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The perfect family holiday destination: A complete guide to your Cayman Islands getaway.

Tuesday  03:22,   12 december 2017

Planning a family holiday to the Cayman Islands? Well, that’s definitely the right choice if you want to make the holiday equally entertaining for all the members of your family, kids and adults alike. The only “negative” thing is that[...]

The Safest Seat On A Plane, According To Studies Of Crash Data

Tuesday  03:06,   12 december 2017

Where is the safest[...]

Melania Trump Said She Wants To Spend Christmas On A Deserted Island

Tuesday  02:06,   12 december 2017

Melania Trump said she wants to spend Christmas on a deserted island and twitter reacted in a very supportive way.First Lady, Melania Trump has been the subject of much scrutiny since her husband was elected into office. From that viral inauguration [...]

Australia adventure travel trips: The 10 most epic journeys

Tuesday  00:06,   12 december 2017

If it's adventure you crave – a big, exciting adventure, the sort that will take weeks to experience and a whole lifetime to forget – then Australia is your country. It doesn't even matter what sort of activity you prefer, whether it's on the[...]

This Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Full-time — and Now Their Careers Are Taking Off

Tuesday  00:05,   12 december 2017
Travel + Leisure

At this point, taking your work on the road and traveling the world is not a new concept. They’ve been traveling and supporting themselves through digital marketing work since 2014. But about 10 months into their nomadic lifestyle, they[...]

How To Survive A Plane Crash

Monday  07:41,   11 december 2017
Lifehacker Australia

Plane travel is incredibly safe -- your odds of dying on a commercial flight are about one in 11 million -- but accidents still happen and travellers sometimes make it to a different kind of final destination. Plane travel is incredibly[...]

Major airlines are taking on the biggest threat to their business -- and it's great for consumers

Monday  07:41,   11 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Low-cost carriers accounted for 28% of all passengers traffic in 2016. It's a percentage that's still growing. The rise of low-cost carriers has disrupted an industry traditionally dominated by major legacy carriers.Over the past two[...]

What Causes Turbulence?

Monday  07:37,   11 december 2017
Mental Floss

It's a lot less scary than it feels.But turbulence, whether it's a small bump or a stomach-flipping drop, is nothing to get shaken up about. It's a normal part of flying through the ever-shifting[...]

Expert Travel Tips From The Points Guy That Will Save You on Your Next Trip

Monday  04:35,   11 december 2017

When it comes to all things travel, Brian Kelly – aka The Points Guy – knows a thing or two. We spoke with the travel site's CEO and founder to get some of his best tips on maximising your flight experience this holiday and beyond. Kelly[...]

How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

Sunday  04:50,   10 december 2017
Huffington Post UK

A Round-The-World (RTW) trip may be on the bucket list for each one of us. Yet, travelling itself can be an expensive hobby. So how exactly do thousands of people travel the world each year? So how exactly do thousands of people travel the[...]

San Francisco rent is so expensive that a law firm bought a $3 million plane to fly its people in from Texas instead of having them live there

Saturday  04:22,   09 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

San Francisco's median rent is $US4,450, nearly three times that in Houston. Instead of hiring expensive talent in the Bay Area, one Houston-based law firm flies its lawyers in on a private jet once a month to meet with clients.Patterson and[...]

Transport for tourists around the world: 10 cool forms of transport you need to try

Saturday  04:22,   09 december 2017

If you have a passion for transport plus a thirst for adventure, there are far more interesting ways to get around the world. These are forms of transport that are often unique to their country of origin, and a ride on them is as much a part of the[...]

Taking your dog to a hotel: Why can't Australians bring their dogs on holidays?

Friday  06:10,   08 december 2017

When the French go travelling, they think nothing of having the pooch in a pouch. They take them on planes and into hotel rooms.When the French go travelling, they think nothing of having the pooch in a pouch. They take them on planes, and into[...]

Airports offering free city tours during long stopovers

Friday  03:21,   08 december 2017
Woman's Day

Don't dread your stopover, use it to explore with these 6 free tours.We've all had to endure an uncomfortable nap on those rigid airport chairs, usually while surrounded by your belongings and trying to soothe exhausted travel[...]

Singapore Airlines changed a US flight route because of North Korean missile launches

Friday  03:10,   08 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Singapore Airlines has changed its flight route between the South Korean capital of Seoul and Los Angeles because of North Korean missile tests. The changes have been in place since July.Since July, Singapore Airlines has altered the route of its[...]