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The Easter treat that's lethal for dogs

Friday  00:51,   30 march 2018

No, we're not talking about chocolate.Most people know that dogs shouldn't have chocolate - but there's another sweet treat that should be kept away from pets this[...]

Easy Easter baking ideas from the Australian Women's Weekly

Thursday  08:51,   29 march 2018

There's everything from traditional simnel cakes, beautiful bundt cakes and cute cupcakes and meringues the kids will love. Happy Easter!Mini meringue nests © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Put an Easter spin on this popular[...]

PSA: Cadbury Has Killed The Chocolate Easter Bilby

Thursday  01:51,   29 march 2018

Cadbury's milk chocolate Easter Bilby is dead. The company confirmed that the popular Easter snack has been discontinued.Cadbury's milk chocolate Easter Bilby is dead. The company confirmed that the popular Easter snack has been discontinued due [...]

A ‘Royal Wedding Gin’ has been created in honour of Harry and Meghan!

Thursday  00:57,   29 march 2018

It’s only seven weeks to the royal wedding and it looks like there are plenty of businesses who want to cash in, eh we mean, participate in the celebration! Family-run business and Royal Warrant holder Partridges has just released [...]

The Weekly's Easter hot cross bun recipe

Wednesday  08:56,   28 march 2018

These hot cross buns are easy to make and delicious when baked!MAKES 12 PREP TIME 1 HOUR (PLUS PROVING[...]

How to cook an Easter egg hunt smash cake

Wednesday  04:15,   28 march 2018

Surprise your family this festive season with this incredible cake, filled with chocolatey Easter eggs that can be revealed when you 'smash' the top.Surprise your family this festive season with this incredible cake, filled with chocolatey[...]

Mars is set to make Maltesers the shape of FLAT buttons in a bid to 'fight falling sales'

Tuesday  01:59,   27 march 2018

A chocolate favourite is set to make a drastic change in order to fight falling sales. Spherical chocolate sweet Maltesers are going to get flattened turning them from balls to buttons, it is[...]

Are organic fruit and vegetables worth the extra cost? How to decide what to buy on a budget

Monday  04:05,   26 march 2018

For many of us price is a top consideration when we're buying food, even if we want to buy organic produce. So if you can't afford to buy only organic groceries, are there some organic products that you should prioritise over others? Well,[...]

Dunedin cafe cooks Ed Sheeran inspired sweet treats

Saturday  03:26,   24 march 2018

Another restaurant has a Sheeran pizza with added ginger hit.Dunedin is not only 'Painting the town Ed', some cafes and restaurants are 'Feeding the town Ed' in anticipation of the pop star's visit next[...]

Giapo’s ‘Hot Cross Bun Cone’ Is the Dreamiest Easter Sweet Treat

Friday  06:56,   23 march 2018

Hot cross buns are popular in historically Christian countries and eaten on Good Friday to mark the end of Lent (but many eat them through the Easter season). Giapo’s R&D Kitchen in Auckland has created a “Hot Cross Bun Cone,” built[...]

Cotton candy grapes that taste like fairy floss now in Australian supermarkets

Thursday  05:25,   15 march 2018

It's every kid's dream — fruit that tastes like lollies. Australian grape growers are cashing in on a fruit frenzy in the United States, where a horticulturalist has produced a green table grape that tastes just like fairy floss. 'Cotton[...]

Since When Did Moon Water Become a Thing?

Tuesday  04:30,   13 march 2018

Our Instagram feeds are overrun with crystals. It seems everyone's collecting them, charging them and styling them on top of their biggest coffee table book next to their fancy Diptyque Baies candles — it's certainly become a trend over the[...]

The best gluten-free restaurants coeliacs will love

Thursday  00:26,   08 march 2018

Looking to eat in? Check out Australia's top gluten-free take-away meals.1 in 70 Australian's have Coeliac disease, and 1 in 4 remain undiagnosed - it's a disease with many faces, and for some, the consequences can be[...]

People Are Putting Ice Cubes In Their Cereal And Here's Why

Tuesday  05:35,   06 march 2018

Peanut butter and chocolate, ice cream and cake, and hot dogs and mustard are OK, but ice cubes and cereal? Thanks to our friend, the internet, putting ice cubes in your cereal is now a thing. People who used to hide their ice-cube and cereal shame [...]

Perth cool summer creates one of the best Swan Valley wine seasons in living memory

Monday  14:52,   05 march 2018

Red and white wine drinkers prepare to rejoice — a mild Perth summer creates one of the best grape growing seasons in living memory.Perth has just had its mildest summer in 18 years, with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and no days over [...]