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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Chosen a Very Fashionable Florist For Their Big Day

Wednesday  08:07,   04 april 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is fast approaching, and while some details will be kept under wraps until the very day, others have already been disclosed. Although the palace didn't specifically mention Meghan's royal[...]

The 1 Styling Tip Kate Middleton May Be Borrowing From Meghan Markle

Wednesday  03:00,   04 april 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge has been at this public figure malarkey for so long now that even the various components of her wardrobe have achieved icon status. The Duchess of Cambridge has been at this public figure malarkey for so long now that even[...]

The Internet Cannot Handle Brooke Shields's Latest Bikini Instagram

Wednesday  01:32,   04 april 2018

She is living her best[...]

Jaden Smith defends decision to wear dresses

Monday  03:30,   02 april 2018

Jaden Smith took to Twitter to shut down people who criticised him for wearing dresses. Find out what he had to sayThe son of Will Smith occasionally dresses in a gender fluid style, and took to Twitter to shut down critics, simply writing: "If I[...]

Why you should get a scalp facial

Friday  11:56,   30 march 2018

If you think about how dirty your body gets over the course of a day, then imagine what your hair and scalp contend with. In the same way that using the right products can help the skin appear younger and brighter, using regular scalp masks [...]

Experts warn women about gel manicures

Friday  03:11,   30 march 2018

UV lamps used to harden gel nail polish emit similar light to carcinogenic UV tanning beds, a group of Irish plastic surgeons have warned.UV nail lamps are frequently used in salons for acrylic gel manicures and emit similar light to carcinogenic UV [...]

Here's what it's like to shop online from Zara -- and how it compares to the in-store experience and The Iconic

Wednesday  06:17,   21 march 2018

Zara launched its online store in Australia last week. The site has the potential to be better than The Iconic. The retailer allows customers to pick up their order to avoid shipping costs.Zara launched its online store in Australia last[...]

This is why your jeans have those tiny pockets at your hips

Friday  02:20,   16 march 2018

Fashion isn’t just about making a statement, it’s about practicality as well. Fashion has to be functional, which is why our trousers have a belt loop, or while runners have[...]

These ‘Little Mermaid’ nails are completely ridiculous

Friday  01:11,   16 march 2018

In a world where pregnant Kylie Jenner manis and pimple popping nails are a thing, any nail art that doesn’t make us WTF, or turn us physically ill, is a breath of fresh air. So when we spotted this Little Mermaid-inspired mani, we were[...]

What Meghan Markle Was Like Before She Met Harry

Thursday  03:06,   15 march 2018

What Meghan Markle Was Like Before She Met HarryNow she's the most Googled woman in the world, but before she became a royal fiancée, Meghan Markle led an accomplished, busy life in her own right. Prince Harry might just be marrying up if you ask[...]

Here's the Sneaky Way Meghan Markle Just Switched Up Her Hair

Wednesday  09:21,   14 march 2018

There was so much to take in during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's trip to Birmingham, England, on March 8. For one, the duchess-to-be donned a J. Crew coat, proving once and for all that blue and black do go together. More poignantly, Meghan [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping Zara Online In Australia

Wednesday  04:05,   14 march 2018

Everything you need to know about shopping Zara online in Australia, from the returns policy to shipping times and costs.This is extremely exciting news for fans of the popular Spanish high street label, especially those who don't live near one of[...]

Meghan Markle made a major fashion faux pas with her coat — and you might be making it too

Wednesday  03:35,   14 march 2018

The bride-to-be overlooked an important detail on her J. Crew coat during an appearance with Prince Harry.Markle's $298 J. Crew coat matched perfectly with Harry's navy outfit, but the Daily Mail pointed out a detail that completely changed the fit[...]

Frida Kahlo Used This Drugstore Brand to Enhance Her Famous Brows

Tuesday  05:11,   13 march 2018

These days, you can spot Revlon products gracing the faces of everyone from Gal Gadot to Ashley Graham, but we bet you'd never guess one of the brand's historical fans. As The Guardian reports, none other than Mexican artist Frida[...]

How Often You Should Really Wash Your Hair, According To Science

Monday  03:35,   12 march 2018

How Often You Should Really Wash Your Hair, According To Science 2. Hair TextureAccording to Columbia University, different hair textures require different treatment. If your hair is on the coarse or curly side, then it doesn't get very oily[...]