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Food Choose great cheese every time with these tips

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Mac and Cheese 101: 8 tips to make perfect macaroni and cheese every time . Mac and cheese is pretty definitively one of the greatest foods of all time . A few tips for choosing cheeses : Expensive cheese does not equal delicious cheese sauce.

What Kinds. When choosing your cheeses variety is key. Cheeses are categorized by type of milk as well as style. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a cheese and beer tasting party, so these are great tips . These are awesome tips . Like Jamie, I’m obsessed with cheese .

a group of people posing for the camera: Bronwen and Francis Percival© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Bronwen and Francis Percival You probably have a fair idea of what cheeses or producers you like. You might even have some favourites you turn to regularly. But varieties and producers aside, how do you make sure you're purchasing great cheese every time? Bronwen Percival, a cheese buyer at Neal's Yard Dairy in London, and food and wine writer Francis Percival believe it's not hard to create an impressive cheeseboard once you know what to look for at the cheesemonger.

Here they share what they've learned from many years of talking to producers and tasting and smelling everything from fresh curd cheeses to clothbound cheddars.

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  You Need To Add Potato Chips To Your Eggs Why you'll want to incorporate potato chips with your eggs.They also play well with almost any kind of egg. You can crumble a small handful of chips into a scramble (I like sour cream and onion chips for this), stuff them into an omelette (try plain with some dollops of fresh goat cheese), or make a quick Spanish tortilla. My favourite, however, is to crack a couple of eggs over a bed of chips that have been tossed and cooked with a variety of meats and vegetables, then steam them until they are just set, but still runny in the yolk. It's a real hangover helper, and it's a great way to clean out your fridge.

Gruyere and cheddar make a great combination in a grilled cheese . Image via Burnt Macaroni. How To: Get Your Master Griller's License with These BBQ Tips . How To: Make a tasty grilled How To: Secret Tricks You Need to Know for Tender, Juicy Burgers Every Time . How To: Toss It or Freeze It?

Follow these tips for how to make a cheese platter for entertaining, and reap the cheesy rewards! And, while cheese platters are a hit at holiday parties, they're also great for dinner every once in awhile. These are great tips , just in time for the holidays!

The best cheese, like the best wine, is that which most clearly expresses the unique terroir of a single farm. It will taste unlike any other cheese. That's because cheesemaking is essentially an exercise in managing ecologies, from the farmers who oversee the plants and animals on a dairy farm to the cheesemaker who manages the microbes that ferment the milk and ultimately ripen the cheese. In our book, we make the case that cheese is the best agricultural product at allowing you as the consumer to taste every farming decision that's gone into its production, far better even than wine.

But how do you know whether you're getting the best example of a particular variety of cheese? It comes down to the information that's right in front of you. Simply looking at the cheese, tasting it and talking with your cheesemonger will tell you everything you need to know.

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Bright Side has collected tips on how to chew properly, choose wisely, and we’ve also suggested 4 healthy snack options at the end. Enjoy every piece. Stretch the process of snacking. A great snack option at any time . For lunch, you can have cottage cheese with berries and fruits.

But while creating a cheese platter is simple, having a few simple tips in your back pocket will ensure a winning cheese course every time . Choose cheeses that are all made with just one type of milk, such as sheep's milk. Doing this is a great way to learn about the different styles of cheese within

Wheels of Remeker cheese ageing© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Wheels of Remeker cheese ageing Take a look at the rind of the cheese

The best cheeses wear their biodiversity on their sleeves or, to be exact, their rinds. Will Studd's excellent primer for GT on judging a cheese by its rind covers the different types of rinds cheesemakers use and what a buyer might look for in specific types of cheese. Here are some golden rules to adhere to, no matter the type of cheese:

  • Avoid cheeses that have been matured while sealed in plastic or coated in wax. These coverings keep out the oxygen needed by yeasts and moulds in order to grow and form a rind.
  • Instead, look for cheeses with natural rinds, be they clothbound hard cheeses, sticky, pungent washed-rinds, or mould-ripened soft cheeses. Studd's article runs through what rinds to look for (and what to avoid) in most major cheese types.
  • Choose rinds where you can spot communities of different bacteria and fungi living side-by-side. For instance, great brie or camembert should strike a balance between a thin dusting of white-coloured mould, some cream-coloured wrinkles, and maybe even a pinkish blush between the folds of the rind when fully ripe, as opposed to the flat white rind that's often seen. Diversity leads to complexity – such a cheese will have a far more interesting flavour than one with a papery white rind.

Pay attention to the paste

The colour of the paste is important, as it holds clues about the diet of the animals whose milk went into the cheese. Cows that feed on grass provide milk with a yellower colour than those that are fed maize or other high-energy, starchy feeds.

