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A Trainer Shares 4 Exclusive Kettlebell Exercises to Shape Up Your Butt and Legs

Wednesday  06:30,   23 may 2018

When you see the kettlebells at the gym, you might have no idea what to do with them. Don't worry — we've all been there."These exercises are more effective and practical when performed with a kettlebell because of its unique shape and[...]

You don't have to put up with really heavy periods

Wednesday  06:30,   23 may 2018

Women's health experts explain how to ease this common — but rarely talked about — issueWhat you might not realise is that you don't have to put up with[...]

Eating an Egg a Day May Cut Your Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds

Wednesday  01:06,   23 may 2018

What an egg a day can do for you.Yes, the humble egg is tied to a lower risk of heart disease, new research suggests. Specifically, people who eat about one egg every day may significantly lower their risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a[...]

Are Subway’s New Wraps Healthier Than the Subs?

Tuesday  08:35,   22 may 2018

What is the healthier option at Subway? Wraps or subs?But how does the hoagie shop’s new carby offering stack up against its original loaves of bread? According to Subway’s nutrition, each wrap contains 300 calories, eight grams of fat (three and a[...]

The Gentle Truth About Dying

Tuesday  04:31,   22 may 2018

Here’s what three professionals who’ve seen many people through their final moments want all of us to know.The gentle truth about[...]

Stop Counting Meat Pies As Protein In Your Diet, Scientists Say

Tuesday  04:31,   22 may 2018

Meat pie? Protein. Big Mac? Protein. Meatlovers pizza? Protein. If this is you when you're on a "high protein" "healthy" diet, scientists are about to kill your joy. The CSIRO Healthy Diet Score survey - which details the[...]

How to Get Back on Track After You Eat Too Much

Tuesday  04:06,   22 may 2018

How do you save your diet and physique once you've eaten too much? We've all been there: that happy hour glass of wine turns into three, which turns into ordering a pizza when you get home and polishing it off with some ice cream in your[...]

She was a nurse. So why did Helen shun conventional cancer treatment?

Tuesday  04:00,   22 may 2018

A self-described healer told Helen Lawson he could cure her ovarian cancer with a lotion called black salve that ate away her skin. Months later, Helen was dead.But could her death have been[...]

Why Everything You've Heard About Drinking and Breastfeeding Might Be Wrong

Tuesday  03:30,   22 may 2018

At six months pregnant, I found myself drinking yet another glass of lemonade and counting the days until my first glass of postpartum wine. And then it hit me. I wasn't actually three months away from drinking again. Since I wanted to breastfeed,[...]

Quadriplegic farmer walks again after miracle recovery

Tuesday  01:06,   22 may 2018

A combination of luck, sheer determination and targeted therapy has helped a father of five walk again after a farming accident left him a quadraplegic. Michael Gray, 55, has spent half his life protecting life and property as a rural firefighter in [...]

Here's What This Celebrity Trainer Really Thinks About Counting Macros For Weight Loss

Monday  05:01,   21 may 2018

Counting your macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) is a popular way to keep track of everything you eat, and it's especially useful if you're trying to lose weight. But the hard truth is, it takes a lot of work. We spoke to Gunnar[...]

The Bachelor's Matty J and Laura's fitness tips revealed

Monday  04:56,   21 may 2018

The Bachelor's Matty J and his 'Chosen One' Laura reveal how they stay in shape.However, since he turned his roses into mulch and went home with the love of his life Laura Byrne, 31, Matthew "Matty J" Johnson has become a whole new level [...]

Once and For All, This Is What Happens to Your Fat When You Lose Weight

Monday  04:20,   21 may 2018

Where does body fat[...]

This Popular Diet Helped Melissa Lose 22 Kilos of Baby Weight in 16 Weeks

Monday  03:05,   21 may 2018

Becoming a mother motivated Melissa Ellis to get healthy and change her life. She desired to run around and play with her children, and knew that in order to do so, she needed to lose weight. She recalls feeling trapped in her body and needing to[...]

Is It Safe To Eat A Meal Before Exercising?

Monday  02:01,   21 may 2018

When it comes to fueling your body before exercise, it’s not just what you eat but when you eat. Experts explain how to strike the right balance.But there is a lot more to the relationship between meals and workouts, according to research findings[...]