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Woman 'Chinning' Her Way Around The World Is Our New Body Image Hero

Tuesday  04:50,   17 october 2017
Huffington Post UK

Instagram is full of carefully crafted images, with filters and flattering angles left, right and centre.But one travel blogger, Michelle Liu, is reminding us all to rediscover our sense of humour and stick two fingers up to society’s beauty[...]

Why backpackers aren't as fun as they used to be

Tuesday  02:56,   17 october 2017

Backpackers used to be better. They used to be more fun. They used to be more adventurous, wilder, and bigger risk-takers.Still, I get the feeling that backpackers used to be better. They used to be more fun. They used to be more adventurous,[...]

Turn On Closed Captioning When You Watch A Movie On A Plane - For Your Neighbours

Tuesday  01:41,   17 october 2017
Lifehacker Australia

We've all been there. You get on a plane, determined to work or read a book or even just sleep, yet somehow instead you spend hours of your travel time entranced by the movie on your neighbour's screen. We've all been there. You get [...]

Qantas closes in on dream of ultra-long-haul direct flights

Monday  06:06,   16 october 2017
Sydney Morning Herald

The world's two biggest aircraft makers are "up for the challenge" of designing planes capable of flying non-stop from Australia's east coast to far-flung destinations including New York and London, Qantas says. Establishing direct [...]

The world's most underrated and overrated travel experiences

Monday  05:20,   16 october 2017

The problem with dream experiences is that millions of others may share your dream.It's tempting, of course, to do the whirlwind tour, to attempt to see as much of the world as possible in the small amount of time allotted to you, to blast through[...]

10 Surprising Ways to Save Money in Europe

Monday  05:20,   16 october 2017

 If you're planning a trip to Europe on a budget, chances are you'll get a lot of advice on how to save money. If you're planning a trip to Europe on a budget, chances are you'll get a lot of advice on how to save money.[...]

Lacaula Island, Fiji resort: The island with a $US10,000 landing fee

Monday  04:35,   16 october 2017

Laucala is among the world's most exclusive resorts. It's where the mega-rich come to play.Instead of my name, Inise's reception board could just as easily have said: Welcome to the world of the super-rich. What brings the wealthy and famous [...]

What One Mom Learned From Going Against Everyone's Travel Advice

Monday  01:40,   16 october 2017
Travel + Leisure

<p>Maybe our keepsakes were once part of the early attempt at the pyramid behind us, or maybe engineers from five millennia ago cast them aside.</p>Foolish? Perhaps. Defiant? Yes. Even with terror attacks and unrest in the Middle East[...]

12 Best Travel Spots For 20-Somethings

Sunday  07:15,   15 october 2017

Travelling doesn't come with an expiration date, but there are cities around the world that are better to see in your 20s. Whether it's affordability or bustling nightlife you're looking for, it's best to cross off destinations that[...]

Man busts out into song at airport gate

Sunday  06:31,   15 october 2017

Here's one way to pass time as you wait to board your flight. The man busts out the song while dancing in front of the check-in desk, while the staff enthusiastically danced back.It wasn't long before other travellers started to feel the[...]

What You Don't Get To See When Your Plane Is Landing

Sunday  06:31,   15 october 2017

There’s no better window seat than the one in the cockpit. Qatar Airways Captain Sandeep Varma posted a mesmerizing video to Twitter last week documenting a plane landing at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand, one of the world’s most scenic[...]

Latest gee-whiz cruise ship feature: A suite with a slide between floors

Saturday  06:00,   14 october 2017

The biggest cruise ship in the world will have what just might be the most spectacular family suite at sea.&nbsp;Royal Caribbean on Wednesday said its soon-to-debut Symphony of the Seas will boast an "ultimate family suite" that spreads over two [...]

Family booted from Southwest flight over 'rowdy' kids, parents say

Friday  06:26,   13 october 2017
FOX News

“We don’t even know what we did wrong,” the father says.That evening, Erin Gatling and Craig Schilling took to Facebook Live to share the details of the traveling nightmare. Situated in Chicago’s Midway International Airport, with their 3-year-old[...]

These flights to Hawaii are less than $250

Friday  06:25,   13 october 2017
Now To Love

Jetstar's Beach Breaks sale has got us excited - that's because it includes economy flights from Sydney to Honolulu for just $249. The cheap tickets (as always), come with a few catches. When they sell out there are no more, the first[...]

How To Plan A Trip To See An Aurora

Friday  03:52,   13 october 2017
Lifehacker Australia

It can feel nearly impossible to you access a sense of wonder in today's all-the-information-any-time-you-want-it environment, but the answer, I find, is often in the natural world.&nbsp;Whether it's feeling the strange cool breeze that[...]