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What it’s like to be a professional Santa Claus

Tuesday  23:36,   27 december 2016

Brian Marchetti has arrived at Chick-fil-A, and the first thing he must do is park where nobody will see him. Over the past month, the 50-year-old Baltimorean has undergone a fantastic transformation. Over the past month, the 50-year-old[...]

The best men's haircut for every face shape

Tuesday  04:36,   20 december 2016

Every man has, at one point or another, sat down in the barber's chair and been asked, "What'll it be today?" We have a recommendation: instead of just saying "the same as last time" or "the usual," take into account your[...]

This is What Bella Hadid Eats Every Day

Sunday  22:20,   18 december 2016

I mean,[...]

How Becoming A Victoria's Secret Angel Changed My Life

Thursday  10:56,   15 december 2016

Growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, I never imagined I would live in New York, and travel to Paris and Milan with the most beautiful women in the world (like the Victoria’s Secret Angels) on private planes. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But before this[...]

Why Meghan Markle reminds the world of Duchess Catherine

Tuesday  19:51,   13 december 2016

<p>It looks like our favourite Prince has found his perfect match and Meghan is going to fit in with the Cambridges perfectly!</p>And now, royal watchers can't help but note how history is repeating itself. Just like big brother Prince[...]

For Paris Hilton, The Juicy Couture Tracksuit Was Never Over

Tuesday  19:51,   13 december 2016

Is there anyone more emblematic of early-aughts fashion than Paris Hilton? Absolutely not. With her technicolor velour tracksuit collection and array of designer shoulder bags, the socialite-turned-television personality is often the first image[...]

Remember 'The Dress'? Now it's the colour of flip flops people can't agree on

Tuesday  19:47,   13 december 2016

Internet users are divided over the colour of the Havaianas flip flops after the picture was posted onlineA Twitter user uploaded a seemingly innocent snap of a pair of Havaianas online this[...]

Marilyn Monroe Was a Secret Artist — Here Are Her Works of Art

Tuesday  19:47,   13 december 2016

She was so much more complex than her cheery blonde public persona.Though she was a muse to photographers and artists during her life - and well after her death in 1962 - a recent auction of Marilyn's belongings revealed a few sketches by the screen [...]

Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her revenge on paparazzi with amazing bikini photos

Tuesday  19:46,   13 december 2016

Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her revenge on paparazzi by sharing her own bikini photosAnd so she had husband Michael Douglas snap some brand new images to share on her social media[...]

Miss Minnesota Contestant Makes History

Tuesday  19:46,   13 december 2016

"I feel like I’m here to bust those misconceptions and stereotypes of Muslim women."And needless to say, she looked absolutely[...]

Pirelli calendar continues the no-makeup movement by featuring barefaced actresses

Tuesday  19:46,   13 december 2016

Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore and 11 other actresses were photographed for the 2017 Pirelli calendar.But this year’s calendar, unveiled Tuesday, is different. German photographer Peter Lindbergh captured 14 actresses not in dazzling[...]

Victoria's Secret Angels stun at spectacular fashion show as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner lead the way

Tuesday  19:46,   13 december 2016

The beautiful models have strutted out at the famous catwalk event.On Thursday, Victoria's Secret took over with its annual extravaganza, and the two friends were front and centre as two of the must-see models for this year's[...]

Was the Victoria's Secret fashion show racist?

Tuesday  19:45,   13 december 2016

The 2016 Victoria's Secret fashion show has been slammed for including an "Oriental" theme.Once again some are accusing the lingerie giant of making money on the back of extreme cultural[...]

These were the 10 most liked Instagrams of 2016

Tuesday  19:41,   13 december 2016

And it looks as if Selena Gomez was pretty popularThe other two belong to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, so clearly there's a new social media power couple in the[...]

You have to see Kate and Wills in their incredibly ugly Christmas jumper

Tuesday  19:40,   13 december 2016

We have to hand it to Madame Tussauds London. Say what you like about them but they know how to cheer up their patrons after a seriously stressful year.&nbsp;Say what you like about them but they know how to cheer up their patrons after a[...]