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There are 250,000 fitness and health apps — but little evidence they work

Sunday  06:57,   20 may 2018

So you've decided to lose some weight. Or maybe you want to get your mental health in check. There's an app for that, right? You bet there[...]

No, You're Not Imagining It — Stress Sweat DOES Smell Worse

Sunday  06:10,   20 may 2018

It's a universal truth that stress sweat is the worst kind of sweat. Not only does it happen when you least want it to, it also smells. Really bad. Like, even worse than you smelled after that workout where you did 150 burpees for time. To[...]

Get outside. You can reap the benefits in less time than you think

Sunday  06:01,   20 may 2018

The benefits extend beyond fitness and fresh air. Recent research has started to untangle the way it works.A little nature goes a long wayTime spent in nature reduces inflammation, and improves mental health: it is not only good for your soul, it's [...]

Nail Biting Habit May Lead To Life-Threatening Infection

Sunday  05:56,   20 may 2018

Nail Biting Habit May Lead To Life-Threatening InfectionDo you ever chew your nails off when reading articles about dangerous health consequences? This one just might get you to do the[...]

Yes, you do have time to exercise: How to beat the most common excuse for skipping the gym

Saturday  06:36,   19 may 2018

Strategies to squeeze a little extra time out of your dayWe love a good Insta-scroll as much as anyone, but the average person spends 116 minutes on social media each day — so there's surely enough time to fit in a little heart pumping and Facebook[...]

What Is Carb Backloading? A Dietitian Explains

Saturday  06:36,   19 may 2018

Many people have a complicated relationship with carbohydrates. Some people avoid them altogether, while others practice carb cycling, where they alternate days of eating high-carb/low-fat with days that are low-carb/moderate-fat. Although some[...]

Some Blueberry Muffins Contain More Than A Day's Worth Of Sugar

Friday  15:56,   18 may 2018

The snack isn't always as healthy as it's made out to be.New research highlights the large variation in the sugar content between different products and a lack of clear labelling, with experts saying this makes it difficult for people to[...]

Want to Burn More Calories During Your Workout? Follow This Expert's Advice ASAP

Friday  03:56,   18 may 2018

No matter how hard I work out, it seems impossible for me to burn more than 400 calories — and if I do, I'm probably dead (like legit dead). I always see people on Instagram and in fitness classes talking about how many calories they[...]

Are peas a superfood? Nutritionist reveals the 3 reasons why the tiny green vegetable is the only one you need to eat

Friday  03:01,   18 may 2018

Peas don't seem like the most exciting food but they are a good source of protein, fibre, iron and vitamins, nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch writes. Maybe it's time you started eating more.They might surprise you according to nutritional[...]

The Truth About MSG And Your Health [Infographic]

Friday  03:01,   18 may 2018

MSG - or Monosodium glutamate to give it its proper name - is widely believed to contain dangerous toxins. MSG has been blamed for everything from blinding headaches to unexplained numbness and it has been lambasted by many nutritionists as [...]

The Best Way To Handle Unsolicited Fitness Advice

Friday  01:57,   18 may 2018

<p>I know I'm not the only person who has been on the receiving end of irritating, uninvited workout advice. What to do when a know-it-all gets in your face?</p>I know I'm not the only person who has been on the receiving end of[...]

Everything you wanted to know about Meghan Markle's nutrition and fitness philosophy

Thursday  07:06,   17 may 2018

Spoiler alert: she really likes green juiceMeghan[...]

Jennifer Lopez was told to 'lose a few pounds' to get rid of her curves in her early days

Thursday  04:10,   17 may 2018

She's known equally for her music as she is for her famous curves. And now Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she was told in the earlier days of her career, she needed to loose weight.Speaking to InStyle, the 48-year-old said that she was told[...]

Australian women enduring outdated and invasive hysterectomies, UQ surgeon says

Thursday  04:05,   17 may 2018

A lack of training for surgeons means up to 40 per cent of women are having open abdominal surgery over less invasive measures, a UQ professor says.Professor Andreas Obermair said about 28,000 Australian women a year underwent hysterectomies, with[...]

7 Surefire Ways to Stay on Top of Your Fitness Game, Even If You're Broke

Wednesday  06:31,   16 may 2018

As a college student, finding new and creative ways to stay healthy on a budget was a challenge I dived into, determined to succeed. Eating healthy and staying fit is a lifestyle, so regardless of my situation, I always want to try my best to make[...]