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05:25  12 february  2018
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NHS England has been accused by a charity of “abandoning” thousands of people to a potential death sentence by rationing drugs that can cure hepatitis “The decision by NHS England to limit access to treatment is manifestly unfair on a group of vulnerable people who suffer from a terrible disease

Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that results from infection with the Hepatitis C virus. It is possible to have gotten Hepatitis C from injecting drugs , even if it was just once or many years ago. Blood transfusions and organ transplants.

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Hundreds of thousands of Australians with hepatitis C are failing to access new curative drugs, despite the Government subsidising them at huge cost to the taxpayer.

The trend means the Government is at risk of missing its target to eradicate hepatitis C and of spending far more than necessary on the treatments.

Hepatitis Australia said fewer than half as many people were accessing the direct acting antivirals as they were immediately after they were first listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in March 2016.

In the first three months after the listing, more than 4,000 people a month were taking them, according to Kirby Institute figures.

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The Australian Government’s watershed commitment to eradicate Hepatitis C within a generation is paying off, with thousands of Australians now Hep C Free as a result of a billion investment.

Information leaflets about hepatitis B and C . Thousands of people with hep C in England are being denied Daklinza, available to patients in the rest of the UK. This article is 2 years old. Thousands of people in England with a chronic form of liver disease are being denied access to life-saving drugs

But preliminary data suggests that has now dropped to fewer than 1,500 people a month.

"The monthly treatment uptake has tanked," Hepatitis Australia's chief executive Helen Tyrrell said.

She said that threatened the Federal Government's commitment to eliminating hepatitis C in Australia by 2030.

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Many insurers are restricting access to new drugs that are easier to take and that promise higher cure rates because the price tags can In the past year, hepatitis C drugs that promise higher cure rates and fewer side effects have given fresh hope to millions who are living with the chronic liver disease .

of new diagnostic tools and treatment options. against it, tens of thousands . The most commonly reported risk factor was injecting drugs , which was reported by 43% of persons. Hepatitis C clinic operated by infectious disease specialists at a comprehensive cancer center: help is on the way.

"We need to take action urgently," Ms Tyrell said.

The revolutionary drugs, which include ledipasvir and sofosbuvir, were immediately in high demand as people already being treated for hepatitis C rushed to take them.

Prior to being listed, the drugs had cost upwards of $20,000 — they now cost less than $40.

While more than 43,000 Australians have accessed them, it has been estimated there are 200,000 Australians with chronic hepatitis C who have not.

Australia led the world in subsidising the drugs for all people over 18 who needed treatment.

The Federal Government said it would spend over $1 billion over five years paying drug companies for an unlimited supply of the direct acting antivirals.

"There is an absolute economic imperative to treat as many people as possible over the next three years while this five-year supply deal is in place," Ms Tyrell said.

Hepatitis C is a virus spread by contact with infected blood. It attacks the liver and serious damage can be done even though patients may show no symptoms.

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Jennifer Cohn, medical director of the drug - access program for the charity Médecins Sans Most countries’ health systems are not equipped to widely diagnose the disease or deliver the drugs . Technology. Subscribe Now! Hepatitis C Drugs Not Reaching the PoorTreatment guidelines for the

After legal battles and lobbying efforts, thousands of people with hepatitis C are gaining earlier access to expensive drugs that can cure this condition.

The disease causes inflammation in the liver and can lead to cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease, liver cancer — and can be fatal.

"The liver's very accommodating, it tends to compensate very well as the liver disease is worsening."

Ms Tyrell said often people can show no defining symptoms until they have a well-established liver disease.

She said the disease affected all walks of life. So, if you're a baby boomer whose drug-taking days are long gone, you could be carrying hepatitis C.

"We need GPs to be thinking about that and not just people who inject drugs, for example," she said.

"It's very, very sad at the moment to hear about people being diagnosed with liver cancer when we've had these medicines available for over a year now, nearly two years."

Victorian resident Sally (not her real name), 63, said stigma about the blood-borne virus stopped some people from accessing treatment.

"In fact I ignored it really until it started to make me quite sick.

"I know now that my story isn't unfamiliar, that a lot of other people do the same thing."

Sally said the drugs now available on the PBS saved her life and she urged others to get tested.

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An Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League investigation into ageing in 2010 describes people who inject drugs who are over 40 years as ageing. In 2011, hepatitis C infection was the underlying cause of liver disease in 25% of liver transplants.4 Age and duration of infection of greater than 20

Please ensure all Australians with hepatitis C can access new hepatitis C cures without delay. Some are suffering right now with serious liver disease and the prospect of a painful death from cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president Dr Bastian Seidel said the early symptoms of hepatitis C — which can include fatigue and nausea — could be vague.

He encouraged GPs to test patients for the disease and said patients should also ask to be tested.

"There's no need [for patients] to go to hospital any more, there's no need to go to see any hospital specialist," he said.

"Your GP can assess you and, in cooperation with a hospital specialist, the medication can be prescribed and treatment can be monitored."

A spokesman for Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Government was committed to eliminating hepatitis C in Australia, which will take a coordinated effort from GPs, specialists, nurses, patients and the Government.

"We would encourage patients who may have hepatitis C to consult their GP or other medical professionals," the spokesman said.

"The Federal Government funds Hepatitis Australia [with] almost $1 million to deliver community education and awareness on hepatitis C, including promoting uptake of hepatitis C treatment."

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