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The Aussie Home Loans heiress just got married in a $200,000 custom Christian Dior dress -- take a look

Monday  07:30,   30 april 2018

The name may be familiar, but you might not know her face. Deborah Symond, 30, is the daughter of John Symond and heiress to the Aussie Home Loans fortune. She got married over the weekend to her partner, Ned O'Neill, whose family is in the[...]

Why It's OK Not To Look Perfect After Giving Birth

Sunday  10:55,   29 april 2018

When I saw the picturesque video of Kate Middleton standing outside the hospital doors holding her newborn baby in her arms for the world to see, looking fresh-faced, beautiful, and let’s face it, pretty much perfect, my first thought wasn’t, oh,[...]

Is Alex Perry about to jump ship in the face of Myer's $476m losses?

Sunday  07:11,   29 april 2018

Alex Perry on Myer's woes; dressing Meghan Markle; his anti-bullying campaign and making glasses cool again.But will that decision cause one of their top designers Alex Perry to jump[...]

These 8 Short Styles Are Ideal For Fine-Haired Beauties

Saturday  05:56,   28 april 2018

We all grumble about one thing or another when it comes to our physical traits, and that definitely includes the texture and thickness of our hair. Thick-haired people lament the hours spent just trying to blow-dry, and curly-haired folks[...]

All the hair products Duchess Catherine actually uses

Thursday  07:49,   26 april 2018

All the products Kate Middleton uses to style her hair as confirmed by her own private hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker.Fact: Duchess Catherine has the world's most photographed blow-dry. So much so that even when she stepped out with her[...]

This Is The Hottest Fashion Brand In The World

Wednesday  07:56,   25 april 2018

An official report by Lyst has confirmed Balenciagia is a hotter brand than Vetements, following controversy regarding the brand's financial success.The news isn't exactly surprising given the cult success of the brand under the creative[...]

Why you should never buy new shoes before lunchtime

Wednesday  06:31,   25 april 2018

There is nothing more annoying than buying a pair of shoes that feel comfortable in the shop, only to realise afterwards that they have tricked you. It’s only once you’ve worn them for a few hours that you can really tell if your feet will be happy [...]

There's Already A 2,000 Person Waiting List For This Unreleased Dry Shampoo

Wednesday  04:00,   25 april 2018

Verb is the latest beauty brand to reach cult status. Verb have announced two variations of their dry shampoo: Dry Shampoo Light and Dry Shampoo Dark.Closed mouths don't get fed, so when fans started pining for a spray version of the beloved[...]

We've found Canberra's Meghan Markle - but where's her Prince Harry?

Monday  22:31,   23 april 2018

She's keen to see if there's a redhead out there who'd like to have a drink with her and, perhaps, watch the Royal wedding together on May 19."I can certainly see the resemblance - we have a very similar jawline but she has more of a[...]

The "pipe braid" is the dreamiest bohemian hairstyle to ever hit festival season

Monday  00:31,   23 april 2018

Dubbed the "pipe braid," by Danish hairstylist Nicci Welsh, this dreamy, bohemian hairstyle is about to be the next style blowing up your feed.So, how does Welsh do it? She creates the pipe braids by starting with a section of hair at the[...]

The Real Reason Queen Elizabeth Carries a Purse All the Time

Sunday  20:06,   22 april 2018

Queen Elizabeth II certainly knows how to accessorize. But just as the Queen has a few fascinating secrets about herself, there’s more to these purses than meets the eye. In a fashion that echoes the suave subtlety of James Bond, Queen[...]

Meghan Markle just wore the same dress Kim Kardashian did 11 years ago — and celebrities can't stop wearing it

Sunday  03:05,   22 april 2018

Celebrities like Blake Lively, Taraji P. Henson, and Tyra Banks love the Jackie O dress by Black Halo. The classic dress was a great way to mix her newfound regal style with some familiar Hollywood glamour. © Provided by Business Insider [...]

6 Ways Meghan Markle’s Style Has Changed Since Her Engagement

Saturday  06:10,   21 april 2018

Ever since Meghan Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry, her signature style has slowly but surely been turning more royal. We track all her fashion changes, post-engagement.Meghan Markle may not have made her full transition from commoner [...]

Melania's secret messages in her clothes: Fashion psychologist reveals what the First Lady is trying to say with her outfits - from her protective coat cape to her 'power' stilettos

Saturday  06:06,   21 april 2018

Melania Trump may be known as a woman of few words, but fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen believes that she is giving away several clues through her personal style. ‘She may appear to be difficult to read because she isn’t as flamboyant or as vocal[...]

Everything she touches turns to SOLD! $295 Oroton bag sells out just hours after Meghan Markle wore it at official Commonwealth event with Prince Harry

Friday  03:07,   20 april 2018

A bag by struggling Australian accesorises brand Oroton has sold out just hours after it was worn by Meghan Markle. On Tuesday, the royal bride accompanied Prince Harry to a meeting with youth delegates at the Commonwealth Heads of Government[...]