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A dietitian explains how to enjoy pasta without gaining weight

Saturday  06:01,   12 may 2018

Pasta is not the[...]

Secret ingredient: adding soy sauce to cookies

Friday  04:33,   11 may 2018

All you need is one teaspoon for an entire batch. Go ahead, try it! Your friends and family members will ask for your secret ingredient — and that's a promise.After countless years of churning out warm, chewy, and delicious chocolate chip[...]

You bloody BEAUTY: A Shannon Noll-themed restaurant is coming to Australia

Wednesday  05:02,   09 may 2018

Aussie meme culture is a truly bizarre beast. The latest twist in Shannon Noll’s somewhat meme-driven career comes in the form of a Nollsie-themed restaurant in Cronulla, New South Wales. The latest twist in Shannon Noll’s somewhat[...]

Why the smells and tastes of certain foods can bring the past back to life

Tuesday  07:45,   08 may 2018

The food manufacturers exploit nostalgia, tapping into the delicate interplay between sense and memory to sell the taste of your childhood back to you. "Search for websites with the word 'candy' combined with 'vintage', 'retro', or 'nostalgia', and[...]

How To Avoid The Kids Menu Trap

Tuesday  02:31,   08 may 2018

<p>Kids menus. I can't say I'm enthused when I read the selection of flavourless mac and cheese, plain pizza discs, and dry, white-meat chicken fingers, but I've accepted the options as part of the family dining experience - kids need [...]

Here's What Ruby Chocolate Actually Tastes Like

Monday  04:15,   07 may 2018

Ruby chocolate has just arrived in Australia (in KitKat form), but what does it actually taste like? Team ELLE put the flavour to the test.Barry Callebaut, one of the world's largest cocoa producers, have developed a fourth variety of chocolate,[...]

Brie vs. Camembert: What's the Difference?

Sunday  13:10,   06 may 2018

While both brie and camembert are cow's milk cheeses, are soft-ripening, and have a white, flowery rind, the two aren't interchangeable.&nbsp;While both brie and camembert are cow's milk cheeses, are soft-ripening, and have a white,[...]

The Kentucky Derby is selling a $1,000 cocktail to support Jennifer Lawrence's charity

Saturday  05:36,   05 may 2018

The Kentucky Derby takes place on May 5 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Mint julep cocktails at the Kentucky Derby will be served with a $US1,000 price tag.In tune with the extravagance and pomp that makes the Kentucky Derby the Kentucky [...]

Want to eat better? Train yourself to change your tastes

Friday  21:07,   04 may 2018

Scientists are investigating whether we can change the way we taste foods to help control how much we eat. The six tastesSix taste qualities have been identified: sweet, salty, sour, umami (savoury), fat and bitter. A recent study has also provided[...]

The Weirdest Fast Food Menu Items From Around The World

Friday  03:55,   04 may 2018

Most leading fast food franchises are available in multiple countries around the world. However, the menu options can vary wildly depending on the tastes, culture and customs of locals. Here are ten extreme takeaway oddities that you can only get[...]

Dishes in Dispute

Thursday  07:34,   03 may 2018

The topic of which country invented what special dish is always a heated issue. We take a look at some famous food[...]

11 insider facts about McDonald's employees know and most customers don't

Sunday  05:36,   29 april 2018

McDonald's employees know all about how things are run at the fast food giant. Customers might miss out on some secrets that are obvious to employees.About 375,000 people work at the fast food chain, according to the McDonald's 2016 filing with[...]

The 9 mistakes people are making when buying, ordering, and drinking gin -- and what to do instead

Thursday  05:05,   26 april 2018

There's a lot to know when it comes to buying, ordering, and drinking gin. Business Insider visited Bombay Sapphire's Laverstoke Mill distillery to get some answers.Whether you've been a fan for years or have only recently picked up on the[...]

Anzac Day 2018: Who made the first Anzac biscuit?

Thursday  03:11,   26 april 2018

Most family recipes tell a story, but none so much, or with as much mystery still surrounding it, as the Anzac biscuit. For 18 months, culinary historian Allison Reynolds trawled through old recipe books trying to discover the origins of this famous [...]

Why you should ALWAYS save the fat after you’ve roasted a chicken (and it can transform the flavour of your side dishes)

Wednesday  00:11,   25 april 2018 reveals how easy it is to use and store chicken fat, which will help you cut back on waste. Simply let the fat cool down and strain it into a container after roasting the bird.But if you've been throwing away the residual fat the meat[...]