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How to Cut Bangs - TheSalonGuy - Продолжительность: 8:14 TheSalonGuy 817 458 просмотров. Easy way to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR at home! - Продолжительность: 3:17 Gloria Glam 8 441 503 просмотра.

A quick list of questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge at the hair salon and cut bangs ! -- Thanks for watching! CUTTING MY OWN BANGS - tutorial - Продолжительность: 9:04 Gwyn Tullis 915 409 просмотров.

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Bangs are a vampy, sultry look — until your fringe gets too long, covers your eyes, and leaves you walking with your chin up just so you can see the sidewalk. It might be emotionally exhausting to think about picking up your phone, calling the salon, and scheduling a pricey appointment just to keep your bangs in check. (We're all flaky people who hate planning ahead, it's OK.) While there is another solution, it might be just as anxiety-inducing, especially if you're a cup-a-day coffee drinker whose hands are prone to shaking. That's right, you can bust out the scissors yourself. Terrified? Don't be. We enlisted two top hairstylists to tell us how it's done.

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Before you cut your bangs you 'll want to decide how long you want your bangs . Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,550,845 times. " This is a perfect and easy tutorial for cutting your own bangs . "

This is the best How to cut your bangs I have ever read !I cut my bangs myself (and it’s rather tricky, in fact) so I can tell you that this How to is full of very good advices :) I am going to share it right She looks awesome with bangs ! I never would have cut my own bangs before , but I would love to try this .

Do the Prepwork

It's important that you cut your bangs while your hair is dry. Why? "Your hair is longer when it's wet," said Nicole Leal, the director of education for LA's Nine Zero One Salon. "If you don't wait until your hair is dry, you could overdo it and cut off too much."

While you should only ever use hair scissors on your precious bangs (put down the pair you use for wrapping paper!), you don't have to splurge. "Any scissors you get from a beauty supply store will do," Leal said. "They don't have to be expensive. Just make sure you get a pair that's meant for hair."

Cut Right to It

According to Leal, "It's easiest to cut a piece-y curtain bang." Start by taking the middle, shorter section of your bangs in your hand, then pulling the ends all together. Chris Naselli, a celebrity hairstylist and owner of NYC's Naselli & Co, said to point cut the ends of this section, which means snip it all with your scissors facing up. This works to give your ends some texture. You should hold the tip of your tools at about a 45-degree angle away from your face to avoid any eye-poking horror stories. (Sorry we had to give you that image.)

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I hope this video helps you achieve cutting your own bangs at home! If it does, let me know! Just a little disclaimer, this is how I do mine. It works well for me, but there are other ways to do it i'm sure! I hope this helps you !

How to Cut Your Own Bangs . CollegeHumor. Загрузка

If you like a more blunt bang, hold a fine-tooth comb right under your fringe to guide your scissors. Hold your scissors horizontally to keep the ends uniform.

With either option, remember to go slowly, and don't take off too much. "You can always cut more later," Neal said. "Don't take off more than half an inch of hair to start."

Cross-Check Your Work

While you may be satisfied after you finish, you should double check. So immediately after you stop cutting, jump in the shower, shampoo, condition, then give yourself a blowout. Once you're done, give your new bangs another once-over. You might notice that after styling, your fringe doesn't look like you did after you cut it — perhaps the hair is curling underneath itself, or looking uneven.

"The hair will adjust to the cut once you style it," Leal explained. "It's almost like it knows it's been cut, so it changes. In that case, take the scissors back out, and start again. Be patient — we promise the end result (and brownie points you get for DIY-ing things) will be worth it.

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