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Jillian Michaels reveals the key to keeping weight off after losing it

Tuesday  07:20,   17 october 2017

The health and fitness expert says that keeping weight off depends on how you lose the weight, as well as your relationship with food.For those who do manage to shed pounds however, the battle often continues when trying to keep the lost weight[...]

2 Experts Explain Why You Must Eat After a Workout (and What Happens If You Don't)

Tuesday  06:35,   17 october 2017

If you've just worked out, don't even think about skipping out on food. If you've just worked out, don't even think about skipping out on food. "During a workout, especially one involving strength training, you are breaking down[...]

Losing weight is the (not very surprising) secret to living longer

Tuesday  06:22,   17 october 2017

Every kilo you drop will add two months to your life, according to major longevity research. A University of Edinburgh study published in the journal Nature Communications confirms some of the genetic and lifestyle factors likely to make you live[...]

Food as medicine: How what you eat can lower your risk of cancer

Tuesday  05:26,   17 october 2017

Your diet can play a big role in protecting against different types of cancer. “It’s not just as simple as changing what we eat — we have to look at all the other factors as well,” she said. “But looking at what we eat can play a big role.”There are [...]

Asthma study finds 40pc of patients using quick-fix treatment, putting their health at risk

Tuesday  03:36,   17 october 2017

Health experts are cautioning asthma patients not to rely solely on reliever medications, saying people are putting their health at risk. A study by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research surveyed almost 2,700 people with asthma.It found 39 per[...]

This Is What Happens When You Hold Your Pee

Tuesday  00:21,   17 october 2017
Medical Daily

Holding in your pee could significantly damage your bladder over time. During a night of drinking after throwing back a few beers, we "break the seal," or follow our urge to pee. Once we open the floodgates, our bladder control weakens, as we run[...]

An Apple Genetically Engineered To Never Brown Will Hit US Stores This Spring

Monday  07:35,   16 october 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Last week at the biotech conference SynBioBeta, I swiped one of Okanagan Specialty Fruits' Arctic Apples and put it in my purse. Last week at the biotech conference SynBioBeta, I swiped one of Okanagan Specialty Fruits' Arctic Apples[...]

Queensland skin cancer rates '60 per cent higher' than rest of nation: study

Monday  07:13,   16 october 2017
Brisbane Times

Queenslanders "bear the brunt” of skin cancer diagnosis across the country, with men over 55 most at risk, research has found.Men over the age of 55 living in Queensland were the leading demographic for non-melanoma skin cancers, the most[...]

The one drink you shouldn't order in a restaurant

Monday  05:20,   16 october 2017

<p>While we all trust that eating and drinking establishments are clean and healthy environments, we can't always be sure that everything we're consuming is bacteria-free.</p>And while we're not suggesting you start taking your own[...]

How healthy is couscous compared to rice?

Monday  04:36,   16 october 2017
Now To Love

Is couscous healthier than rice? Is there rice that's better than other rice? Where is couscous on the glycemic index? We answer all your questions.Couscous is a wheat product that is very popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It can be used as a[...]

See Survivor winner Jericho's dramatic weight loss

Monday  04:36,   16 october 2017
Now To Love

The Australian Survivor contestants have seen dramatic changes to their bodies as they survived on rice, beans and coconuts on a remote Samoan island.The duo, along with the other 22 contestants, saw dramatic changes in their bodies as they survived [...]

Here's A New Low-Fat Avocado, But Is It Really Necessary?

Monday  03:22,   16 october 2017

A Spanish company is unveiling a new Avocado Light, which they say has 30% less fat, ripens faster and browns slower. Avo is this possible?Should you top your toast with low-fat[...]

New to exercise? How to adjust your diet to match your training

Monday  03:22,   16 october 2017

A few diet tweaks can make all the difference to how you feel and perform when you work out.Whether you're doing weights or cardio or a bit of both, it's always a good idea to have a carbohydrate snack prior to your workout to fuel your body for a[...]

Stop over-thinking: How to switch off your brain

Sunday  07:16,   15 october 2017

It's very difficult to switch off the merry-go-round of thoughts swirling in your head — but it can be done.Sometimes it's a case of preparing for an upcoming situation, with the brain pistons firing different options for dealing with the "what[...]

The French Girl’s Guide To Anti-Ageing

Sunday  06:31,   15 october 2017
Harper’s BAZAAR

Do Parisienne women age better than the rest of us? Here, how to age gracefully the French way. Including, looking after your skin, hair and body.Not only do French women have an effortless approach to style, they also seem to have this ageing thing [...]