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Coca-Cola Recipe Rumored to Have Originated in Spain

Saturday  18:55,   02 june 2018

Records show that Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 in Columbus, Georgia, by former Confederate Colonel John Pemberton, who intended to create an opium-free medicine in an effort to kick a morphine addiction. In a recent interview with Spanish [...]

Grim reaper fires up Perth as Chilli Week hits WA breweries

Friday  13:33,   01 june 2018

While most West Australians will relish the sunny conditions celebrating WA Day this long weekend, for some the heat won't hit until Monday.Despite storm clouds forecast for Perth on Monday, crazed chilli lovers will risk extending their time[...]

Lunchbox love: Why mums are spending more than $100 on school lunchboxes

Friday  10:50,   01 june 2018

“I have a special kind of love for mothers who have time to make cute little imprints of animals on their kids’ sandwiches,” a friend of mine joked.She, of the old-school vegemite sandwich and apple with a biscuit lunchbox, looked at those glossy[...]

Choose great cheese every time with these tips

Thursday  04:55,   31 may 2018

A cheese buyer and a food writer have provided their tips on selecting the best cheese every time. Here they share what they've learned from many years of talking to producers and tasting and smelling everything from fresh curd cheeses to[...]

Grill'd has got beef with its 'fast food' ranking - and it's right

Wednesday  04:30,   30 may 2018

The angry hamburger dude from Grill’d is threatening to unleash the hounds on obesity researchers who lumped him in “with a bunch of fast-food outlets”.KFC came in third behind Maccas and Subway. Poor old Grill’d was beaten for the last place only[...]

The world’s oldest beer is about to hit Aussie shelves

Tuesday  11:02,   29 may 2018

<p>The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) and James Squire are all working together to recreate the world's oldest beer.</p>But unlike, say, honey, which can sit on the shelf and still be[...]

Great Mexican Food in Australia Is Scarce. Bar Patrón Isn’t Helping.

Tuesday  02:35,   29 may 2018

The restaurant, from Neil Perry and the Rockpool Dining Group, offers margaritas and tacos that mostly miss the mark.The windows at Bar Patrón by Rockpool frame one of the world’s greatest views: the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up in all its[...]

Dealhacker: Free Big Macs At Macca's Today!

Monday  05:32,   28 may 2018

Today is "International Burger Day". To celebrate, you can score a Big Mac for free from your local Macca's from 11am. Here's how to grab it.In celebration of the big day - and to mark the 50th anniversary of Macca's major burg -[...]

Australia's first Pizza Hut bulldozed in Belfield

Monday  04:30,   28 may 2018

What happened to Australia's first fast food trailblazers?Strathfield Council confirmed the old Pizza Hut site will be replaced by a mixed development, which includes 61[...]

You Need To Add Potato Chips To Your Eggs

Friday  01:01,   25 may 2018

Why you'll want to incorporate potato chips with your eggs.They also play well with almost any kind of egg. You can crumble a small handful of chips into a scramble (I like sour cream and onion chips for this), stuff them into an omelette (try[...]

Eight essential modern cookbooks every home cook should have on their bookshelf

Wednesday  04:56,   23 may 2018

Our list of millennial kitchen tomes that have a proven shelf life, with enduring recipes and the ability to still stir the imagination. Think back, if you will, to the year 2000, when life was simple and the millennium was fresh. If you'd told us[...]

5 Tips On How To Cut Down On Food Waste

Monday  06:31,   21 may 2018

We waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year. Here's how to do your part to slash those numbers.Australia's Department of Environment and Energy estimate food waste to cost the Australian economy around $20 billion each year, with Aussies[...]

Three 'Food Safety' Rules, Tested With Science

Sunday  23:31,   20 may 2018

Have you ever employed the 'sniff test' to tell if something is past its use-by-date? Do you prescribe to the 'five-second rule' when food gets dropped? And just how dangerous are burger patties that are still pink in the middle? We[...]

Don't mention the... pub's 'swear box' for nuptials

Saturday  05:56,   19 may 2018

Those who are sick of the royal wedding may find solace in a Derby pub, which has banned all mention of the nuptials on Saturday. The Alexandra Hotel will even fine people with a "swear box" for those who let slip anything about Prince Harry and[...]

From the Big McChicken to the Aussie Battler Burger: The secret menu items at fast food chains including Hungry Jacks and McDonald's revealed

Friday  14:51,   18 may 2018

Many people aren't aware that the most popular fast food chains have their own secret menu. FEMAIL has revealed some of the most popular dishes that aren't on the menu - but are still available.If you're a fan of fast food, then rejoice -[...]