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The AMA wants sugar-sweetened drinks taxed, but will it happen?

Monday  01:50,   08 january 2018
ABC News

There are 28 countries in the world that tax sugar-sweetened drinks and the Australian Medical Association wants Australia to join the list.This time, it's the Australian Medical Association (AMA) calling for one as part of a positioning paper on[...]

The depressing reality of sharing ‘before and after’ photos on social media

Monday  00:13,   08 january 2018

The depressing reality of sharing ‘before and after’ photos on social media, and why everyone should read Hollie Azzopardi’s response to trolling body-shamers on Instagram.Yep, it's true, and it went something like this: [...]

Roxy Jacenko on the drawbacks of the anti-cancer drug she takes to stay healthy.

Sunday  22:36,   07 january 2018

It’s hopefully keeping Roxy Jacenko cancer-free, but as the Sydney PR guru has shared, there are downsides to taking anti-cancer drugs. It’s hopefully keeping Roxy Jacenko cancer-free, but as the Sydney PR guru has shared, there are[...]

A family spent 6 months working out together and the transformation photos are awe-inspiring

Sunday  21:31,   07 january 2018

Chinese photographer Jesse Ding documented his family's weight loss journey on Instagram. Here's how they got healthy together. The Ding family documented their weight loss journey over the course of six months. Jesse Ding, the photographer[...]

New health advice says men and women should only eat 1,800 calories a day -- here's the idea behind it

Sunday  17:46,   07 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

Public Health England has issued new advice for how many calories adults should eat per day. Men and women should aim for 1,800 calories per day, which is considerably less than official guidelines of 2,500 for men, and 2,000 for women. -PHE is[...]

Photographer tracks entire family's amazing weightloss over 6 months

Sunday  04:50,   07 january 2018

The results are[...]

5 reasons why having a pet is good for your mental wellbeing

Sunday  04:50,   07 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

The most common triggers for mental health issues are social isolation, rejection and stigma, and a staggering 45% of Australians will at some point in their lives suffer from a mental or neurological disorder. Recent research by Sydney clinical[...]

How to stick to your health and fitness goals

Sunday  04:50,   07 january 2018
Now To Love

Former The Biggest Loser Australia coach and founder of, Tiffiny Hall, shares how you can stick to your health and fitness goals.As the clock strikes midnight we start talking about the things we're going to achieve this year (pay off[...]

Australian nutritionist urges parents to ignore snack food advice from Britain

Sunday  04:50,   07 january 2018
The Age

In England, parents are being urged to limit snacks to two a day. But an Australian health expert says this advice is worrying and shouldn't be followed.A leading Australian nutritionist says parents should ignore the slogan of a new British[...]

What's Really Happening To Your Body When You Binge Drink

Sunday  00:11,   07 january 2018

Fact: Four to five alcoholic bevvies on a Saturday night is considered binge drinking. Another fact: Binge drinking is worse than drinking one standard drink every day for five days. Huge fact: Binge drinking can cause irreversible damage to your[...]

9 of the most extreme endurance challenges in the world

Saturday  08:06,   06 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

Marathons, triathlons, and adventure races are extreme tests that force participants to push themselves in new ways physically and mentally. But the most extreme endurance races in the world take that to another level. These competitions test the[...]

This Is The Workout Ashley Olsen Does Every Day

Friday  06:17,   05 january 2018
Harper’s BAZAAR

This is the workout former actress and The Row fashion designer Ashley Olsen does "almost every day", according her Pilates instructor Jessica Schatz.According to her trainer, Jessica Schatz, Ashley is an avid Pilates fan, working out at[...]

Two thirds of us worry about our partner's health more than our own -- these are our 10 top concerns

Friday  03:47,   05 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

Over a third of people admit to making New Year's resolutions for their partner. These include eating healthier, losing weight, and exercising. According to a study from Bupa, the average person worries about their partner's health twice a[...]

How I Shrunk My Waist and Built My Own Curves in Just 4 Months

Friday  02:30,   05 january 2018

I've always wanted to be curvy. As someone who is very short (I'm 5'1" on a good day) and naturally has broad shoulders and a large waist, I never thought I could achieve the curves I saw on billboards and magazines. I've been told [...]

How to Stay in Shape the Kate Middleton Way

Thursday  05:51,   04 january 2018

<p>You think those killer calf muscles and toned arms sculpt themselves? No way! Ever since she was a little girl, Kate Middleton has thrown herself into any physical activity she could, and it's set her in very good stead.</p>Kate[...]