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Health Should kids have weight loss surgery? This doctor thinks so

15:05  14 june  2018
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Thinking of taking a weight-loss supplement? Don't

  Thinking of taking a weight-loss supplement? Don't Why fat-burning pills are a waste of money.But those numbers of overweight and obese Australians are rising — so it's also logical that these weight-loss supplements don't actually work.

People often think weight loss surgery is the "easy way out," or quick fix. Your doctor 's decision about whether or not you should get weight loss surgery will depend on many different factors.

Bariatric surgery may be common in helping obese adults lose weight , but should it be used in severely obese children? It’s looking at the effects of surgical weight loss on adolescents. Researchers studied 242 participants, 33 percent of whom had at least three cardiovascular disease

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An obesity surgeon has called for radical weight loss surgery to be performed on kids, to save them from years of torment and bad health. 

Dr George Hopkins believes gastric sleeve surgery should be performed on morbidly obese children, but it currently isn't permitted due to hospital restrictions. 

"Pre-teens are almost being left out of the conversation because the health system hasn't caught up with this problem yet," Dr Hopkins tells A Current Affair

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Home Gastric Bypass Should I Have Weight Loss Surgery ? You could probably find a doctor who is willing to perform the surgery regardless of your answers, but be cautious. Many people think this is a Get Thin Quick Miracle; it’s not.

Kids can grow it long, cut it short, and if they don't like it, a new look is just a quick snip or a few Types of Surgery . Today, there are three main surgical techniques for weight loss : gastric bypass That's why doctors take a cautious approach when it comes to weight loss surgery for teens, and

Currently one in three Australians are deemed obese. Dr Hopkins has performed gastric sleeve surgery on kids as young as 12, but says it's now even younger children and their parents who are crying out for help. 

"I’ve seen eight-year-olds going over 120 kilograms. These kids are sick," he says. 

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Ashlee Young tipped the scales at 105 kilos at the age of just 14. 

Her parents made the drastic decision for her to undergo a gastric sleeve operation as Ashlee's health deteriorated. 

Now 18, she's lost more than 50 kilograms and has been able to keep the weight off. 

"It's like having a new life, being a new person," Ashlee says.

Dr Hopkins says his young patients are proof that if you operate early, you can fix the problem early and prevent children getting sicker as they age. 

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Two Harvard scientists are urging that more weight loss surgeries should be done early for these children, calling them the most 'effective' obesity treatment. Giggling Elsa Pataky licks caviar off her hand as she hits the town with a pal on evening away from Chris Hemsworth and kids .

Formerly fat teens talk about weight loss surgery with Oprah Winfrey. Dr . Oz says obese people should deal with underlying issues of food addiction before WLS.

“If you've got a 130 kilogram 15-year-old, all the evidence would suggest that child [or] adolescent will get heavier, will get sicker, will get more miserable, and that's in the very formative years," Dr Hopkins says.

That's what happened to Shannan Rye, who was overweight in high school then ballooned to 160 kilos by her mid-twenties. 

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"I used to say to myself, 'But I’m not that big, I’m not that big'. And I think that is what I clung to, was, 'Oh, I’m not THAT big'," Shannan tells A Current Affair.  

After undergoing the surgery with Dr Hopkins, she's lost an astonishing 80 kilos. 

Shannan's now able to play hockey again, a sport she hasn't been able to participate in since high school. She's even fallen in love and is now engaged to be married next year.

She says the proof is in her photos, and is now a proud advocate for the surgery, saying eligible kids should be allowed to have the procedure done. 

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You are here. Home ». Obesity: Should I Have Weight - Loss Surgery ? I've had a weight problem since I was a kid and want something different. Diets, drugs, exercise-I've tried them all. I've been talking to my doctor about surgery .

Kids ' Health. What should I consider before deciding on surgery ? Ask yourself these questions, according to Dr . Shikora: Have I exhausted all other reasonable methods of weight loss ?

"It helps with a better life, everything changes," she adds.

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Ashlee is a little more cautious in her support.

"I don't think I was too young, but any younger I think would be. Because you gain the weight back and then the next option is a bariatric bypass, and you don't want to have that at 12 and need the next one by 19," she says.

The College of Physicians recently declared obesity as a chronic disease. The Australian Medical Association is yet to follow suit. President Dr Tony Bartone says it's a complex issue that shouldn't always rely on surgery.

"We need to be very cautious when we are looking at teenagers and young children, and we need to understand the evidence and the research before we start promoting that as a widespread solution to the problem," Dr Bartone explains.

Dr Hopkins says he'll keep pushing for hospitals and administrators to come on board, for the sake of desperate parents who have run out of options.

"I just can't believe we can have a very reasonable treatment option that we know works and say, 'Well, that's not for you, based on your age," he says.

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