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Health Not just 'skinny' women get endometriosis

22:51  12 june  2018
22:51  12 june  2018 Source:

'Unexpected finding': Obese women more likely to have severe endometriosis

  'Unexpected finding': Obese women more likely to have severe endometriosis Researchers have found new and interesting links between weight and endometriosis, a disease affecting 700,000 Australian women.Ms Panetta, 32 from Melbourne, is one of the estimated 700,000 Australian women with endometriosis, a little understood disease in which tissue, similar to what normally lines the uterus, grows in other parts of the body, causing pain.

3) Exercise: Many times it can be a struggle to get up and move especially when pain or fatigue is in play; but sometimes you just have to do it. What I’ve found on my journey to healing is the priceless value of support from other women with endometriosis .

It’s not just “a bad period.” Studies like this one make it look like the only way endometriosis will get attention is if we highlight how it hurts men. It’s not enough for women to share their countless stories of pain and suffering.

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Obese women are more likely to have severe, a misunderstood condition that impacts one-in-10 women, an Australian study has found

The study of 500 women with surgically confirmed endometriosis found women with a healthy body mass index were more likely to have endometriosis, however, obese women were more likely to have severe forms of the painful condition that affects the reproductive organs.

Taking photographs of 'invisible' women

  Taking photographs of 'invisible' women If you’re over 25 and under 75, you have no existence in stock imagery. Her response? “I think you’d better check with Mick Jagger.

Endometriosis affects an estimated 5 million women in the United States alone. That’s why Hough has teamed up with the Get in the Know About ME in EndoMEtriosis campaign to raise awareness and help get women the I’m a woman , and so I should just be strong, not complain, and stuff like that.

Ok, so we don’t have a cure but hey, at least we know that there are more skinny women with endometriosis than there are obese women . I hypothesize that women with endometriosis favor a disproportionate amount of pink. And this is important because maybe, just maybe, we can finally get

The average disease severity score of obese women was two times higher than that of healthy weight women, according to the findings published in the Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders.

Lead researcher Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson, from the Royal Women's Hospital and University of Melbourne says the research corrects the idea that only 'skinny' women get endometriosis.

"There's been a social dogma that's arisen that has basically started to describe endometriosis as a disease of skinny women," explained Dr Holdsworth-Carson.

That's not the case and endometriosis should not be excluded among overweight or obese women presenting with symptoms, she said.

The findings also add to evidence the condition is linked to a woman's metabolism.

Pregnancy complications 'could identify heart disease'

  Pregnancy complications 'could identify heart disease' It is hoped an Australia-first clinic at Adelaide's Lyell McEwin Hospital will help save lives by identifying women who suffered pregnancy complications that are now at risk of early heart disease. Researchers believe women in the northern suburbs who have experienced issues such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia may be more likely to develop heart disease."There's a lot of evidence to show that women who have a pregnancy complication can start experiencing symptoms of disease around 10 years after their first pregnancy," said Emily Aldridge, a researcher based at the hospital.

This isn’t just about bad period cramps. Myth 3: Women With Endometriosis Can’t Take Estrogen After Menopause. It is true that women with endometriosis are at risk for infertility, however, many women with endometriosis have no difficulty getting pregnant.

Diagnosing endometriosis isn’t as easy as just getting a blood test. 6. We aren’t weak just because we can’t always handle the pain. It’s actually pretty amazing the things that women with endometriosis manage to do.

"It is too soon to say that lifestyle changes may reduce endometriosis severity or frequency in obese women as more research is necessary to investigate the long-term effects of obesity on women with endometriosis," Dr Holdsworth-Carson said.

Metabolic syndrome more likely to strike if you sleep too little — and if you sleep too much

  Metabolic syndrome more likely to strike if you sleep too little — and if you sleep too much How to tell if you're not getting the right amountMetabolic syndrome isn't itself a disease: rather, it's a collection of conditions that dramatically increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Normal women get “pain” during their periods. In my experience, a woman with endometriosis gets mind numbing agony during her period. My skin has been bad for a long time but was just my face like acne, now I have rashes and spots all over my stomach and arms, I’m very forgetful, I don’t know

This didn't go over well with women actually suffering from the incredibly painful disorder. No siree. He told listeners that he didn't mean that all endometriosis diagnoses were "garbage," just that in the And Now, Your Wildest-Ass Stories About Getting Into A Fight. Drew Magary. Today 12:05pm.

"But this is further evidence to support a link with metabolism, as we already know that women with endometriosis are more likely to have high cholesterol. However, we are yet to understand if that has a long-term impact on their cardiovascular health."

Despite its prevalence, there are limited treatment options for women with endometriosis, as diagnosis usually can only be made by surgery and it can take many years before women are diagnosed.

It's hoped the new understanding of the disease will help identify those women most at risk and improve diagnosis and intervention.

"This study has important clinical applications, with surgeons now aware of the need to provide more time for surgery in obese women as they are more likely to have extensive endometriosis requiring removal," Dr Holdsworth-Carson said.

In April federal Health Minister Greg Hunt announced a national action plan for endometriosis to identify gaps in education among medical professionals and the wider community as well as support and care for sufferers.

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