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Sold, the saddest wedding suit: PR heavyweight wears half-price £2,000 morning suit that was made for Thomas Markle to wear at Royal Wedding

Sunday  06:06,   24 june 2018

The suit Meghan Markle's father was supposed to wear as he walked her down the aisle has surfaced.To the Royal bride’s great sadness, of course, Thomas Markle never made the trip to Windsor Castle last[...]

6 Fail-Safe Colour Combinations For Winter

Sunday  06:05,   24 june 2018

Having a tough time coming up with new, fresh fashion colour combinations for winter? We've tracked down 6 that will carry you (and your wardrobe) through the colder months.But with the dead of winter looming over us, morning dressing sessions[...]

This is why Meghan Markle wears shoes that are too big

Sunday  02:35,   24 june 2018

Meghan Markle was spotted at Royal Ascot with Prince Harry and The Queen on Wednesday. Fans couldn't stop buzzing about her outfit, specifically her ill-fitting black leather heels.The Duchess of Sussex stepped out in Berkshire, England[...]

Princess Charlotte is already obsessed with fashion – says her dad!

Saturday  06:35,   23 june 2018

Prince William has opened up about little Princess Charlotte's penchant for fashion - find out what he had to sayThe Duchess of Cambridge has previously revealed that Charlotte loves the colour pink, and William confirmed that she would[...]

According to Pinterest, Australians are now 'Glass Skin' obsessed

Saturday  06:00,   23 june 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a literal rock for the last year, you’ll know that Korean skincare is having a BIG moment right now. But it's their hectic 10-step skincare routines — commonly known as the 'Glass Skin' routine — that's had[...]

Ten beauty products to ditch right now

Friday  07:35,   22 june 2018

Ten products that can be consigned to the circular file to free up space for the next beauty instalments. So get chucking.1. Products that have passed their use-by date: mascara that is more than two months old; nail polish that is as thick as mud; [...]

Did Meghan Markle copy Kate Middleton's Royal Ascot look?

Wednesday  11:07,   20 june 2018

There were some serious similarities between the sister-in-laws.Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made their debut appearance at the opening of Royal Ascot their one-month wedding[...]

Even Kate Middleton Has to Wear a Name Tag at the Royal Ascot

Wednesday  03:59,   20 june 2018

It's a peculiar tradition at the Queen's favorite horse-racing event.Full morning dress, including a top hat, is required of men regardless of the heat. But the royals, aside from the Queen and Prince Philip, are often seen wearing another[...]

Meghan Markle Just Wore Givenchy Again at Her First Royal Ascot and She Looks Gorgeous

Tuesday  21:51,   19 june 2018

The Duchess of Sussex looks stunning!The latest event for her to mark of is the Royal Ascot, the annual week of horse races at Britain's best-known racecourses. The Queen, a longtime horse lover, attends the special event, and so do other members of [...]

Princess Diana's Niece Just Wore the Spencer Tiara at Her Wedding

Tuesday  21:11,   19 june 2018

Diana's famous tiara made a stunning wedding appearance.Diana famously wore the Spencer tiara on her wedding day in July 1981. The tiara, a Spencer family heirloom, was a wedding present given to Diana's grandmother Cynthia Spencer, Countess[...]

Chic or shocking? Meghan's £4k floaty wrap dress gets mixed reactions as she and Harry are guests at his cousin's wedding

Tuesday  16:56,   19 june 2018

Perhaps she was keen not to upstage the bride – after all, it's only four weeks since the entire world watched her own wedding. Which may explain the Duchess of Sussex's choice of outfit when she and Prince Harry watched his cousin marry on[...]

How Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle's Royal Styles Line Up

Monday  04:06,   18 june 2018

As duchesses, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's "royal style" is quite different—but the two have worn some very similar outfits for some of their bigger milestones. Here, we compare how they're tracking, event to event.How do[...]

Why it's ok to freak out about your first grey hair

Sunday  06:55,   17 june 2018

Laura Capon talks about her initial panic when discovering her first grey hairs, genetics, causes, and a transformation into embracing the grey.But it was worse than a black widow. As she rooted through my hair in some kind of weird primate ritual,[...]

Meghan's dress for her first outing with the Queen sends a message to her critics

Saturday  05:45,   16 june 2018

If you come for the Duchess, you better not missThe Duchess of Sussex, 36, copped some backlash following her first Trooping the Colour appearance on Saturday, for which she wore an off-the-shoulder Carolina Herrera[...]

Bikinis sexualise little girls, mum says

Thursday  21:55,   14 june 2018

‘We’re turning our kids into mini adults’ One mum has condemned the use of bikinis on toddlers saying the basic swimwear item sexualises little[...]