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What Happens To Your Mind And Body When You Feel Homesick

Tuesday  04:56,   03 july 2018

<p>Whether you’ve gone away to college, moved to a new city or even just traveled for vacation, homesickness is a common emotional experience. Longing for home is the subject of books, songs and films.</p>But what exactly are we feeling when[...]

Have another cup of coffee! Six cups a day could decrease your risk of early death by up to 16%, National Cancer Institute study finds

Tuesday  04:51,   03 july 2018

A new study, published in JAMA on Monday, conducted on 500,000 Britons found that those who drank six or more cups of coffee lowered the risk of early death by 14 to 16 percent.Researchers say that those who drink six or seven cups of coffee per day [...]

I Had a Smoothie For Dinner Every Day For 1 Week, and Here's What Happened

Tuesday  04:06,   03 july 2018

I've always been a huge fan of smoothies as part of my regular routine each week, and since I work out of the house, it's very easy for me to make them during the middle of the day.&nbsp;After consumption, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated,[...]

Cancer care in Queensland relies on nuclear medicine made in this concrete bunker

Tuesday  03:07,   03 july 2018

Staff at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital's nuclear medicine department get to work in the morning around the same time as a baker starts serving up hot bread.&nbsp;But instead of kneading dough and priming ovens, the labcoat-clad [...]

Dissociative Identity Disorder: What it's like to live with multiple personalities

Tuesday  02:26,   03 july 2018

Have you ever driven to a familiar destination and realised you don't remember the journey? While your thoughts wandered, another part of your brain navigated the drive.&nbsp;This is how Ruth Tulloch describes dissociation, something she[...]

Casey Donovan shows-off 36kg weight loss at 2018 Logies

Tuesday  00:31,   03 july 2018

She sang her way to the top and won Australian Idol 13 years ago, in 2017 she was our jungle Queen on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2017, and now Casey Donovan is simply winning at life. Stepping out to the 60th annual TV WEEK Logie[...]

Princess Eugenie's scoliosis battle

Monday  07:31,   02 july 2018

Princess Eugenie has shared some intimate photos of her X-rays due to her battle with scoliosis. The royal has also shared her visit to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. Princess Eugenie's Instagram has given us some great insight into[...]

Best news ever! Coffee may help you lose weight

Monday  06:32,   02 july 2018

Time for another cup of coffee! Turns out your morning brew is good for your mind and your waistline.Inspired by exciting evidence that an ordinary cup of joe can help increase a person's odds of a long life by up to 50 per cent, former NBC Nightly[...]

Malaria is resurging with a vengeance on our doorstep but the new drug tafenoquine offers hope

Monday  04:01,   02 july 2018

Disease outbreaks such as Ebola are genuinely terrifying.&nbsp;We normally associate them with the exotic and the unknown — UN emergency workers tramping through African dust in biohazard suits, fighting a rearguard action against a mysterious[...]

5 Foods That Are Not As Healthy As They Seem

Monday  03:57,   02 july 2018

Do sports drinks really provide us with those "essential" electrolytes? You may have overestimated how healthy these five foods and drinks are. We often mistake or overestimate the nutritional value of foods and drinks due to the way they[...]

Spotlight: Do vegetarians live longer?

Monday  03:15,   02 july 2018

More than 2 million Australians are now vegetarian. Are they onto something?If vegetarians do live longer, it may be because they're fitter overall, less likely to smoke, booze or be overweight, according to Dr Melody Ding, a senior research fellow[...]

5 Simple Intermittent Fasting Rules I Followed to Lose Weight and Feel Better Than Ever

Sunday  05:36,   01 july 2018

When I started doing intermittent fasting last year, I honestly didn't have high hopes. I had a feeling it would help with bloating and digestion, but I didn't expect to lose much weight.After a few months of doing IF, I lost 10 pounds and[...]

From birth to burpees: How to safely ease back into a fitness routine after pregnancy

Sunday  05:36,   01 july 2018

A new mum’s guide to early exerciseThe first thing to bear in mind when easing back into a fitness routine is to be patient and[...]

The Best Way to Warm Up Before Every Run (Hint: It's Not Stretching)

Saturday  08:30,   30 june 2018

You've got your best leggings on and your playlist is lit — you're about to crush your run. What do you do first? You warm up. You start with a forward fold, maybe do a couple Downward-Facing Dogs, stretch out your tight hamstrings, and[...]

5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Saturday  05:56,   30 june 2018

Don't drink your calories. Instead, drink these low-calorie drink options.Popular soft drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks can be loaded with added sugars and carbohydrates that can sabotage your weight-loss[...]