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Why homemade sunscreen is a bad idea

Wednesday  06:21,   18 january 2017

Smothering yourself in coconut oil is not adequate protection.From Pete Evans to Sarah Wilson, many celebrities and wellness bloggers are recommending people forgo store-bought sunscreens for homemade varieties they've whipped up in the kitchen at[...]

How to keep bad bacteria out of your kid’s lunchbox when they go back to school

Wednesday  04:21,   18 january 2017

An ice brick isn't the best way to keep your child's lunch bacteria-free.Without something in there to keep it cool, the lunchbox turns into a bacteria breeding ground and increases the risk of a good solid dose of food poisoning (which[...]

The disturbing things that happen to your brain when you don't get enough sleep.

Wednesday  04:06,   18 january 2017

I’ve never been a particularly good sleeper. I get a burst of energy at about 10pm, which means I’ll stay up far too late and then very much regret it when I wake up. At work the following day I feel… uncomfortable. If I’ve had a[...]

This Startup Will Replace Your Blood with Teenage Blood

Wednesday  04:06,   18 january 2017

Not creepy at[...]

Instagram fit mum uses her kids as weights

Wednesday  04:05,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

Instagram fit mum uses her kids as weightsThe fitness-loving mother-of-five shares her diet and fitness tips after a 30kg pregnancy[...]

5 foods proven to help you live longer

Wednesday  03:51,   18 january 2017
Woman's Day

Check out these five delicious foods scientifically proven to help you live longer by reducing the risk of heart disease, to protecting DNA.Regular exercise, plenty of sleep, de-stressing techniques and an active social life are among some of the[...]

How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Carbs and Booze

Wednesday  03:40,   18 january 2017

<p>Diet, nutrition, and any other food-related topic shouldn’t feel like Mission: Impossible.</p>What else can you add that you've been told is bad? Maybe dairy, gluten, or non-organic[...]

Ashy Bines wants you to stop comparing yourself to others. There's just one problem.

Wednesday  03:05,   18 january 2017

Ashy Bines is one of Australia’s most well-known fitness personalities.&nbsp;Her 12 week clean eating program, known as the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge, claims to give “every girl [the] chance to get the fabulous figure she always wanted.”[...]

15 of the most simple ways to relax, according to science

Tuesday  22:50,   17 january 2017
Evening Standard

15 of the most simple ways to relax, according to scienceAnd getting rid of that stress often seems exponentially[...]

All The Ways Snoring Affects Your Health

Tuesday  04:40,   17 january 2017

There’s nothing quite like the sound of snoring as the ultimate sleep interrupter.&nbsp;When we go to sleep, the muscles of the upper airway relax, causing it to become “floppy” and partially collapse. This occurs to some extent in all of[...]

Woman uses lemon test to detect her own breast cancer

Tuesday  04:40,   17 january 2017
Australian Women's Weekly

One woman in the US believes it was a picture of 12 lemons that led her to discover that she had stage-four metastatic breast cancer in January 2016 – a diagnosis that, she says, only came about after discovering what breast cancer looks like as[...]

Antibacterial soaps don’t work and may actually be bad for you

Tuesday  04:36,   17 january 2017

We all know someone who’s a little too obsessed with cleanliness. Maybe they freak out when you forget to wash your hands or go for a double-dip in the salsa. They most likely don’t believe in the five-second rule either (fair play, they are[...]

Stop using your phone when you work out

Tuesday  04:05,   17 january 2017

Texting while exercising is especially bad, reveals a new study.A new study from Hiram University in Ohio has determined just how a big a hit your workout takes if you focus on your smartphone instead of, y’know, actually working[...]

4 Things That Happen When You Skip Breakfast

Monday  22:50,   16 january 2017

Nutritionists have long argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.&nbsp;Eating breakfast consistently pays off through nutritional and mental health benefits, both in children and[...]

Why It's Rude to Talk About Your Diet

Monday  06:05,   16 january 2017
Town and Country

We know the struggle is real. That doesn't mean you have to tell us about it.Look, I get it. To diet is to obsess. Many years ago, I was a nervous undergraduate who had packed on the proverbial "freshman 15" (though in my case, it was the[...]