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Get bready to crumble! Hipster cafe takes on the humble croissant by adding charcoal, salmon, wasabi and VEGEMITE to the breakfast treat

Friday  06:06,   10 august 2018

Two Australian-bred entrepreneurs are bringing back the croissant to the shores of Sydney - but they're doing it with a twist. FEMAIL takes a look.In an effort to bring it back, Bo Hinzack and James Sideris have opened a quirky hipster cafe [...]
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What’s Really In Your Chicken Nuggets?

Thursday  19:32,   09 august 2018

Processed meats—chicken nuggets especially—get a bad rap for their manufacturing process. The Internet is infested with countless horror stories surrounding how the drive-thru staple is made, most notably, claims of pink slime and animal bones[...]

McDonald's Launches All Day Menu

Wednesday  06:33,   08 august 2018

You no longer need to wait until mid morning for your Big Mac fix. From today, McDonald's most popular menu items are available to purchase 24/7. Hurrah! Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Cheeseburgers, Chicken McNuggets and French Fries can now be[...]

Choc-Mint Paddle Pops have made a triumphant return to Australia’s freezers

Wednesday  03:12,   08 august 2018

Streets has yielded to unrelenting pressure and announced that the iconic Choc-Mint Paw Print Paddle Pop is making a comeback. Just 88 people have “liked” the Facebook page “Bring Back Mint Choc Paddle Pops”, a page whose description reads[...]

How To Turn A Fridge Full Of Sad Produce Into Dinner

Tuesday  07:55,   07 august 2018

We've all stared down a sad, empty fridge at too-late-for-a-supermarket-run-o'clock on a weeknight, willing some higher power to magically replenish the shelves while our eyes are closed. Using up what you have is a great way to save money[...]

A Golden Girls cookbook is in the works because your '80s cheesecake dreams deserve to come true

Sunday  05:30,   05 august 2018

Disney and ABC Studios recently announced that they'll be releasing a cookbook with recipes inspired by the beloved 1980s sitcom "The Golden Girls."Of the many classic sitcoms of the 1980s, The Golden Girls is arguably the most iconic. [...]

Swiss cheese, Cheetos, pizza crust, and MAYONNAISE: FEMAIL's scoop on the strangest ice cream flavors to try in shops this summer

Friday  04:32,   03 august 2018

Ice cream shops around the world are getting experimental with flavors. Some include pickle, tomato pie, pork roll, Frankincense, and avocado cayenneWhile ice cream parlor experimentation has turned out some pretty great flavors over the last 100[...]

Sacre blue! French come up with a natural turquoise-coloured wine put through a pulp of red grape skin

Friday  00:30,   03 august 2018

Entrepreneur René Le Bail has created a completely natural turquoise-coloured tipple which has even garnered attention from France's wine-making capital, Bordeaux. So-called 'Vindigo' is a Chardonnay white wine which is put through a pulp of red [...]

The art of the 'Australian breakfast': New Yorkers rave about avocado toast and acai bowls as Down Under brekkies take over the city's cafes

Wednesday  03:53,   01 august 2018

The Australian breakfast has taken the booming New York cafe scene by storm. From avocado smash to ricotta hotcakes, exactly what is it that has Americans coming back for more?With more cafes opening than daffodils in spring, the art of the[...]

Mayonnaise ice cream exists, and we don't know what to think about it

Tuesday  00:36,   31 july 2018

Someone in Scotland invented mayonnaise ice cream, and people are very divided over whether or not it would actually taste good.Recently, people have gotten extra creative with ice cream flavors. Long gone are the days of vanilla, strawberry, and[...]

The top 20 cafes in Melbourne 2018

Thursday  08:06,   26 july 2018

Steak for breakfast? It's on the menu at our top cafes where one of the biggest trends of the year is best summed up by the line - breakfast is the new dinner.The steak at Higher Ground is emblematic of the past year in cafe land. Breakfast has[...]

Coca-Cola launches a new drink in Australia - but is it good enough to replace Coke Zero?

Wednesday  06:06,   25 july 2018

The introduction of a Citrus limited edition product comes as the company revealed it would be permanently pulling its much loved Coke Zero from Australian shelves.The introduction of the limited edition product comes as the company revealed it[...]

The best food hack yet: Thrifty home bakers transform $4 mud cakes from Coles and Woolworths into towering desserts worthy of a wedding

Wednesday  05:32,   25 july 2018

Thousands of Australian home bakers have been transforming the humble $4.40 desserts into stunning creations served at birthday parties, christenings and even weddings. Here, FEMAIL looks at some of the best Woolworths and Coles cake creations to[...]

The top 20 cafes in Sydney for 2018

Wednesday  01:29,   25 july 2018

Duck for breakfast? It's on the menu at our top cafes where brunch is becoming the new dinner.At Meet Mica in Surry Hills, there's confit duck with cha soba noodles, rocket, radish, cherry tomatoes and wasabi-lime dressing; at Matinee in[...]

5 food safety tips for proper food handling

Tuesday  04:30,   24 july 2018

Get up to speed about the proper way to handle food to minimise the risk of food poisoning .1. Picking up refrigerated and frozen items lastAt the supermarket, pick up your refrigerated and frozen items last, just before you make your way to the[...]