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Health How to make it more likely that you'll fall pregnant with twins.

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"I had chronic morning sickness like Duchess Catherine"

  Una Rice suffered from the same debilitating condition as Duchess Catherine, hyperemesis gravidarum, while she was expecting her twin boys.Here, Una Rice, shares the story of her hellish experience with HG while pregnant with twins.

There are other factors that can make it more likely you ' ll get pregnant with twins Image courtesy of Spigoo. Home : How to Get Pregnant with Twins .

How to fakeawake. Parenting: The Funny Side. Luxuries you ’ ll appreciate now you’re a mum. Where you’re from. Fertility treatment. Tips to get pregnant with twins . 1) Your family history. There's also an idea that if you fall pregnant when you are on the pill, or conceive soon after coming

Every woman has the same chance of having identical twins. Image via iStock.© istock Every woman has the same chance of having identical twins. Image via iStock. While some couples dream of having twins, others fear the thought of caring for two newborns at once.

And there’s still a lot of confusion about how twin pregnancies occur and whether you can actually increase your chances of having twins.

The short answer is – yes and no.

First of all, there’s two types of twins – identical or monozygotic twins and non-identical or dizygotic twins (commonly known as fraternal twins).

Every woman has the same chance of having identical twins. Identical twins occur when an egg is fertilised by one sperm and then the egg splits into two separate embryos.

Lisa Wilkinson writes heartbreaking letter about her miscarriages: ‘It haunts me still’

  Lisa Wilkinson writes heartbreaking letter about her miscarriages: ‘It haunts me still’ Lisa Wilkinson writes heartbreaking letter about her miscarriages: ‘It haunts me still’The 57-year-old, who is mum to Billi, Louis and Jake, spoke of her joy for fashion designer Camilla Franks, who is expecting her first child at the age of 41. In an op-ed piece for Huffington Post, she wrote: “I am absolutely thrilled that at the age of 41 she is about to give birth to her first child.

You are also more likely to have twins if you are getting medical help with your fertility, such as using fertility drugs or having in vitro fertilization. If you fall into one of the increased risk categories, then you may still be pregnant with twins , but not experience any of the signs.

Pregnancy and Birth. So You ’re Pregnant with Twins : Our Twin Pregnancy Guide. khosi on 9 Weeks Pregnant with Twins : Symptoms, Tips, and More . Sabrina Hinojosa on What Are the Chances of Having Twins Twice? We’ ll detail how to do that later. Dealing with your belly after twins .

It's a different case for fraternal twins - they form when two separate eggs are fertilised by two separate sperm - and some women are genetically predisposed to have a greater chance of having twins.

However, the following factors can increase your chances of having twins:

Doctors told Alicia she lost her unborn baby. A second opinion revealed a terrible mistake.

  Doctors told Alicia she lost her unborn baby. A second opinion revealed a terrible mistake. When British couple Alicia Kiernan, 24, and Cairon Booth, 28, learned they were expecting after two years of trying to fall pregnant, they were completely over the moon. But early on in the pregnancy, Kiernan experienced bleeding and after 24 hours of waiting in a hospital emergency room, she was told the devastating news that her baby no longer had a heartbeat."They said I was seven weeks plus and that there was no foetal heartbeat," Alicia told The Sun, adding that she "completely broke down" upon hearing the news.Heartbroken, Kiernan, from Nottingham, decided to take the incredibly difficult next step.

If you're pregnant with twins then you ' ll probably have a lot of questions. Many people think that if there are twins in the man’s family, this also makes it more likely , but there’s evidence to show that having a history of twins in the family is Pregnant with twins : How will my pregnancy be different?

The Shettles method explains how to help get pregnant with twin babies. Here are the simple steps that could help you to fall pregnant with twins According to Huggies, being an older mother tends to make twin babies more likely .


According to Huggies, you're more likely to have twins when you're older rather than younger. When you enter peri-menopause, your body will start releasing more than one egg each month. With more eggs, it's more likely that more than one egg will be fertilised.

An increase in oestrogen after the age of 35 also leads to a "fertility spike".


Genetics do play a role in non-identical or fraternal twins. If you come from a family where fraternal twins are common, your chances of having non-identical twins are greatly increased.

More babies.

This is simple maths - the more babies you have, the greater chance you have a falling pregnant with twins.

Women who have been pregnant before also have a greater chance of having twins. And women who have already had twins, will also have an increased likelihood of having twins again.


Any kind of fertility assistance like IVF or fertility drugs will also increase your chances of having twins, says Baby Center. IVF stimulates the ovaries and leads to more eggs being released each month, therefore increasing the odds of more than one egg being fertilised.

Sarah is six months pregnant. Her belly has everyone asking one question.

  Sarah is six months pregnant. Her belly has everyone asking one question. US model and fitness coach Sarah Stage is six months into her second pregnancy, and her belly has everyone asking one very important question… The 33-year-old, who has a whopping following of 2.2 million people, might not have a typical pregnancy belly, but is actually having an entirely healthy and normal gestation. Unfortunately, this is something she needs to regularly remind some narky followers about.

Whether you fall into one or more of these categories or not, the main thing you have to do to conceive twins is make yourself hyperovulate, which means that you produce more If you have diagnosed fertility problems and are taking fertility medication like Clomid, you are more likely to conceive twins .

Learn how many calories you ' ll need to eat each day to ensure a healthy twin pregnancy . You made it to the second trimester of your twin pregnancy . ( Twins , tragically, are five times more likely to die before their first birthday than single-born babies.)

The pill.

If you get pregnant while you're on the pill or just after you come off the pill, the likelihood of twins is increased. As Huggies explains, once you go off the pill your body will go through a "hormonal readjustment phase", which makes it easier for more than one egg to be fertilised.


According to Dr David Williams, women who eat a lot of sweet potatoes tend to have a higher rate of twins. The compounds found in sweet potatoes trigger the release of a follicle-stimulating hormone which stimulates the ovary to release more than one egg each month.

That old wives' tale about oysters also has some truth to it. Oysters are high in zinc and zinc helps with sperm production. So if your partner eats oysters it can increase the chances of his sperm fertilising two eggs at once.

Fertility specialists also recommend that women start taking a folic acid supplement at least one month before conception, and men should up their intake of green leafy vegetables, seeds and cereals to increase their little swimmers chances.

Body shape.

Women with a BMI of 30 or over are more likely to conceive twins. However, given that the healthy BMI range is 20-25, doctors don't recommend maintaining this body weight for the purpose of having twins.

Also, oddly enough, taller women are more likely to have fraternal twins.


As Babble reports, women who are breastfeeding and producing prolactin are nine times more likely to fall pregnant with twins than women who aren't breastfeeding at the time of conception.

Losing twins to stillbirth: 'They couldn't get a heartbeat and I knew something was wrong' .
In February this year, Jacqueline and Jonathan Hoy were ready for the arrival of their identical twin boys. They'd set up a nursery with two cots, and they'd even picked out their names — William and Henry.

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