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Should You Try The Adele-Approved Diet Everyone Is Talking About?

Wednesday  03:40,   22 february 2017
The Huffington Post

Forget Whole 30 ― there’s a new fad nutrition plan in town. It’s called “The Sirtfood Diet,” due to it’s emphasis on eating foods rich in sirtuin protein, which some researchers say may activate genetic pathways to burn more calories and[...]

Everything you ever wanted to know (and maybe didn’t) about fungal nail infections

Wednesday  03:40,   22 february 2017

Why and how you get fungal nail infections and how to quickly and easily treat them, plus how to avoid them in future.But they do. And they’re more common now than ever[...]

EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Hurley Opens Up About Being Fit at 51 and Ex Hugh Grant: 'We Are Best Friends'

Wednesday  03:21,   22 february 2017

The 'Royals' star isn't giving up her fitness secrets.ET's Denny Directo caught up with the 51-year-old actress at an Unforgettable Evening benefiting the Women's Cancer Research Fund, in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she opened up[...]

"My Fitbit saved my life." How an Australian mum's fitness tracker did the unexpected.

Wednesday  03:21,   22 february 2017

A 34-year-old mother of one from Western Australia says she is “lucky” a Fitbit may have saved her life – after it helped her discover a serious heart condition which can cause heart failure. A 34-year-old mother of one from Western[...]

Where you can work out on the cheap (or for free)

Wednesday  03:21,   22 february 2017

Working out isn't just for the wealthy.But what many people don't realise is that there are a number of community fitness initiatives that are free or heavily discounted on offer all the[...]

I Drank Lemon Water Every Day For 2 Weeks To See If Its Health Benefits Were True—Here’s What I Learned

Wednesday  03:21,   22 february 2017

<p>I’ve had lemon water here and there over the years, of course, but I decided to drink two cups a day for two weeks to see if it would have any noticeable impact. Here’s what I learned.</p>Lemon water has been touted as a health and wellness [...]

Why being honest about what you eat is the key to achieving your weight-loss goals

Tuesday  17:36,   21 february 2017

A little diet lie told every day really adds up.Sadly, science has revealed multiple times that is not the[...]

How technology is transforming fertility tracking — for lads and ladies

Tuesday  05:21,   21 february 2017
ABC News

<p>Since experiencing my own lengthy process to get up the duff, with many a failed attempt, I have been amazed by how little we know about our own reproduction.</p>Particularly women who, for so many decades of our lives, receive a monthly[...]

The crazy thing Kim Kardashian did to remove her post-pregnancy stretch marks

Tuesday  05:07,   21 february 2017

Kim Kardashian West has revealed she has undergone two laser procedures to get back her pre-pregnancy body.Kim paid another visit to her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr Simon Ourian, on the weekend – the second time in as many[...]

Prosopagnosia: What it's like to live with 'face blindness'

Tuesday  05:07,   21 february 2017

Tim Hughes once caught a plane from New York to LA. Sitting next to him was a woman, a striking brunette with big hair.&nbsp;Mr Hughes helped her with her bags and then sat back to enjoy the attention of the unusually solicitous airline staff.[...]

Gym-hater Adele reveals her reluctant workout secrets

Tuesday  05:07,   21 february 2017

Adele's personal trainer Pete Geracimo reveals the workout secrets and diet that've helped the star slim down since cracking the music scene in 2008.However, the Hello hitmaker has been sporting a considerably healthier look since she first[...]

Kayla Itsines: "Be patient with yourself, it takes time to make a habit"

Tuesday  05:07,   21 february 2017
Harper's Bazaar

We quiz the Instagram star on body confidence, diet vs. exercise and how often you should change up your routineCongratulations on your brilliant new[...]

Why athletes eat Greek yoghurt (and why you should too)

Tuesday  04:10,   21 february 2017

Pretty much every athlete Coach speaks to eats Greek yoghurt.WAFL player Katie Brennan, Olympic rower Chris Morgan and tennis player Lizette Cabrera have all told Coach that Greek yoghurt is one of their favourite foods, and sports dietitians say[...]

Working from home may not be as good for you as you think, study suggests

Monday  05:35,   20 february 2017
The Independent

Working from home may not be as good for you as you think, study suggestsThe study, titled Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the world of work, analysed the working habits of people from the UK, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary,[...]

Drink This One Thing Every Morning to Lose Weight

Monday  05:35,   20 february 2017
The Daily Meal

Drink This One Thing Every Morning to Lose Weight There’s no weight loss secret that thin people are keeping to themselves: To slim down simply requires sticking to a disciplined diet and exercising consistently. With that being said, there[...]