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These 3 Very Simple Hacks Will Change How You Travel Forever

Saturday  06:27,   24 june 2017

Frequent travellers know how to prep for security, we know carrying our bags onto the plane is better than checking them, and we have packing down to a science. We've heard all the basic tips for making a trip as smooth as can be, but there are[...]

Your airplane meal is really not as healthy as you hope it is

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017

We can’t think of anything worst tasting than an airplane meal but to top it all off the top of calories in one of those bad boys is absolutely eye watering. A new book Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating by Professor Charles Spence[...]

How to Take a $7,000 First-class Flight for $76

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017
Travel + Leisure

Getting to take a 10-day vacation for under $100 seems like a dream, but for travel blogger Sam Huang that fantasy recently became a reality when he traveled from Jakarta to Tokyo in first class accommodations for just $76. Huang was[...]

This 16 year old is Australia's youngest pilot. Thanks to 20,000 cupcakes.

Friday  09:38,   23 june 2017

The 16-year-old achieved her dream this week, becoming Australia’s youngest pilot, and she got there by baking and selling around 20,000 cupcakes. The 16-year-old achieved her dream this week, becoming Australia’s youngest pilot, and she[...]

Flight Centre Turner Report 2017: Australians who travel the most revealed

Friday  09:21,   23 june 2017

The Australian suburb with the most well-travelled residents has been revealed in a new report. According to new data from Flight Centre, residents from the affluent suburb of North Sydney – postcode 2060 – are the most travelled Australians in the[...]

It’s so hot in Phoenix that airplanes can’t fly

Friday  04:45,   23 june 2017
The Washington Post

A record-breaking heat wave is sweeping the Southwest.There are certain truths that accompany summer in Phoenix: Triple-digit temperatures persist well past sundown. It’s not considered abnormal to drive with oven mitts or ice packs in the car. And[...]

Airbus Reveals Design to Give Passengers More Room

Thursday  07:55,   22 june 2017
Travel + Leisure

Airbus has plans to make airplane cabins more passenger-friendly, whether you’re traveling on their largest or their smallest aircraft. The big news for passengers from the Paris Air Show happening this week is that the aircraft manufacturer is[...]

Australian dies of rare mosquito-borne disease after visiting Thailand

Thursday  06:11,   22 june 2017
ABC News

A Victorian man who visited Phuket for 10 days last month and struggled to stay awake after returning home dies from Japanese encephalitis. It is understood to be only the 10th case of the disease recorded in Australia since 2001 and one of [...]

Help Us Pick Even Better Names For Qantas' New Planes

Thursday  03:11,   22 june 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Earlier in the<g class="gr_ gr_6 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="6" id="6">year,</g> Qantas asked the public to help them name their new 787-9[...]

And the world's new No.1 airline for 2017 is ...

Thursday  03:06,   22 june 2017

Qatar Airways was tabbed as the world's best airline in 2017, according to the annual World Airline Awards published by Skytrax.&nbsp;Qatar Airways was tabbed as the world's best airline in 2017, according to the annual World Airline Awards[...]

Honeymooners left sleeping on airport floor after saving a flight from disaster.

Wednesday  05:41,   21 june 2017

A newlywed couple <g class="gr_ gr_9 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="9" id="9">have</g> spoken of their deplorable treatment after they discovered fuel was leaking[...]

Flight Attendants Say Angry Passengers Are Creating a Big Safety Problem on Planes

Wednesday  04:20,   21 june 2017

The fury has died down, but the rash of viral confrontations on airplanes is still very much on flight attendants’ minds.&nbsp;Several flight attendants who spoke to TIME said they have seen colleagues ignore unbuckled belts, incorrectly placed[...]

Gold Coast theme parks to get the Disneyland treatment

Wednesday  03:05,   21 june 2017

The Gold Coast's theme park precinct is being remodelled with Disneyland's Anaheim district as the inspiration, in a move that would mean families can holiday closer to the attractions. Gold Coast theme parks are a popular tourist[...]

This easy packing hack will ensure your toiletries never spill in your suitcase ever again.

Wednesday  02:52,   21 june 2017

Let’s face it: There’s nothing more irritating than finally arriving at your hotel, only to open your suitcase to find your shampoo, conditioner, face wash and foundation has leaked all over your clothes. (Except perhaps losing all your money on one [...]

There's A Hotel In Milan With 24-Karat Gold Bedsheets

Tuesday  03:07,   20 june 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Stolen bed sheets are part and parcel of running a hotel business. Somehow I reckon Milan's TownHouse Galleria would be extra put-out by people pilfering its linen, mainly because it isn't linen, but gold. Woven 24-karat gold, to be precise. [...]