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You Don't Need a Gym to Lose Fat and Build Muscle — Try These 11 Equipment-Free Moves

Sunday  06:10,   08 july 2018

The gym isn't the only place where you can lose body fat and build muscle. Weightlifting will allow to you achieve both goals simultaneously, but it isn't your only option if you want to get stronger. Using your body as a weight can and[...]

Coronation Street's Samia Longchambon reveals surprising method on dealing with anxiety

Sunday  05:56,   08 july 2018

Coronation Street star Samia Longchambon has revealed her surprising method of dealing with anxiety. The soap actress opened up about dealing with the pressuresThe 35-year-old went on to explain how she decide to take up the course when her son Yves [...]

Dealing with work stress? Why mindfulness in the office can help

Sunday  05:56,   08 july 2018

Emails. Meetings. Calls. Colleagues. The daily grind can get many of us down, but how can we make our everyday workplace a better place for our mental health? month. Smiling According to Safe Work Australia, more than 7,200 Australians are[...]

A 6-year-old was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Then her little brother was, too.

Saturday  18:40,   07 july 2018

Six-year-old Kalea Avery was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma. Thirteen days later, so was her 4-year-old brother, Noah.Duncan and Nohea Avery had been tending to their daughter, Kalea, who was recovering last month from surgery to remove[...]

Australians are spending an extra $87 every week to stay healthy as they splash out on kale, hemp seeds and quinoa – and Coles and Woolworths are cashing in

Saturday  04:31,   07 july 2018

With 77 per cent of Australians believing they need to spend more on healthy food alternatives to keep up with latest trends, Coles and Woolworths are cashing in.Up to 77 per cent of Australians believe they need to spend more on healthy food[...]

Sleep apnoea a new risk factor for dementia, researchers say

Saturday  04:31,   07 july 2018

The treatment of a common sleep disorder that causes sufferers to stop breathing could help to prevent dementia, Obstructive sleep apnoea occurs when muscles in the throat relax, causing the airway to block which results in lower levels of[...]

Is the Keto Diet Good For Diabetics? A Keto Expert Gives Us the Answer

Saturday  04:31,   07 july 2018

The keto diet has been a proven tool to help people lose weight and even fight off inflammation. But there's another chronic condition that the keto diet can successfully treat: diabetes. Specifically, type 2 diabetes. We spoke to Steve[...]

Forget about 10,000 steps a day — focus on 100 steps a minute instead

Saturday  04:31,   07 july 2018

The walking pace that delivers the biggest benefitsThere are a couple of standout walking targets: the gold standard 10,000 steps a day; and 30 minutes of brisk walking a[...]

Teen's radical treatment to battle rare pain disorder

Friday  14:30,   06 july 2018

Chloe Davenport, 14, has suffered excruciating daily pain due to a rare cognitive syndrome, but may now have found an ideal treatment.Fortunately for 14-year-old Chloe Davenport, she didn’t walk[...]

Eating nuts could be the answer to male infertility

Friday  07:32,   06 july 2018

Diets rich in nuts produce not only a higher sperm count, but also more fertile swimmers, according to a study from the Human Nutrition Unit of the Rovira i Virgili University in Spain. Diets rich in nuts produce not only a higher sperm[...]

Can you do yoga in your sleep?

Friday  06:05,   06 july 2018

Yoga nidra is described as a state between consciousness and sleep.  Participants lie on their backs and turn their attention inward to themselves, focusing on breath and turning their awareness to different areas of the body as instructed by a[...]

Why do we yawn? No one knows — but science has some pretty good theories

Friday  04:56,   06 july 2018

It's so contagious just reading this probably makes you want to yawn.You know the feeling. It’s impossible to resist. You just need to[...]

6 Health Benefits Of Avocados

Friday  04:01,   06 july 2018

The delicious green fruit not only goes well with toast but is packed with several nutrients, providing many benefits and reducing the risk of disease.Whether you are pregnant or acne-prone or diabetic, nearly everyone can find some benefit from[...]

Does Drinking Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight? A Nutritionist Breaks It Down

Friday  02:36,   06 july 2018

We know that two of the best ways to lose weight naturally are having a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you've been researching other natural weight-loss methods, drinking green tea has more than likely appeared in your search. In order to [...]

The Simple Weightlifting Technique That Changed My Body — Start Using It Today!

Friday  02:05,   06 july 2018

We used to think of weightlifting as the kind of exercise only beefy dudes liked to do, but we now know that strength training is essential.There's one weightlifting tip that I wish I had known earlier in my fitness career: how to use the drop set.[...]