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Libby Trickett is experiencing a "weird" pregnancy side effect we've never, ever heard of.

Tuesday  05:20,   12 december 2017

Libby Trickett is 27 weeks pregnant and she’s just discovered a very weird – and sort of gross – side effect of pregnancy. In short, her big toe nails have fallen off and she’s posted the slightly ~ terrifying ~ photographic evidence on[...]

8 Drinking Patterns That Point Toward Alcoholism

Tuesday  04:51,   12 december 2017
International Business Times

A new study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors outlines eight drinking patterns found in 177 heavy alcohol users that, if left unchecked, could quickly slide into full-blown alcoholism. 1. 3-4 Drinks, 2-3 Times per Week (Weekend)Though the [...]

The Workout Meghan Markle Calls “The Best Thing For Your Body”

Tuesday  02:23,   12 december 2017
Harper’s BAZAAR

Meghan Markle is refreshingly honest about the efforts she puts into exercise saying the main reason for her flawless figure is Megaformer Pilates.Markle's mother is a yoga instructor so she started the discipline herself as a child and has[...]

6 sun protection myths debunked

Tuesday  02:23,   12 december 2017
Now To Love

Want to protect yourself from sun damage this summer? Read on.The best line of defense against skin cancer, without avoiding exposure all together, is undoubtedly sunscreen or sunblock. While the terms seem interchangeable, there is actually a[...]

What Happened After I Gave Up Gluten For 10 Years? It's Not What You Think

Tuesday  02:22,   12 december 2017

At age 13, I made the connection that chicken nuggets were made from actual chickens and became a vegetarian on the spot. I was also insanely picky, so pasta, bagels, and pizza were my main staples. Sadly, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains hardly [...]

Easy-to-Find Superfoods That Won't Cost You This Month's Rent

Monday  23:52,   11 december 2017

The term "superfood" gets thrown around so often that I'm starting to believe avocados have powers. Whilst I definitely believe that certain foods have some amazing health benefits, it's important to remember that just because a food[...]

Thunderstorm Asthma Is a Threat to Everyone, Not Just Asthma Sufferers

Monday  07:38,   11 december 2017

In November 2016, a freak thunderstorm, in Victoria, tragically claimed the lives of 10 Australians, but not in the way you'd expect. Instead, the culprit: grains of grass pollen that had burst into the tiniest of particles. They were carried[...]

I'm nine months pregnant. Here's why you should give up your seat for me.

Monday  01:08,   11 december 2017

Pregnancy is a crash course in physics. Gravity, once understood as an airy concept connected to celestial bodies and apples, takes on new weight. It’s not weakness so much as an acute awareness of edges, heft, and drag. Life in a big city[...]

Emergency delivery: What to do if your baby arrives unexpectedly

Sunday  23:06,   10 december 2017
ABC News

Pregnant Jodie Taylor was in the shower when her new daughter Lucy Ina-May decided to make a particularly inconvenient entrance into the world.While calling for her partner, the far north Queensland mother got ready to birth, catch and check the[...]

The 7 Biggest Mistakes You're Making When You Meal Prep

Sunday  05:53,   10 december 2017

Meal prep is supposed to help you eat healthier and lose weight, right? Well, not if you make these mistakes — you could actually gain! Whether you're new to the meal prep life or you've been meal prepping and not seeing results, make sure you[...]

Progression of alzheimer's through crocheting

Sunday  05:52,   10 december 2017
Woman's Day

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in our country, and 244 people are diagnosed with the disease each day.Dementia is the second leading cause of death in our country, and 244 people are diagnosed with the disease each day, not to mention [...]

"This is not your fault": The Facebook post anybody suffering from anxiety needs to read.

Sunday  05:52,   10 december 2017

Brittany Nichole Morefield is a 23-year-old makeup artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s married, and has a beautiful baby boy. She has over 26,000 followers on Facebook. She’s married, and has a beautiful baby boy. She has over[...]

So. Here's what Sophie Monk's 'day on a plate' looks like.

Sunday  05:51,   10 december 2017

It seems like Sophie Monk is just like the rest of us when it comes to her diet – a couple of good days followed by a big old blowout. It seems like Sophie Monk is just like the rest of us when it comes to her diet – a couple of good days[...]

10 things you need to know about fat

Saturday  21:35,   09 december 2017
Woman's Day

Science is discovering some amazing new facts about fat - and we're ALL[...]

Nicotine replacement therapy safer than smoking when pregnant, researchers find

Saturday  05:52,   09 december 2017

It is common knowledge that smoking during pregnancy is harmful, and many women struggle to give up the habit due to the addictive chemicals in cigarettes. But a group of researchers from the University of Newcastle say there is not enough[...]