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Food Grim reaper fires up Perth as Chilli Week hits WA breweries

13:33  01 june  2018
13:33  01 june  2018 Source:

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Making our way through the four dishes was a hard slog.© David Prestipino Making our way through the four dishes was a hard slog. While most West Australians will relish the sunny conditions celebrating WA Day this long weekend, for some the heat won't hit until Monday.

Despite storm clouds forecast for Perth on Monday, crazed chilli lovers will risk extending their time away from the office by playing russian roulette with some of the world's hottest chillis as they bask in the scorching glory of Beerland Chilli Week, which returns to Northbridge and Whitfords Brewing Co's from Monday.

Now in its fourth year, and fuelled by some of the world’s fieriest chillies, spice fiends will band together for a chance to burn each other's palettes off while trying to win some very awesome prizes as a result.

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Beerland presents Chilli Week at both Northbridge Brewing Company and Whitfords Brewing Company . Visit your nearest Beerland venue to tantalise and torment ALL the taste. Food Safari Perth . Photography for Beginners.

The star of the show in 2018 is the Carolina Reaper, a cross between the Sweet Habanero and Naga Viper chilli, and regarded as the hottest pepper on earth.

Four dishes hot to trot

The slider roulettes are available in threes but beware - one is spiked with hot sauce.© David Prestipino The slider roulettes are available in threes but beware - one is spiked with hot sauce. got in early to test the fiery factor and we're pleased to report this year's Chilli Week menu features plenty of fire finessed with some wonderful flavours from Chef Tama (Northbridge) and Chef Kevin (Whitfords).

NBC manager Simon Duncan said they had tried to incorporate as many different styles of chilli to create a menu for foodies as well as those who loved some fire with their meal.

"This year we are using a few chillis with different levels of heat that we can use to create more varied styles of dishes for people to enjoy," he said.

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Chilli Week is on June 4-10 at Northbridge Brewing Co and Whitfords Brewing Co, with chefs using some of the world's hottest chillies to warm diners up this winter. Topics. WA News.

"We're not trying to blow your head off as much ... though that option is still definitely available if you want it."

Another thing on hand that should definitely be utilised is the extra slab of milk the venues have stocked for the week.

A few litres came in handy when WAtoday tried four of the dishes featured during Chilli Week (see full list below), which left us licking our lips for more (and more milk).

The Canadian-inspired rendang poutine was our pick of the four dishes we sampled, the cheese curd, coriander and toasted coconut wonderful complements for the all-encompassing heat of the rendang sauce poured over braised short ribs and hand-cut chips.

Make sure milk is your friend if you visit the breweries for a chilli hit.© David Prestipino Make sure milk is your friend if you visit the breweries for a chilli hit.

The honour of the hottest dish belonged to the brilliant Singapore Chilli Mud Crab, served thankfully with fried Asian buns and another side of milk.

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Chilli weather Chilli conditions are forecast for Northbridge Brewing Co and Whitfords Brewing Co. Between Monday June 4 and Sunday June 10, both venues will be turning up the heat for Beerland Chilli Week . Expect a chilli -inspired menu featuring the eye-wateringly hot Carolina Reaper chilli

Special mention goes to the Hearty Skewers, which feature two South American marinated beef heart sticks (Antichucho) and the Hua Jai Kai Yang - Thai marinated chicken heart skewers, both served with bee pollen, fennel and caraway seeds for extra complexity and NBC's house relish and sambal sauces plus a fiery number from event sponsor Firehorse.

If you're not sure you can handle the heat in the kitchen, pick your desired heat level (subtle, simmering, sizzling, scorching) with each dish but, be warned: one of the three slider roulettes (pulled pork, BBQ sauce, slaw, brioche slider bun) is spiked with super-hot sauce.

If that's not enough, Beerland's head brewer Ken Arrowsmith has concoted another gem in the limited edition Habanero IPA, a chilli beer that's not too heavy on the spice and is on tap only until it runs dry (also available to take home in a 946ml Canimal fresh from the tap).

The Beerland venues will also hold a Firehorse Chilli Pong comp, with teams trying to sink the most ping-pong balls into cups of virgin Bloody Marys doused in burning Firehorsechilli sauce.

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Then there's the Passport Challenge for the serious chilli heads, who can test themselves through a series of food challenges and get their achievements stamped off to earn a range of prizes.

The Canadian-inspired rendang poutine was our pick of the dishes.© David Prestipino The Canadian-inspired rendang poutine was our pick of the dishes.

Beerland Chilli Week 2018 Monday June 4 – Sunday June 10Northbridge Brewing Co (44 Lake St, Northbridge) and Whitfords Brewing Co(Westfield Whitford City, Hillarys)

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Chilli Week menu - Whitfords Brewing Co:1. Slider Roulette: Slow cooked pulled pork in a smoky BBQ sauce with apple slaw and mystery heat level (chef loads the bun, you bite the bullet).

2. Singaporean Mud Crab: Local mud crab in a traditional Singaporean chilli sauce served with fried Asian buns.

3. Chilli Mussels: South Australian mussels in a chilli tomato sauce served with crusty bread.

4. Killer Curry: Showcasing various hot & spicy curries from around the world during the week.

5. Chicken Wings: Our own crispy spiced wings served with four individual chilli dipping sauces of various heats (sauces: blue cheese, namjim, chipotle BBQ, scorpion siracha).

6. Chilli chocolate venison: Venison in a traditional Mexican Mole sauce, slow braised with anchovies & chipotle chillies finished with dark chocolate.

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Everything about the Grim Reaper is imbued with meaning. The Grim Reaper clutches an hourglass, too, letting us know that our days are numbered. When the sand runs out, our time is up .

Northbridge Brewing Co:1. Slider Roulette: Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, slaw, brioche slider bun. One will be spiked with super-hot sauce.

2. Hearty Skewers: Hua Jai Kai Yang – Thai marinated chicken heart on a skewer served with a series of condiments; Anticucho – South American marinated beef heart in chilli vinegar & herbs, chargrilled and served on slaw.

3. Rendang Poutine: Braised short rib in Rendang sauce poured over hand-cut chips, cheese curd and toasted coconut coriander shallots.

4. BBQ Spatchcock: Orange & honey glazed spatchcock, basted in Firehouse extreme sauce, served on a daikon green papaya salad.

5. Korean Pork Baguette: Masterstock braised pork belly with ‘bulgogi’ Korean sauce, grilled kimchi with grated American cheddar.

6. Singapore Mud Crab: Mud crab classic. Singapore style chilli served with four Chinese baked buns.

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