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Do You Get Fewer Orange Smarties In Each Pack?

Tuesday  19:55,   13 december 2016

The tastiest of all Smarties sometimes seems like the rarest. But is it a corporate conspiracy?This makes them a little more special than the other colours and the nation's stand-out favourite, such that Nestlé has occasionally sold limited edition[...]

Is this the most luxurious burger in the world?

Tuesday  19:52,   13 december 2016

Gold leaf burger[...]

The struggle is no longer real! Lifehack to ripen avocados on demand is revealed

Tuesday  19:52,   13 december 2016

At some point in recent history, the internet developed a fascination with ‘life hacks’, tips and tricks designed to make some mundane task easier, or to find a new use for all those broken clothes pegs that seem to multiply when you aren’t looking. [...]

KFC has released a fried chicken-scented candle and it's getting the kind of reaction you'd expect

Tuesday  19:52,   13 december 2016

Can you still lick your fingers after touching it, though?KFC has released a scented candle which apparently smells just like the crispy[...]