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How to stop separation anxiety in children

Wednesday  03:06,   16 may 2018

Expert solutions to a problem that's distressing for kids and potentially frustrating for parentsYou know your child is distraught, but you’re frustrated, too — it’s time to get to work or an[...]

Plastic nation: Australia overtakes the U.S. as country with highest rate of cosmetic surgeries with 500,000 operations performed last year – including 20,000 boob jobs

Wednesday  02:30,   16 may 2018

With 500,000 cosmetic procedures in the last year Australia has officially overtaken America as the country with the most cosmetic surgery operations per capita. The nation has paid a staggering $1 billion a year for cosmetic procedures.Australians[...]

The ABCDE Rule: Spots That Are Possible Signs Of Skin Cancer

Tuesday  20:09,   15 may 2018

It's always good to know the possible signs of skin cancer.May is recognized as National Skin Cancer Awareness Month by the American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD), as they promote a focus on sharing information about symptoms and highlighting[...]

Could this be the cure for chronic insomnia?

Tuesday  08:06,   15 may 2018

Getting a good night's sleep is just a dream for the one in ten people who have trouble sleeping, but a new device is providing hope to those who are living with chronic insomnia. Developed by researchers at Flinders University, THIM is shaped[...]

Say goodbye to sickies - scientists claim they've found a cure for the cold

Tuesday  08:01,   15 may 2018

Excited British researchers say they have discovered a potential drug treatment for the common cold. While most people eventually recover from their sniffing and congestion, a cold can trigger fatal illness in people with respiratory problems such[...]

A daily walk or jog at school proven to make children fitter and healthier

Tuesday  05:11,   15 may 2018

Just 15 minutes a day has huge benefits for children.It made a huge impact at her school, and the initiative has since spread around Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world: At the more than 3,000 participating schools, students head outside[...]

Number of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes rockets by 25% in just four years amid growing obesity crisis

Tuesday  05:11,   15 may 2018

The latest figures show that in 2016-17, the number of people under 20 with type 2 diabetes was 1,043 – the first time it has risen above 1,000. In March 2013, the figure stood at 836. If left uncontrolled, type 2 diabetes can lead to blindness,[...]

Staying Up Too Late May Have a Scary Side Effect — What 1 Doctor Wants You to Know

Tuesday  03:06,   15 may 2018

When it comes to staying up late at night, you might wonder if those extra hours awake could be damaging to your health. When it reaches 10 p.m., and then 11 p.m., and so forth, it might become harder to fall asleep, and if you're setting your[...]

7 Surprising Ways to Get More Sleep

Monday  08:28,   14 may 2018

There’s no blanket solution for insomnia. But if you’ve tried everything, here may be the bedroom secret that helps you reclaim your night-time rest.Surprising ways to get more[...]

5 Obvious Signs of Dementia I Missed in My Own Mother

Monday  06:25,   14 may 2018

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's shed light on a decade's worth of unusual behaviour that seemed pretty harmless at the time. In hindsight, this is what I wish I knew.Check if your loved one's have the early signs of[...]

What Is a Reducetarian? The New Way of Eating You Need to Know

Monday  05:45,   14 may 2018

While the vegan diet is gaining popularity, we've also discovered a new diet for those of you who aren't quite ready to give up meat yet.But if you want to eat a more plant-based diet but don't want to give up meat entirely? Then maybe you[...]

The best workouts to do if you have only 20 minutes

Monday  05:31,   14 may 2018

Short, intense workouts can be just as effective as longer, moderate workouts. That means that even if you live a busy life, you don't need to give up on the idea of being in shape.The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that US [...]

It pays well, but many FIFO workers wear 'golden handcuffs'

Monday  04:55,   14 may 2018

Workers in fly-in, fly-out jobs have high rates of mental health problems, new studies show.People are drawn to fly-in, fly-out work by the large salaries on offer, with entry-level pay often more than[...]

Vaccine rate drops for fatal infection

Monday  04:51,   14 may 2018

A decline in vaccinations among older Australians against a potentially fatal lung infection has sparked a plea for action by health experts.While the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination rate for children has climbed to 93 percent, it has fallen[...]

The signs of depression you could be overlooking

Monday  04:02,   14 may 2018

Depression goes beyond just feeling sadHow do you know whether you’re anxious and stressed from work, or struggling with signs of depression? [...]