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Style Researchers think they have found the solution to clothes pilling

04:11  06 june  2018
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In contrast to embodied cognition effects which are fairly direct, the researchers think enclothed cognition effects will depend on two conditions – first, the symbolic meaning of the clothing Waste… find solutions to world problems like poverty or save a dog from being chained verses fenced.

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Woman wearing knitted sweater and scarf.© Getty Woman wearing knitted sweater and scarf. When it comes to fashion, there are few things worse than putting on your favourite jacket or outfit, only to realise that dreaded little fuzz balls have started forming on the surface of the material, even after a few wears.

But there’s good news, thanks to a new textile treatment developed by a group of researchers from Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) in conjunction with Swiss textile innovation company HeiQ.

Deakin senior research fellow Dr Alessandra Sutti said the “no fuzz” treatments were developed to minimise unsightly “abrasion or pilling”, which decrease a garment’s longevity.

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“Pilling is really coming from friction – it’s the loosening of the fibres on the surface of a textile which rub together and tangle up,” Dr Sutti said.

“It may seem obvious, but as much as it is, it's still a hard problem to tackle. In the industry there are treatments that might remove the fibres or provide you with other methods to stick the fibres all together, but many of the methods used impact the fabric quite heavily."

She said some available remedies would, for example, render a woollen or cashmere jumper less soft to touch, making it less desirable to wear.

The difference with the "no fuzz" solution is that rather than clumping fibres together, it seeks to make the fibres stronger and less resistant to pilling.

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I also find fantastic things at thrift stores with no flaws other than pills ! The good news is…I’m here to offer a solution ! Once I realized how well it worked on clothing I had to get one for myself. My college roommates used to tease me because I was always de- pilling my clothes .

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IFM?s Dr Amol Patil and Dr Marzieh Parhizkar apply the treatment solution to a fabric sample.© Supplied IFM?s Dr Amol Patil and Dr Marzieh Parhizkar apply the treatment solution to a fabric sample. Dr Sutti said the research team focused on improving a garment's longevity and appearance without adding to the cost.

“This technique has much lower impact on the feel and appearance of the fabric, because it works by reinforcing the fabrics at a fibre level. It ... reduces that number of fibres escaping that cause the friction," she said.

And, of course, the broader aim is to reduce the number of garments that end up in landfill, Dr Sutti said.

“It’s our task to make treatments that are sustainable and [have] minimal impact, on both the environment and consumer perception. When it comes to sustainability we are in a much better place than we were even 10 years ago, but it is our job to keep pushing boundaries.

Pilling may soon be a thing of the past.© Stocksy Pilling may soon be a thing of the past. "Chemicals often get a negative connotation but it’s just materials used, I think we need to shift the focus away even though we are lowering the little amounts put on fabric. From a sustainability perspective, if you can use a jumper twice as long, that is one fewer jumpers that will end up in landfill.”

No Fuzz is the second product to come out of IFM’s collaboration with HeiQ, following the release of the HeiQ Real Silk textile treatment in 2016.

While there is no public information on the brands which could use No Fuzz in their garments, brands that have partnered with HeiQ on other initiatives include Skins, Patagonia and Second Skins. So stay tuned.

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