Food We need to have a little talk about Christmas desserts.

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Nike's New Sneakers Are Inspired By Red Velvet

  Nike's New Sneakers Are Inspired By Red Velvet And co-signed by NBA champ Kevin Durant?!So what inspired Nike to get in on one of the world's most popular dessert flavors? Believe it or not, this was inspired by... Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant. After Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 to sign with the Warriors, his former teammates called him a "cupcake.

15 Reason Why You NEED the Christmas Dessert Freedom e-book (+ a recipe for cocoa caramel bars). Is it too early to start talking about Christmas ? I know it’s not even December yet, but this is so good that I just had to share it with you now!

First, we 'll talk about different ways to make desserts ahead of time. And then, we 'll get to the good stuff: Christmas baking and dessert recipes. My mom and I each make 3 or 4 different kinds, and we 'll usually buy a cake or yule log, and have a whole bunch of little extras like peppermint patties or

1) World's Best Fruitcake: <p>At Christmas time, you deserve the best.</p><p>Get the recipe from <a href=Blogging Over Thyme.

" src="/upload/images/real/2017/09/13/1-world-s-best-fruitcake-p-at-christmas-time-you-deserve-the-best-p-p-get-the-recipe-from-a-href-htt_896428_.jpg?content=1" /> 12 Totally Awesome Twists on Fruitcake Around this time last year, as I scrolled absent-mindedly through Facebook, I stumbled on a meme that spoke directly to my soul.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to call it the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen on social media.

Here it is:

Ugh, fruit cake — it's right up there on my 'terrible foods' list, along with Christmas pudding and fruit mince pies.

Which presents a rather unfortunate dilemma each Christmas, because apparently I'm the only person in the whole wide world who doesn't froth on festive desserts stuffed with sultanas, raisins, currants and other weird dried fruits.

Doctors 'laughed' at her concerns, but this mum knew instinctively something was wrong.

  Doctors 'laughed' at her concerns, but this mum knew instinctively something was wrong. At 35 years old, mum-of-two Deborah James was fit and healthy. She had been a vegetarian for 25 years.&nbsp;But when she was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer just before Christmas last year, she realised that you are “never too young” to be affected by the disease.

We are talking about wreath shaped Christmas cookies! You just need to whip in the ingredients one at a time. Most of the desserts contain at least one ingredient that has gluten. But you don’t have to sulk anymore.

Love the christmas desserts but want to change it up a bit? Here is my list of Christmas Desserts with a Twist. This Christmas why don’t you turn those cookies upside down and ice them a little differently You don’t need to be a sou chef to master this recipe because it’s all about assembly.

...Or am I?

My recent internet travels suggest I'm not the only one who's not too keen on the traditional Christmas sweets spread. The anti-Christmas dessert uprising is nigh, my friends.

Lauren Brant's baby shower would give any Pinterest board a run for its money.

  Lauren Brant's baby shower would give any Pinterest board a run for its money. If you’re on the hunt for event styling inspiration, you’re going to want to see Lauren Brant’s latest Instagram photos. The former Hi-5 performer, who is expecting with partner Barry Hall, celebrated her baby shower over the weekend — the first of two.

Need some dessert ideas for Christmas brunch? These recipes are bursting with the flavors of the season so you can make everyone around the table a little merrier. Here's the ultimate guide to having a very merry Christmas : tips for DIY decor, gourmet We talk about . 50 Best Restaurants.

However, I want there to be a little bit of homemade on Christmas Eve, so we are saving dessert for at home. Great idea. I think we all feel like we need to make everything from scratch.

When I shared the fruit cake meme on my own Facebook, for instance, there were a couple of detractors — one of whom labelled me a "monster" for my stance, which was a bit of an overreaction to be honest.

But overwhelmingly, it was clear the fruity festive staple is not quite as universally beloved as it wants you to think it is.

Neither are (shudder) fruit mince pies, at least according to an extremely on-point video that's been popping up in my Facebook feed all month:

Yes. Pop 'em on a plate and throw them away.

Writer Miranda Larbi also seems to share my views, as evidenced by her recent, strongly-worded Metro UK article 'Here’s why Christmas desserts are a pile of s***'.

As you might have guessed from the title, this lady does not [fruit] mince her words.

"Why ... do we have to put up with a load of muck at Christmas? Everything’s infected with dried fruit," she writes.

"We’re not in the Victorian era now, we don’t need to make our cakes and puddings last for months on end – so why does mincemeat even exist anymore?"

Four Instagram accounts that will help you feel more positive about your body.

  Four Instagram accounts that will help you feel more positive about your body. It’s the time of year when articles, adverts, billboards and even catch-ups with friends are taken over by talk of diets, getting fit, reaching that ‘goal weight’ and bikini bodies. This year, I’m having none of it.Don’t get me wrong – of course I want to be healthy and to look and feel good about my body. But I’ve realised that’s not always best measured by a number on a scale or clothing label.But there’s one thing that’s made upholding that message particular hard: social media.

We Talk About . Error. If you need an elaborate idea for your Christmas desserts , try the French Cotillon, the queen of all chocolate cakes, mixing together many types of chocolate.

Coulants are filled with delicious chocolate desserts that are served hot, but for the less traditional The term Kuswar is often used to talk about the set of Christmas sweets that Catholic people in mince pies and want to give your traditional Christmas dessert a homemade touch, then you'll need

The best Christmas pop culture viewing.

It's a valid question. Larbi also takes aim at trifle, which she labels "a really horrible mess".

"In what world is sponge cake, fruit, custard, jelly and cream a good combo? So much slush. So much cream... It’s like umpteen different puddings crammed into one bowl of despair," she concludes.

Before you start fighting me on this, listen: we Christmas dessert non-fans don't ask for much. We don't want you to abandon your fruit cake-loving ways; eat as many of the horrid things as you like. No judgement here (well... maybe a little bit).

But a little more Christmas dessert variety across the board couldn't hurt, right?

How about we make the Christmas salted caramel tart an annual tradition? Or sub out the mince pies for lemon meringue ones? Now we're talking.

For now, however, I'll be sitting in the corner, eating the only version of Christmas pudding I'm willing to.

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