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Copenhagen's second most famous chef heads to Australia

Thursday  22:52,   17 may 2018

Bo Bech was propelled on his celebrity chef path by cooking rations when he was in the Danish Royal Guards."Can I ask you a question? And it's not a trick question," says the Danish chef as we settle into his favoured banquette with a[...]

Pete Evans wants to turn your pet paleo too

Wednesday  20:11,   16 may 2018

The MKR favourite swears his pet food is so good, he's eaten it himself.Not content in his bid to inspire the nation to turn against grains, legumes, refined sugars and dairy, the My Kitchen Rules favourite and healthy living advocate, 45, is[...]

The Australian Women's Weekly Barbie finger bun doughnuts

Wednesday  05:57,   16 may 2018

A recipe for glazed doughnuts by Anna Polyviou from The Australian Women's Weekly Barbie cookbook. The recipe is triple-tested and great for kids.With recipes by the award-winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou road-tested in The Weekly's Test[...]

McDonald's launches new 'Grand Big Mac' burger across Australia - but you better be quick because it sold out in three days when it was released in UK

Wednesday  05:45,   16 may 2018

The arrival of the Grand Big Mac (pictured) in Australia comes after the supersized version of the popular burger sold out in just three days when it was released in the UK. McDonald's is launching a brand new burger across Australia to mark 50[...]

How to tell if you're in a dysfunctional relationship

Wednesday  04:51,   16 may 2018

Because it takes two to tango, our own conduct within a relationship tells only part of the story. There are many ways to describe a relationship. A "good" relationship can be "healthy", or "fulfilling"; a "bad" relationship can be "abusive" or[...]

How to outsmart picky eaters

Tuesday  17:06,   15 may 2018

Nutritionist Zoe Bingely-Pullin shares her top tips to keep kids’ tummies (and tastebuds) happy, without the fuss!But there are a few ways to tick all the boxes when it comes to plating up an economical and healthy meal that will have dishes coming[...]

McDonald's employees share the 14 strangest orders they have ever gotten

Tuesday  07:11,   15 may 2018

McDonald's' menu isn't expansive enough for some customers, who prefer to customise their orders. As a result, McDonald's crew members sometimes get pretty strange requests from these pickier customers.Weirdest orders at[...]

Here's how to Masterchef Honeycomb at home

Monday  05:01,   14 may 2018

Adelaide urban planner, Kristen Sheffield made it into the top 24 with a mouth-watering dish of Cinnamon Whiskey Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Honeycomb and Whiskey Caramel Sauce. It's a yes from us! Here's how you can make your own version at[...]

That's not a picnic basket! Real life Yogi Bear smashes a car window and steals 24 vegan cupcakes before eating every single one... as residents reveal it's his THIRD visit to the house

Sunday  05:30,   13 may 2018

A Rockaway couple had a run in with the real-life Yogi Bear on Thursday morning after the beast broke into their car and stole two dozen cupcakes they'd left there overnight for an early morning order.Christine Allen, who owns Mo'Pweeze vegan[...]

A dietitian explains how to enjoy pasta without gaining weight

Saturday  06:01,   12 may 2018

Pasta is not the[...]

Secret ingredient: adding soy sauce to cookies

Friday  04:33,   11 may 2018

All you need is one teaspoon for an entire batch. Go ahead, try it! Your friends and family members will ask for your secret ingredient — and that's a promise.After countless years of churning out warm, chewy, and delicious chocolate chip[...]

You bloody BEAUTY: A Shannon Noll-themed restaurant is coming to Australia

Wednesday  05:02,   09 may 2018

Aussie meme culture is a truly bizarre beast. The latest twist in Shannon Noll’s somewhat meme-driven career comes in the form of a Nollsie-themed restaurant in Cronulla, New South Wales. The latest twist in Shannon Noll’s somewhat[...]

Why the smells and tastes of certain foods can bring the past back to life

Tuesday  07:45,   08 may 2018

The food manufacturers exploit nostalgia, tapping into the delicate interplay between sense and memory to sell the taste of your childhood back to you. "Search for websites with the word 'candy' combined with 'vintage', 'retro', or 'nostalgia', and[...]

How To Avoid The Kids Menu Trap

Tuesday  02:31,   08 may 2018

<p>Kids menus. I can't say I'm enthused when I read the selection of flavourless mac and cheese, plain pizza discs, and dry, white-meat chicken fingers, but I've accepted the options as part of the family dining experience - kids need [...]

Here's What Ruby Chocolate Actually Tastes Like

Monday  04:15,   07 may 2018

Ruby chocolate has just arrived in Australia (in KitKat form), but what does it actually taste like? Team ELLE put the flavour to the test.Barry Callebaut, one of the world's largest cocoa producers, have developed a fourth variety of chocolate,[...]