategies and tools I use to stay mentally well while on the road. Read more: Traveling with Depression: How I Should Have Prepared.

Everything you need is already within you. With a little prep work, like the tips ahead, you can make sure you're setting yourself up for success.

  1. If you take medications, make sure you have more than enough in clearly labelled pill bottles. Be sure you will have enough for your trip before it's too late.
  2. If you see a therapist, make arrangements with them. How do you plan to be in touch with them? Tell them you will be away if you are missing a session. Inquire if they would be willing to do a Skype or phone session, or if you can text them.
  3. If you begin to feel anxious during your trip, how are you going to calm down? Think about some strategies that may be useful. Going for a walk, meditation, or deep breathing exercises are all good places to start.
  4. Bring something that gives you comfort, like a lotion with a soft scent you like, your favourite short book, or a cosy sweatshirt.
  5. Put thought into packing as a way to prevent future stress. Think about outfits instead of packing individual pieces and make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable and relaxed.
  6. Journals can be a helpful place to store your thoughts when you don't have anyone else to talk to if you are travelling alone.
  7. Consider getting a local SIM card if you think it will be helpful to have the option to contact someone at home. Especially if I'm travelling alone, I like to have a working cell phone so I don't feel totally isolated.
  8. Be realistic with your itinerary and don't over-plan. Give yourself ample time and space to do what you want to do. If you are on a big trip and travelling around a region, cushion travel times so you're not at risk of missing a connection. Don't beat yourself up if you can't get to everything you had hoped — there is always next time.

Why is Khloe Kardashian's latest campaign 'problematic'? .
The reality TV star's 'Khlo-C-D' organisation tutorials have been seen to trivialise mental illness.Killer selfies and carefully constructed social media profiles are the very currency of the Kardashians.

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