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McDonald's staff reveal secrets to saving money, getting fresh food - and VIP service

Thursday  04:05,   23 february 2017

Insider knowledge at its[...]

Why this Italian restaurant owner gave a discount for well-behaved kids

Tuesday  03:50,   21 february 2017

An Italian wine bar has received worldwide attention after the owner issued a discount to a family with very well behaved children. The Independent reports Antonio Ferrari, owner of the Antonio Ferrari Wine Bar in Padua, Italy, gave a[...]

7 Ways To Avoid Arguments At The Dinner Table, For Parents Of Fussy Eaters

Monday  04:51,   20 february 2017

Relate family counsellor, Christine Northam told The Huffington Post UK: “Food is linked very strongly to the way we feel, which means it can end up becoming an emotional battle ground.” Relate family counsellor, Christine Northam told The[...]

5 Foods You Didn't Know Expire

Monday  04:51,   20 february 2017

<p>Here's all the stuff you didn't think expired but really can get pretty rank. The lesson here is label EVERYTHING.</p>The lesson here is label[...]

A Professional Chef Reveals the 5 Secrets to Poaching an Egg Perfectly

Sunday  16:55,   19 february 2017

Poached eggs are the holy grail of breakfast. They are way more impressive than the typical fried egg and elevate plain avocado toast to something Insta-worthy. MakingMaking a poached egg sounds easy enough: just plop an egg into hot water and let[...]

11 Delicious Pizza Cooking Hacks From The Archives

Saturday  03:36,   18 february 2017

Pizza lovers indulge in an appreciatory celebration of the famous Italian flatbread dish . While nominally a US celebration, the event has been picked up by pizza fans around the world and is a great excuse to indulge in a pizza (or three.) Here are [...]

Meghan Markle's red wine hot chocolate is A+

Sunday  03:10,   12 february 2017

She's known for her role in Suits and, more recently, as Prince Harry's girlfriend but Meghan Markle is also an a keen food blogger.Megan has previously expressed (on numerous occasions) her love for a vino, telling The New Potato: “God, do[...]

McDonald's testing snow crab sandwich

Saturday  03:05,   11 february 2017

McDonald's is classing up the joint by introducing a snow crab sandwich, which is being served at four San Francisco Bay Area restaurants. It's at least the second attempt by the burger maker to tap into the Bay Area food scene for inspiration.[...]

I Put Peanut Butter On My Eggs & The Result Was Shocking

Friday  04:06,   10 february 2017

This morning was not like other mornings. I woke up, lifted my sleep-heavy lids, slid out from under my sheets, and sauntered into my kitchen with one purpose, and one purpose only: to scramble eggs and spread peanut butter on them. Yep, that's[...]

Fairy Bread Is An Abomination

Friday  03:10,   10 february 2017

Sometimes in life you lack perspective. Sometimes you’re just too close. To the situation, to the person.&nbsp;In cases like these it often takes a fresh set of eyeballs, a rogue outsider. It takes that radical voice in the crowd to shatter the[...]

Adelaide Hills brewery introduces Australia's first lentil beer

Thursday  03:31,   09 february 2017

<p>In an era when brewers are experimenting with an increasing array of ingredients, an Adelaide Hills brewery is today releasing the country's first lentil beer.</p>"It's something exciting, it's something new," said Alistair Turnbull[...]

The Grammy's Menu Just Dropped & It Sounds Like It Will Be A Hit

Wednesday  04:35,   08 february 2017

Beyoncé is expected to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards — yes, while pregnant with twins. They don't call her a queen for nothing.&nbsp;Beyoncé is expected to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards — yes, while pregnant with twins. They[...]

The 15 most popular Super Bowl snack recipes

Tuesday  04:05,   07 february 2017

The Super Bowl is this weekend, which means it's a good time to start thinking about easy, crowd-pleasing snacks to make. We asked Pinterest to help us find some of the most popular recipes out there. From baked zucchini chips to Triscuit pizza, [...]

In the kitchen with Donna Hay

Tuesday  04:05,   07 february 2017

The Aussie icon chats about her favourite recipes, what a kitchen novice needs to know and how she gets her kids in the kitchen. Q: What’s one of your favourite things you made in the Basics to Brilliance series?It’s really hard to pick one! When[...]

The Queen is producing her own sparkling wine – and it's selling out already!

Monday  04:46,   06 february 2017

The Queen has started producing sparkling wine as part of her Windsor Park Estate and pre-orders are selling out fast.Although the bottles aren't due to go on sale until autumn, they're already proving a hit with royal enthusiasts who are keen to[...]