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Mix it up! Try mixing up the lunchbox menu every so often with wraps, muffins or a slice. A great way to get ahead in your meal prep, these easy lunchbox Cheese , Spinach and Zucchini Rice Slice – The Dairy Kitchen. Hawaiian Holiday Wrap – Devondale. Make a big batch of cheesy scrolls or snack bars

Follow these guidelines the next time you're planning a cheese course for your party. Choosing Your Cheeses . Plan on serving from three to five cheeses . Tips on Giving Great Driving Directions.

Beware, though, that this clue only applies to cow's milk cheeses: goats and sheep always produce milk with a bright white colour, regardless of what they've been eating.

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  All the Fruit You Can Treat Yourself to While on the Keto Diet The keto diet is officially all the rage, adopted by everyone from Halle Berry to Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino, who has aptly dubbed himself the "Keto Guido."  The keto diet is officially all the rage, adopted by everyone from Halle Berry to Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino, who has aptly dubbed himself the "Keto Guido." The low-carb, high-fat meal plan is highly popular because it allows you to eat foods that most other diets consider off limits, like cheese, butter, and even bacon.

Learn how to buy cheese with these cheese buying tips including where to purchase cheese , trying new cheeses 3. Ask to try a different cheese every time you go into a market that sells cheese . Work with your cheesemonger to choose cheeses in differing styles and then have condiments

2. Choose Your Cheese Retailer Carefully. Just because good cheese is for sale nearly Here's a dirty, stinkin' truth about great cheese : it ain't cheap. It takes between six and 12 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese . Keep up with our latest recipes, tips , techniques and where to eat!

When buying soft cheeses, examine the texture of the paste. It is tempting to gravitate toward runny cheeses, but this is not always a sign of quality. Some cheeses – including Swiss Mont d'Or or Portugal's Serra da Estrela – are meant to liquefy when ripe; these cheeses are sold whole and are best served with a spoon. Brie-style cheeses, in contrast, should be shiny and supple but stand their ground. Dripping cheese, especially where the rind appears to be slipping off, is a sign of technical problems in the make.

Ask to try the cheese

Smelling and tasting are key parts of selecting a cheese. Don't hesitate to ask for a sample if one isn't offered straightaway.

Tasting will help you gauge the ripeness of the cheese. Underripe cheese tastes dull and bland, while the flavour and aroma of perfectly ripe cheese is vibrant and direct. Of course, it is possible to have too much of a good thing: as cheese moves past its prime, its flavour becomes indistinct and muddy. Finally, it begins to reek of ammonia. Just like wine, all very old cheese tastes much the same.

As you taste, consider the flavour of the cheese in the context of the style. Flavours like sweetness in a cheddar mean that the cheesemaker is relying on cultures with flavour-additive properties rather than allowing the raw materials to speak for themselves.

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Make great gravy every time with these easy tips from Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin. Mac and Cheese Recipes. Mashed Potatoes Recipe.

Cheese • Gouda the Great • Great Hill Blue • Grise des Volcans • Haystack Mountain's Sunlight • Harpersfield - Brovetto Dairy • Leonora • Lincolnshire Poacher • All About Choosing and Storing Cheese . Have a good cheese tip or recommendation? What's the best cheese you've tried lately?

Surface-mould-ripened soft cheese© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Surface-mould-ripened soft cheese

When trying cheese, you should also look for complexity. Cheese from animals that have been fed solely on pasture rather than grains and other concentrated feedstuffs has far more variation in taste, as it reflects the conditions of the place where the animals graze, a bit like terroir and wine. Fermentation techniques that make the most of this natural biodiversity also lead to cheese that tastes more complex. This is not just a feel-good story; it is a result demonstrated repeatedly by agricultural scientists.

A good general rule is if the flavour of a cheese is one-note, it is not a high-quality cheese.

Putting together an impressive cheeseboard isn't hard when you know what to look for at the cheesemonger. We asked two people in the know – a cheese buyer and a food writer – for their tips on buying great cheese every time. And the good news is that tasting the cheese is strongly encouraged.: Choose great cheese every time with these tips© Getty Images (main), all other images courtesy of Bronwen and Francis Percival Choose great cheese every time with these tips Talk to your cheesemonger

One of the biggest advantages of buying cheese from a person, as opposed to picking it up in the dairy aisle, is the opportunity to talk to someone about what you're looking for. Your cheesemonger will be delighted to answer your questions, and can tell you the about the farming practices, the location of the farm and whether the cheese is made from the milk of a single herd. And if they do not immediately know the answers to your questions, they can speak with the cheesemakers and get back to you.

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