Health Who knew? The secret to a flat tummy lies in your bed.

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Learn The Secrets To Get Flat and Sexy Abs Fast → Click Here. While the road to a flat tummy does not involve doing just focused tummy trimming exercises, I want To do the plank, lie flat on the floor face down and lift yourself up on your toes and forearms as you can see on the picture to the right.

Flat Tummy Foods: Leeks. A landmark clinical trial done in North Dakota in the 1990s showed that women who ate high Serve the fish on a bed of tender vegetables and top with salty prosciutto, all cooked in the same wok. Featured Content. 10 Sunscreen Lies That Make Dermatologists Cringe.

  Who knew? The secret to a flat tummy lies in your bed. © Getty Images

Before I say anything else, let me say this: You do not need to have an Instagram-perfect, flat stomach.

You just don’t.

In fact, as I write this, I can feel the lower portion of my belly gently folding into itself. Why? Because I enjoy one too many croissants on a daily basis, and I am A-OK with that.

However I – like practically every woman I have ever met – am self-conscious from time to time. So if there’s a tip on how to flatten my tummy that doesn’t require me giving up my passion for croissants, I’ll be paying attention.

Particularly when a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and author says the secret to a flat stomach lies in my bed, not just on my breakfast plate.

"One month into my ballet career, what I thought was an 'old people's disease' stole my dream."

  When you think arthritis, what comes to mind? Old, grey people with gnarly joints and a stooped back, perhaps? How about 19-year-old professional ballerinas? Not so much.I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) when I was 19 years old, one month after my ballet career started. Unlike osteoarthritis, which tends to develop with age and use, rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, causing pain, inflammation and erosion of the joints, as well as persistent, ongoing fatigue.

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Side benefit: stronger core. Have you given up on ever getting back to a flat stomach? Getting a six-pack is great but if you simply want a flat stomach here, are three secrets to help achieve a flatter , more toned tummy quickly.

“There are less painful and longer lasting ways to get the amazing middle we crave,” Kathleen Alleaume wrote in an article for on Friday morning.

Sleeping Positions

You see, how much you slumber actually hugely impacts your body. More specifically, a lack of sleep is closely linked to obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and a tendency to catch a common cold.

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You are reading: The C-Section Tummy : 8 Secret Ways to Deal. 7 Fake a Flat Tummy . Oh, yay! You’re a bridesmaid in your roomie from college’s wedding. – Leg slides: lie in bed on your side with your knees bent. 10 Traits You Didn’t Know The Baby Gets From Mom (And 10 From Dad).

Here are three secrets to help achieve a flatter , more toned tummy quickly! With dedicated effort, I achieved first a flatter tummy and then my goal of a flat stomach. A basic plank is also known as a push-up plank as you adopt the same starting position.

The reason catching Zzzs has such a significant impact on your tummy has everything to do with your body’s regulation of the hormone insulin.

In simplest terms, your fat cells need their fair share of shut-eye in order to function properly. Without it, they become what Alleaume calls “‘metabolically’ groggy”.

The flow-on effect of not getting enough sleep is drastic.

Poorly regulated insulin affects the hormones that control your appetite, namely leptin and ghrelin. When Grehlin is sent out of whack, you feel increasingly hungry, even when your body doesn't need food. What's worse? Your leptin drops, making you feel less satisfied, even when you're eating more.

These changes naturally make us reach for high-sugar/high-fat foods, which of course are more calorific.

There are a few things Alleaume says you can do about this sleepy conundrum.

Firstly, get to bed earlier, so you allow yourself to get a full eight hours of snooze time. Secondly, charge your phone across the room, so it's not a distraction within arms reach.

As Alleaume says, "the more [sleep] you get, the more fat you burn — so you can put crunches last on your flat-belly list."

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