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Ask the doctor: What you need to know about Crohn's disease

Saturday  06:22,   29 april 2017
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Regenerative medicine expert, Dr Frances Pitsilis shares everything you need to know about this inflammatory bowel disease.It primarily affects the small and large bowel, but can occur anywhere in the digestive[...]

Shocking new report highlights dire alcohol culture in Australia

Saturday  06:22,   29 april 2017

A bleak new poll by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) shows how damaging Australia’s alcohol culture is for children. FARE chief executive Michael Thorn said that one in five Australian children, or about a million each year,[...]

5 Healthier Mac and Cheese Recipes

Saturday  06:21,   29 april 2017

Macaroni and cheese is a comfort food staple , but let's face it: With all the cream, butter, and cheese (and artificial ingredients, if you're making the boxed variety), it's not the healthiest. But there's good news: With just a few swaps and[...]

This Court Case Decided Cell Phones Give You Brain Tumors​

Saturday  06:21,   29 april 2017
Men's Health

<p>The verdict in Italy is the first in trial court history to recognize the development of brain tumors from using a cell phone.</p> Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Why Cinnamon Is Insanely Good for You

Friday  08:45,   28 april 2017

Why Cinnamon Is Insanely Good for YouNew research presented Saturday at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting suggests a potential mechanism for these effects, lending support to the idea of cinnamon as a[...]

Inside the life of a 'Butterfly Child', whose skin tears with the slightest touch.

Friday  05:41,   28 april 2017

When Tilly Wilkes was born she was a perfect, healthy baby girl.&nbsp;The only clue to something amiss was a small blister underneath her bottom lip, and a raw patch of skin on her[...]

Drooling, Snoring, Talking, Walking: What Your Sleep Habits Reveal About Your Health

Friday  05:22,   28 april 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

<p>Here's how to evaluate whether these nighttime behaviors might be a sign of health problems.</p>It wasn't until Carlos, whose story is featured in the American Psychiatric Association's guide to its latest diagnostic manual, complained[...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carbs

Friday  05:21,   28 april 2017
Muscle and Fitness

<p>Eating carbs won’t make you fat. Eating too many calories will.</p>Carbohydrates—what eggheads refer to as CH2O—are made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen molecules; carbs are considered to be an energy source for the body and contain four [...]

Coke is now adding fiber to drinks to try and convince people to buy soft drink again

Friday  04:38,   28 april 2017
Business Insider

Coca-Cola Plus rolled out in Japan in February. What's the "plus"? Fiber. No kidding.Coca-Cola Plus rolled out in Japan in February. The company reportedly spent more than a decade researching and developing the drink, which is[...]

A fascinating new science experiment proves that we can grow babies outside of their mother's womb

Thursday  05:41,   27 april 2017
Tech Insider

Researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have created an artificial womb. Inside of the womb, they placed a premature lamb fetus. They then kept the fetus in the womb for four weeks. The big question was: Would the lamb[...]

Why high protein diets are beneficial for everyone

Thursday  04:52,   27 april 2017

Protein shake,[...]

Sam Wood has built a workout around your TV-watching schedule.

Thursday  04:40,   27 april 2017

Sam Wood came into the Mamamia office and he has nice eyes.As a straight man I can’t say this to[...]

Experts warn that yoghurts may contain more sugar than ice cream

Thursday  04:35,   27 april 2017


The one thing you should never order at Subway

Thursday  01:21,   27 april 2017

A 'Sandwich Artist' and employee reveals all.And while that's all well and good, there is one thing on the menu that you should try and avoid ordering, after an employee and Reddit user Nope_Nope_Nope revealed the sandwich filling you should [...]

Can an IMAX screen make a spin class less punishing?

Thursday  01:11,   27 april 2017

Could focusing my attention on the screen make me actually enjoy a spin class? “Enjoy” is probably the wrong word to describe those breathless, jelly-legged 45 minutes, but IMAXShift was much more bearable than spin classes I’ve done before. Once[...]