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Everything you think you know about parmesan cheese is a lie

Tuesday  05:52,   06 june 2017

If you thought parmesan cheese was vegetarian, it's time to think again. The pasta-lovers staple actually contains an enzyme produced in calves' stomachs called rennet, BuzzFeed reported. When calves are killed for meat, rennet is[...]

Dealhacker: Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away 30,000 Free Doughnuts Today

Friday  08:25,   02 june 2017

To celebrate National Doughnut Day , Krispy Kreme will be handing out free Original Glazed Doughnuts today between 5:30am and 11:59pm. Hurrah! Here's how to claim your freebie.Krispy Kreme is once again giving away Original Glazed doughnuts to[...]

McDonald's Now Sells Chicken Big Macs And Cheeseburger Fries

Thursday  02:36,   01 june 2017

McDonald's is redesigning some of its classic menu items with new fast food mashups . For a limited time, you will be able to buy Cheeseburger flavoured fries. In addition, the Chicken Big Mac has become an official part of the menu. That's[...]

This $10 bottle of Aldi Rosé has been named one of the best wines in the world

Wednesday  06:11,   31 may 2017

Just some really incredible news for cheapskates around the world. Cheap wine is a staple for young Australians. It starts with a sordid love affair with goon around the later years of high school, before as *sophisticated* university student, you[...]

Gordon Ramsay Swears Butter Is The Secret To The Most Amazing Burger

Monday  02:16,   29 may 2017

He uses a common Thanksgiving technique.We've heard a lot of his tips before - toast the buns, don't move the patties around on the grill, season aggressively - but one piece of advice stood out: Ramsay brushes his patties with butter two minutes[...]

Why Does The NSW Government Hate Vegemite?

Saturday  06:21,   27 may 2017

In a bid to fight childhood obesity, the NSW Department Of Education has issued a blacklist of foods it wants to see banned or heavily restricted from school canteens. While the majority of snacks mentioned in the report won't raise any[...]

Gordon Ramsay says never order THIS at a restaurant

Wednesday  03:11,   24 may 2017

Chef Gordon Ramsay says never order this popular menu item at any restaurant, even though it might seem like a bargain special at the time.Ramsay knows a thing or two about running a restaurant, and revealed to Town & Country magazine the one[...]

Avolatte a social media hit, but sales flop

Tuesday  00:40,   23 may 2017

The invention drew ire on Twitter, with many saying it was proof that coffee culture has gone too far.However it turns out the unconventional beverage was just an elaborate ruse - a Truman Café staff member revealing to Newshub the café doesn't even [...]

The $21 bottle of whisky from Aldi raking in top awards

Thursday  08:09,   11 may 2017

Fooling the world's experts in taste test.  Whiskey drinkers rejoice: A $21 bottle of whiskey from Aldi in the UK has floored judges who awarded it second place at one of the most prestigious alcohol competitions in the[...]

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino slammed by lawsuit

Monday  01:06,   08 may 2017

A New York City cafe alleges the coffee conglomerate overshadowed its own rainbow-colored "Unicorn Latte" with a sugary ripoffWhat's the value of a unicorn-themed drink? It may go well beyond the $5 or so Starbucks was charging for its[...]

Bombay Sapphire recalls gin for being almost twice as alcoholic as it should be

Sunday  08:11,   07 may 2017

If you've gotten surprisingly drunk after gulping down an strangely strong gin-and-tonic recently, you may not be alone. On Tuesday, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled a batch of Bombay Sapphire brand London Dry Gin from the market[...]

The McDonald’s ‘frork’: A utensil whose main purpose is to poke the Internet

Friday  08:12,   05 may 2017

It's designed to do one other thingBut unlike Ash Williams and his chain saw hand, the “frork” is real. Well, apparently real. I have yet to hold one in my hand. I’ve only seen it in photos, on social networks and in the video above with[...]

The secret to that black ice cream you’ve seen everywhere

Wednesday  01:26,   03 may 2017

Just as quickly as the unicorns went extinct, jet-black ice cream has ascended from the depths to take over Instagram feeds the world over.What is black ice cream?Black ice cream is not a new phenomenon, having made a similar surge in popularity[...]

A Dying Dad’s Lost Recipe for Fried Meat Made His Daughter a Multimillionaire

Wednesday  01:22,   03 may 2017

When <g class="gr_ gr_16 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="16" id="16">Hiroe</g> Tanaka started her business, she was a college dropout working for[...]

How to hard boil an egg

Tuesday  00:31,   02 may 2017

Knowing how to hard boil an egg may mean you never have runny whites again. | Australian Women's Weekly content brought to you by Now to LoveIf you leave the egg for too long, you'll overcook it leaving an unattractive not to mention tasteless,[...]